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Why is Pajeet playing Chad Thundercock in the new Spiderman movie?
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replacing White people is good.
Same reason they replaced Mary Jane with a nigger. Diversity.
Because Chads are a common commodity and can be easily outsourced

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Guys, help me out. I have to go get a haircut and that means leaving the apartment. I've been putting it off for weeks and I'm getting super shaggy but I'm also really fucking shy. Someone do something to help me.
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If you keep browsing here you will eventually get cancer and your hair will be gone

Hang in there, robo
I don't want to get cancer, I just want to be okay with getting a haircut.
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Let's do it together, OP! I'm going tomorrow morning.

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What do you subscribe to? I subscribe to:

>Amazon Prime
>Amazon Music Unlimited
>PlayStation Plus
>Final Fantasy XIV
>The Daily Wire
>Film Comment Magazine
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I hate godard.
Yet you like Forest Gump. Get out!
nothing, I should subscribe to Hulu tho since Im studying film making in college and working at it but that shit is expensive in my country(not murican) so I don't subscribe to shit and get everything free on the internet

btw Godard is amazing , nevermind hipster fags PT. Anderson lovers that don't know shit about film making and cant stand the experimental ones

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When are you going off your meds?
You fucking hate them.
You're better off without them.
Now pull your dick out slowly.
Not too fast now, we've got all night.
Play with the tip a bit more.
Feels good, doesn't it.
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I'm rarely taking my meds what are you talking about
Who tf actually takes them shits b
dis b tru b

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>tfw girls crave sex too
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so it has been claimed but i have not verified it personally
so it is a rumor at best and possibly propaganda
Just next to never with the urgency that we do, and they can get it everywhere so that is little help for us.
only with Chad iirc

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Why are antifeminists and rightwingers always stereotyped as neckbeards? The only neckbeard I've ever met was an sjw. Even the awkward and cringy antifeminists I know have gfs and jobs.
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Have you seen what the majority of right wingers looks like?
Most Chads are pretty left wing, and the right wingers are usually losers and rejects blaming others for their shortcomings.
They look pretty average, same with left wingers. The ugliest and most out of shape people I've met have all been leftists but then again I'm a city dweller and I'm not american so I don't know any rednecks
Also I feel like chads would be libertarians

Drawthread. I'll take any request involving a mass shooter, including the gay ones.
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Draw him calling his parents and asking for psychological support.
Draw tranny phantom going ghost.
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rip tranny phantom, inspiration to us all

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We will never die edition
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cia kamina.png
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WTF is wrong with them? This is seriously outrageous.

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my 4th grade crush.jpg
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How does it feel knowing you never dated in middle school, had your first kiss, fuck, and girlfriend at that age? That you never had any friends who still talk to you.

How does it feel knowing you missed out a lot?
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I lost my virginity at 13 to a 12yo girl and fucked a 17yo at 14. Then I turned into a sperg and haven't even kissed a girl since. I'm 22.
I did in middle school. I dated a few girls.
I think it feels worse that I didn't get a gf in high school and beyond.
only degenerates fuck in middle school

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Recent studies indicate that Asian men born in America prefer White women as their counterpart over Asian women, leaving Asian women to seek relationships with other men of different race. White women are starting to recognize the emotional bond they share with Asian men, citing that they(Asian men) have a strong sense of honor, proclivity in honestly, and a hardworking attitude towards securing big financial income. Something that greatly outnumber any other race. Because of that, a White woman would rather start a family with an Asian man who is financially secured and emotional dependable.
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There is one problem here John Bettendorf.

Emilie Voe Nereng dates her own race. So stop being a faggy little cuckold and grow up.
>recent studies
hello bere is da broof
hahaha it's another salty r/asian"masculinity" cuck


>finally get out of prison
>son isn't there to greet me when I get home
>people still treat me like a criminal even though I did my time
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WHY did you go to prison? What'd you do?
All you can really do is work on yourself and show them that you've changed. People will always judge you by your past so the only thing you can do is change yourself now.
Is this Melinda Loveless

I'll be ur friend

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Will I become Chad if I join boxing gym?
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No, youll just get hit by the chads.
No you won't, and chads don't box or do mma.
No, but you'll be able to embarrass aggressive Chads if they fight you

>Search Instagram for "hot guy"
>Target identified
>Scrape his most liked pics
>Make fake account on dating sites
>Spam every slut on the site with "snap me" messages
>Check Snapchat later, some added me
>Send daily poop pics out to entire friend list
>Send daily dick pics asking for tits

How do you troll roasties and sometimes get fat girls to send you topless pics? This has entertained me for years.
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Attaching some screens of current fun
Another. Fuck captcha I'm a robot. Snapchat is best way to spread pics of your poo
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C'mon somebody else has to do fun stuff like this. Nobody?

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how do you feel about stretch marks on women?
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I don't mind since I have them too
I feel fine and hope they do too.
I think they're a very defining feature and in some cases can be very attractive

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Your father recently passed away passing on the kingdom into your "capable" hands.
After the crowning ceremony crowning you king Anon the third, you walk onto the balcony to greet your new subjects.
As you watch over the cheering masses you raise your hand to signal silence, after all noise has died down you decree that...?
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Fucking lolis is legal.
>you decree that...?
I will destroy the Spice-Worms unless everyone does what I say
>after all noise has died down you decree that...?

Everyone should kys

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