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Ok lets have a serious talk here 2d girl or 3d girl witch do you prefer?
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tew dee
Do you have that picture with makise kurisu where you're supposed to change 30 < 20 into something true by changing four squares in a grid?
"You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was too low in content" fuck this shit

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What song hit you so hard you still remember it

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ouch, op . i used to like that movie. i didnt remember this
>and theres nothing you can do about it
Never recovered
It's very specific to me, but Sherry Fraser by Marcy Playground.
I have a memory of being 3 years old and my mother taking me from my father and driving several states over with me (kidnapping). We were in her friend's car with a sun roof and I remember being wrapped in a moon and stars blanket and eating rock candy we got from some native American shop. We were driving through what looked like a red clay desert and I could see so many stars and that song was playing and I suppose the lyrics were kind of relevant. Grew up relating to Alice in wonderland. Still makes me cry everytime.
"Sherry Fraser where are you
'Cause I saw stars falling
All around your head
When we were young
Sherry Fraser where have you gone
We're all wondering
When will you come back
And play some day.
Sherry yeah
The mad hatter he waits for Alice
To come to tea again
He waits forever for his old lover
And always wonderin'
Will I see stars falling all around your head
When you return"

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>indulging in daily neet activities A.K.A watching the first episodes of the new summer season anime
>land on Koi to Uso
>takasaki is absolute best gril 200/10 waifu material
>kiss scene is supposed to trigger happy feelings
>starts to think about how'd be nice to have that special someone
>remember highschool
>realize i've never fallen in love
>realize i've never gone through the brittle little problems of youth and growing up
>realize i've always been like this
>will never experience love in it's purest form
>will never see the world through the innocent and hopeful eyes of a child
>you'll never feel your heart skip a beat when that one girl looks your way
>you'll never play child games with your firends without a care in the world
>it's too late now
>TFW the maturity coin finaly drops at the age of 21 and you realize how much you didn't live, how much you missed out on
jesus fucking christ this is something else lads
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You're an adult watching cartoons and acting like a child, then idolizing acting like a child.

Really pathetic.
It's not cartoons though, it's anime.
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>Koi to Uso

You're 21.

The "20" are the bests years in life.

Try not to miss even this shot.

>cup balls
>smell hand
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>graze asshole
>smell finger
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>run finger between toes
>smell said finger
Why the literal fuck do you think your shit smell is nice

>this is how people will remember me
>these shitty options are what everything in these past 18 years amounts to
which one boys?
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#1 on the left, absolutely
I honestly thought that was objectively the worse. after 6
3 mouth least crooked

I like being left alone but I don't like being alone.
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I love Henry's Kitchen.

I was left alone for far too long now I'm fucked at 39 but I understand your feels
I only just discovered Henry's Kitchen through the Bone Zone about a month ago. When he makes the baked spaghetti and realizes he forgot the mushrooms and tosses the whole thing out I was dying

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Hey Cali bros and gals I gotta new discord server for califags only up and running please join in on the fun

Hope to see you there :)
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Just joined. Its p comfy.
dont start a discord server if you're going to lock people out until they get assigned a role and then never be around to assign roles you dumb fucking faggot
Sorry. We are actively granting roles.

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How do ugly guys convince the most beautiful girls to have sex with them?
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by using money

it is not rocket science
OP that image is a cartoon DUMMY
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Be a rich actor and that might help, but she'll eventually just marry a hawaiin and cuck you with mulatto babies

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Does anyone else get pedophilic urges?
When I was little, I was attracted to the other boys in my class. I am just now starting to realize I am attracted to the same age of children, and I am not attracted to people my age anymore. I don't know what made me this way.
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white betas are all faggot pedophiles who should be castrated
Are you a boy or a girl anonymous
suicide is the only cure for paedophilia, do the right thing OP

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KHV here, I don't know if this is a stupid question

how does sex with fat chicks work? Is missionary out of the question? Wouldn't you need like a two foot dick to lay on top a giant belly and still reach?

please advise
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Missionary is proably one of the easier positions. She can hold up her legs (or you can hold them up) and then you have direct access to her pussy.

She will tell you if it's in or not....
Girlfriend is like 230, she'll only really do missionary with me either on molly and or on an air mattress. We mostly do doggie.
>She can hold up her legs (or you can hold them up) and then you have direct access to her pussy
but there's still the same issue. I'm having trouble understanding the logistics (see diagram)

that sounds like an easier position

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Anyone else noticing the increase of threads portraying black women as goddesses attempting to lure in white men? I know there's some what of an attempted psy op but I'm not sure if it's them or white men or both?
The kinds of threads you usually see (White man + Asian women = raging white women) (Black men + white women = angry white men) (Black women + white man = BBC spam as retaliation)
(Very rarely do we see asian men threads but they get shut down by pretty much everyone)
Shouldn't this shit go to /pol/? Robots are extremely introverted and most of the time are virgins who don't care about race baiting and will just about fuck anything that moves if it means losing your Virgin status. When we didn't give a shit about what race posters here were we had a lot of fun times together, but it looks like it will come to an end because just about anyone without a brain can get into politics now eversince /pol/ and the election.
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White betas are on their last limb and desperate.

7/10 suicides in the US are white males LMAO

we're witnessing a birth of a new era, after drumpf leaves office there's no going back.
just post gay threesomes of black white and asian men. that'll really make em mad
This whole board is a constant shilling shitstorm

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>all my friends have jobs
>really bored all day
>friends tell me I should work were they do
>am a lazy
What do I do, robots? Is it finally time to get a job?
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Yes get a job
But is the money and experience really worth the lack of free time?
Summer jobs are a thing of the past. Most places don't wanna hire people for summer only.

I think having a job for a few months is a good experience though. It may make you more confident in social situations, where many neets suffer.

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I'ts not about being beta. It's about being mature. We fucking search and search someone in our life instead of living it alone as we should. We don't need someone to make our life happy. Sure. It helps being loved by someone. But it is not necesary. They feel disgusted when they get the picture of a sad man. Crying because he can't get their love. Think about it...
You did ? It's like crying for the love of a mother. It's pathetic. I have a girlfriend. And we talked about this shit i did. Got mad at her because she told me that i fucked up about a shopping list. Shit. Even at the moment i thought she was wrong. Then we talked. I used my brain a little bit and realized what i've done... I treated her as a little boy would treat her mother. I fucked up. She told me that i've fucked up. And got mad at her for telling me that i was wrong.

Women don't want big faggot kids as boyfriends. They want a man. Not a chad. Not an alpha male. A man. Someone who can listen. Think. Observe and mostly be mature enough to accept their mistakes and improve by forgiving themselves.

Im not saying that you should leave your hobbies. You like vydia ? Keep playing. You like anime ? Watch some. You like art ? Go do some drawing. Just accept yourself. If you see you have a flaw. Try to better yourself. Shit. I did it and i feel amazing.

You can be happy. You don't need a partner for that. That will come eventually. Just find the things you like. Enjoy yourself and be the best you you can be.
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>I treated her as a mother like a little boy would

This is what is wrong with most men today. I have no idea whether it's always been like this 2bh. I think the trick with women is not liking them as much as they like you. You have to maintain your distance, and this will automatically make them like you more. This is alpha on some level, too, so there aren't many demands on you being alpha in other areas.
You get nothing you pretentious retard
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I get a laugh from people like you tho.

So I've never had a girlfriend before, and I have a scat fetish. Does anyone know if women generally like scat or not? What are my changes of finding a girlfriend who would be willing to shit in my mouth instead of do regular sex?
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I'm going to beat you up
Most women don't fuck with that shit (lol)

try fetlife


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the cooler kakyoin.png
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Is there anyone on this board that can confirm the existence of stands?
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Who is this fine gentleman and why isn't he naked?
OP, you have to have a stand to see a stand, therefore if there is a stand user out there, that stand user wouldn't be able to confirm that stands exist as we can't see them, so that stand user would have to meet another stand user in order for that stand user to have a personal account of their stand, and then we would know that stands exist.
I just wanted to share this image but I have to type something

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