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How many days in are you boys? just wrapping up day 9 here.
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Going in 3 months now already beginning to ascend
OP here. Just looking to do the 90 day challenge, which I think is the general idea in the community.
3 days

I do not know if i should go for a month or finish by the end of the week

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I just want a mentally ill gf. We can lean on one another when times get tough. We'll be there for one another. Her feels will be my feels. I'll catch her cutting and put a band-aid over the wound. Maybe set up a suicide pact.
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This is just you being a faggy virgin onve you fuck some broads you will see how blinded you were by the pussy. You can barley deal with yourself yet. You want another in your life juat like you? A country can never win a foreign war when it is in a civil war.
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Okay my dude, I'm going to throw you some legit knowledge. I dated a chic like you describe. It was fucking awful, because the part where you think you'll lean on each other doesn't happen. You'll help her with EVERYTHING and she will literally never support you in any way. You will bear the burden of two people for nothing. And then you risk losing her when you articulate that or stop devoting every minute of your time to unfuck her life. I'm sorry. Yandere is cool tho. Totally different.
>You'll help her with EVERYTHING and she will literally never support you in any way.

This is the hardest redpill a man can swallow, and completely true in almost all cases.

If men knew this, not a single one of them would have ever signed a marriage contract and gotten scammed.

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>tfw VR is developing so slow

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You know the number one reason why progress is so slow? Motion sickness. That's the biggest hurdle devs are facing
vr is gay
Why is there a painting of a man walking towards me?

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Who /mentalillness/ here?

Whenever I have to go home to see my mother I get serious anxiety and am afraid of dying from crazy shit. Right now I feel so scared of everything, flying, health, its crazy.
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Diagnosed Schizoaffective disorder here, I do pretty alright these days
Glad to hear it. as in bipolar schizoaffective?

Yep, though I usually don't experience mania that frequently.

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Just wanna not feel alone in this for a little bit. I feel like my "self" is slowly eroding, and I can't see myself having any future.

Thread for people who get sad a lot I guess. What's bothering you? How are you coping, if at all? Just whatever you wanna talk about.
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I liked a girl but she ended up getting asked out by other guy who is a better person than me.

Not coping well. Drinking, depressed, ect
I really hate being alone. I feel like I'm always going to be alone
Try meditating, it helps with this. Just don't buy into the shitty culture surrounding it today.

Also I'm desperately trying to get my shit together and my paranoia is coming back.
>making a depression thread
>on a Palauan depression board

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lmagine my shark.
Imagine my shark.

Is the robot working?

Why are you virgins so scared of herpes!? Almost everyone has it! It's practically a normie virus at this point. You're pretty much a basement dweller if you dont have herpes these days!

And it's totally treatable! Who cares if breaksouts happen, and could be disgustingly devestating in a comrpomised immune system? Who cares if genital herpes can travel through your nervous system up into your brain, and give you brain herpes!?

You fags need to stop herpes shaming! Its really no big deal to have herpes at all! It's a sign of maturity really. Only insecure people are scared of herpes.
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>OP brags about having STDs
everything is god's love
the more of everything you have is the more love
get extra herpes if possible
the love is so much

This. There's a reason that herpes is known as "The Love Bug", and that the famous disney beetle is called "Herb(p)y", the love bug.

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Why aren't you working retail and meeting all the qt college coworkers?
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I worked at H&M and half the girls were dykes, the other half had kids. There were like 4 girls that were pretty good though.

I quit after a while of it
Those clearly aren't coworkers. Most retail jobs in my state are old/deformed mexican women, ghetto blacks, an occasional 3/10, and usually 1 "hard to approach without being obvious and desperate hottie" max.

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Is my dick small? It's the same length as an iPhone 6 so about 5 inches maybe.
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Yeah sorry anon im in the same boat
Greeting Dawi
Don't worry about your dick unless you're actually using it

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Realistically speaking how many sleeping hours does the human body really need?
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It depends on who you are. I function fine on 4-6 hours a night but I know people who can't deal with less than 8.
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thats a girl right i need o know before i fap
Does it really matter at this point for you?

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>music no longer sounds good
>books no longer spur imagination
>video games no longer fun
>TV shows no longer interesting
>movies no longer intriguing
>unable to maintain an erection, so no masturbation
>no friends, and it takes too much energy to talk to people (everyone is boring anyways)
>college is tedious, I hate it and have no motivation to do well
>exercise doesn't feel good anymore, and I cannot get motivated no matter how hard I try
>everything in nature has lost its beauty
>women are no longer fun to look at
>tired all the time, all I want to do is sleep
>food still tastes good, but I am terrified of getting fat so I can't enjoy it
>absolutely no hint of a good feeling in anything
Fuck this, I don't know what to do. Is this what depression feels like robots?
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Sounds like maybe suicide might help a little?
I don't know what to do either
I feel like I need some kind of magical brain reset
Get my head back where it belongs
It's generally a part of it anyway.

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>tfw always looked much older than my actual age

this was me at 12 years old, literally. school was fucking nightmare mode man. anyone else know this feel?
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You look like a fucking bad ass
There's no way you were 12 there

post pic of you now
You look pretty sick dude.

Why do women actively avoid science fiction?
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Women don't have any cool interests or hobbies. They think liking Harry Potter and knowing how to draw makes them unique
>science fiction
Because most women are stupid human beings who don't like to entertain the notions of a fictional world, because they think that sort of thing is 'childish'. They also don't really like to think and prefer to be 'practical' and only pay attention to their everyday problems. Essentially, women are boring.

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>tfw booblet

Why does nature allow this? Why not just make a me a male instead of this suffering?
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but flat is justice.
appreciate your gift
It's ironic that despite the fact that I prefer flat chests and tiny boobs, my gf has big ol' tits.
Don't worry anonina. Some guys like small boobs or flat chest.

At least you're not a guy that's a dicklet. There are literally no women that like small dicks unironically. Even if I were to find this make believe woman, I'd always think she's cheating behind my back with a guy with a bigger dick.

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How is it possible to be fat?

Just stop yourself from eating too much.
How is being fat a thing?

I don't get it. It takes time, energy, and money to eat food. All you have to do is be lazy and not spend that time, energy, and money, and you will be a healthy weight.
Honestly, I believe all fat people should consider suicide because they are such failures in life.
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I'm gonna eat a hamburger and I'm not even hungry.
When my dad would beat me or I would get hurt any other way my mothers idea of how to get me to stop crying was stuff my face with food, I was never allowed to cry or express my negative feelings as my parents didn't like me making them look bad, As I am very sad individual who never learned to properly deal with his emotions I do as my mother taught me and eat, or at least i used to.
Ok, so now you realize that's what you do when you're sad.
So stop doing that now.
It's as easy as that. So there goes your sad excuse, now what?

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