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its all hopeless.jpg
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does anyone else feel that their aberrant sexuality has entirely fucked them out of social contact?

i just bombed yet another date. Met a guy at a friend's birthday. He's my type, 5'7 and nerdy with brown hair (I'm 5'9, I am into short guys) and we were talking over pizza about things we're into. Well I couldn't control my dumb ass and ended up revealing I fantasize about hurting younger, shorter girls and have extreme sadistic urges and enjoy thinking about making guys have gay sex, then I went as far as admitting I've had murder fantasies.

I got autistically excited and couldn't stop. I blame being hyper-addicted to violent roleplay. does anyone else have a hard time keeping their sexual fantasies in check?? I feel as if they own my life
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Yea you fucked yo OP; especially with the forcing gay sex. That makes a straight (normie) guy immediately re-evaluate. The hurting younger girls also gives of serious crazy vibes and chances are you're not high enough on the Hot axis to counterbalance your crazy.

When a guy asks what you're into, he's looking for "oh I'm submissive and like to be choked/spanked". You fell for one of the simplest screening tests a guy pulls.

Not to say your excitement isn't adorable, but yea you scared him right off with those fetishes.
you sound hilarious,

i think you are looking for the B D S M community,

not regular random normie guys. unless your thing is saying weird shit to get a rise out of normies
You ever fear that if you have kids, you'll end up just squeezing the air out of their little bodies, feeling them turn lifeless in your hands. Are you aroused thinking about that?

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Who wins in a fight,Chad or Tyrone?
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White people are stronger mentally and physically, but black people have thicker skulls. It's a toss-up!
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Tyrone and Chad would make a cute gay couple.
tyrone always has at least 2 niggas backing him up and will jump in and beat off the other guy regardless of whether tyrone goes down or the other guy goes down.

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>mom and dad were worried about me
>installed a keylogger "parenting product" on my computer to "see what I was up to"

They fucking have ALL MY POSTS
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The clown signifies your level of opsec?
At least you're not twenty years down the line, doing very embarrassing shit to society in general.
Based parents. Use your own hardlined network next time, kiddo.
Why didnt you delet it

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>Fembot, why do you keep staring at my shorts, are they dirty or something?
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I'm trying to a get a better look at the outline of your dick.
>tfw ovulating and seeing a pic like this makes me forget how much I hate men for a second
Why did you have to do this OP?
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>tfw first pic i sent to a tinder gal
>shes been my gf for 2 years

>VAC ban
>Dozens of -rep comments / negative replies from anons
>Doesn't try to really instigate or add on to conversation
>Description talks about loneliness or depression or autism
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Real redflags:
>Felix avatars
>Touhou avatar
>Posting chat logs in your bio
>4chan/thigh high knee socks/etc groups
>50 or more friends
>No anime avatar
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>doesn't like realistic space warfare
Nothing wrong with those bottom two. Now over 100 friends, that's a problem

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>on grindr
>send face pic
>conversation ends
wtf i thought faggots were easy
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>on grindr
It's not too late to rewdeem yourself.
gay men are probably the most shallow of all people.
what do i do mr.trips

>walk to the gym
>see this
wat do?
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you laugh until you realize they're doing funny exercises out of ignorance. they didn't choose to be born in a third world shithole just like you didn't choose to be born a beta bitchboy.
I miss head banging... I'm too old for it now, my neck can't take it.
Also it's not the same without the thicker longer hair I used to have.
The brain damage was fun though.
In all fairness, the guy starting it off seems pretty fit

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>Autism is caused by old man sperm
>youre literally older than everyone else the moment youre born because you have old fuck dna

Its pretty much just a head start, youre too smart to do dumb shit because the wisdom is encoded in your dna

Why do people disgrace themselves over this?
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desu this makes perfect sense
It's just more likely. My parents were both under 30.
So if I completely emptied my balls thru fapping, waited like two weeks for my balls to fill up, and then dumped my load in a woman, there would be a smaller chance of making an autismo cause my sperm would be new?

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Post new thread
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Dispute territory with India
File: modi.png (88KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dispute territory with China
Now that summer is over, did anyone get anything good done?

Buddha Bot here again! AMA.
Meditation/Buddhism thread!
You all seem very stressed.

What meditation you guys do?
Growing any?
I just want you guys to know that I love you. Been browsing here a lonng time and I want help you guys in anyway I can.

"If you truly love yourself then you are never alone."
-Gautama Buddha
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of course I make spelling errors.. grrr.
How has meditation helped cope with being a robot? What areas of your life have been improved?

I used to meditate around 4 to 5 years ago. Helped me with stress but I only did it regularly for about 3 weeks, really want to start again
>gave up on my desire for a woman.
>depression is kept at bay
>anxiety is always at a minimum if I dont miss my meditation
>Ive become more loving towards strangers and myself
>More gentle
>feel compassion for people in bad situations when I used to not.

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>It's easier to be a virgin who has never experienced sex or a relationship before and doesn't know heartache than it is to be a non-virgin who has

What's /r9k/'s opinion on this point of view? I hear normies spouting this one all the time.
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Normies are fuckign tards.

they would commit suicide if they went longer than a year without sex or relationships,
Nobody who isn't a faggy teenager losing their first "love" would say this.
All that happens when you have sex is that you realize your class of existential confusion can't be solved by a woman, and that the demons that keep your life in the state it is are more complex than philosophy, psychology, and politics have reached a consensus on or cure for.

The weltschmerz is neither caused by the absence of sex, nor cured by it.

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what the eff.jpg
101KB, 1024x904px
i feel like we're doomed r9k
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it's almost as though the tree of knowledge is far from god's love
If you were smart you'd figure out exactly what it is that makes you unattractive to every woman and fix it.
God gave you free will. So you know your it's fault.

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Who else here /cargo shorts/?
I like shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear.

Cargo shorts are great, lots of pockets for candy, your 3ds and other autism accessories.
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This one is a bit too short imo, I try to always have my knees covered. But yeah, cargo shorts are comfy as fuck and lighter than jeans and other pants. Perfect for good weather.
I'm currently losing weight so all my old clothes are a bit large for me now. That's why I'm always walking around with my shit inside a backpack, this way I can walk like I want without my pants dropping. Plus it feels better to carry weight on the back rather than in pockets.
dunno, probably just my autism

here's something else I wear as often as possible
cargo shorts are what normal people wear around here in summer, i don't get the hate
i don't actually put shit in t he pockets, they just look weird without them, i think
Its just stupid normalfag fashion conformity. I've never cared about someone wearing shorts & sandals unless its winter or something.

Does anyone else miss the hype from people anticipating what will happen on 12/21/12? Yeah it turned out to be fucking nothing but it was fun debating with people on if they think anything will happen.

It's weird though. I feel there was some sort of cultural shift that happened after that date, similar to what happened after 2007.
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>I feel there was some sort of cultural shift that happened after that date
perhaps people became more godless
explain what you mean by cultural shift
the world ended
this is a new one

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Why don't you guys try to get really good at video games? Pro leagues offer a lot of money, and even if you cant make it there are lower levels you could still make a living on. I'm going to enter the ESL Counter Strike league, and hopefully work my way up. I know this shit has become too normie tier, but it's something. You just have to practice.
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>wanting to be in a room full of autist
>grown """"""men"""""" playing shit tier video games

Wew, you really had me there.
Because I have a well paying job and slow reflexes despite my good health.

Not meant for you, elitist wagecuck

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