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I'm feeling an anime thread. Let's discuss some good anime we're watching now.
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K-On. It never gets old or boring. Yui is autist, its cute and comfy. God Tier Animu.
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Umaru is probably the greatest anime ever made.
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Nobunagun has just the right level of retarded and 'wow that's pretty neat' that I enjoy. I wish there was more.

how does /r9k/ feel about self harm?
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its a-ok in small doses
also watch out for infections
what would you consider a large amount?

I don't know if i can recover from this

i have 18 years old, white and have a small dick

5 inches hard, i already watched hypnos and
swallowed my own cum, i am not ashamed of
liking traps i even joke about this with my friends
but i don't like dicks or men, i don't get attrached to this
but when i am horny i watch sissy shit and go for novelty

"Why not embrace it"

Because like i said i don't like dicks or males
i am skinny as fuc and don't have a trap body
Nice ass and legs, and i tried anal stimulation
i didn't feel nice, Even though getting hard, but
was because of prostate estimulation.

i want to recover
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yunglita is not a trap. She's just ugly!
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I fell for the trap/cuteboy meme. My body is a very feminine shape yet it is very hairy. I tried shaving the other day and was left with the most uncomfortable feeling ever and now red bumps all over, that are starting to go away now since hair is regrowing. I think that helped me out of the meme,at least for now.
I think I've come to turns that I can't achieve it so it's not meant to be. Maybe try that?
Best of luck to you pal

5 inches isn't that small anon, it's below average but it's enough for penetration.

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Hey guys. Has there ever been a time in your life where a girl or her relatives took the time to ask you out? It is definitely a bit of a rarity, but not totally out. Talk about your experiences here.
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Yes. It was amazing. A rare moment of joy in this cold world.
Yeah my wife.

Asked me out in high school and I rejected her

Asked me out later after college and we have been together for 5 years now.

The girl asking you out is pretty rare but it happens. Surprisingly she is a very shy girl and borderline autistic in high school.
I guess you just have to be an interesting person in general for that to happen. Is that right?

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1468595374558 (1).jpg
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>tfw cis girl with high testosterone
>no smooth skin
>hairy as fucking fuck everywhere, even on my back and my butt and stomach and even a little on my chest (except for the head on my head ofc which is thin)
>ugly voice
>no big feminine eyes, cute nose, or full rosy lips
>no long eyelashes
>no anything
>not only that, but also very short (5'1") so going FtM isn't an option
Who /worst of both worlds/ here?
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Go to /soc/ if you want to post blogshit.
yea but i bet youd be hell good at sports
Could be worse.
I'm a guy with thick hair, big eyes, red cheeks and heavy eyelashes.

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>summer incoming
>no longer can wear my comfy hoodie
>forced to wear light clothes so everone gonna see how fucking skieleton im
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Grow a weird mustache to distract them
>how fucking skieleton im
Hey bro, at least skeleton is better than fat. And if you're healthy there's absolutely nothing to worry about.

Or do you live in murica in some region where everybody is fat 200+kg? Than that would absolutely attract envious attention. You either ignore it or feed on it.
>summer here
>didnt make any progress on a diet
>have only 3 tshirts that fit me at my most rotund
>can't wear a jacket anymore to cover up my wearable shirt shortage

But at least I could slay that demon in OP's picture.

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How shameful is it to be a 31 year old McDonald's employee?
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Are you a manager or something? If not, yes.
It's not as shameful as having no job.
It's not that bad, not like you're sucking dirty old man dick for cracking money in back alleys

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What is the worst meme ever?
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rare pepe. it was originally pretty fun, but it's done irreparable damage to this board.
The one where we stopped organizing mass protests
that fucking banana and it's not even close.

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The amount of fucking normies is absolutely abhorrent.

Every bloody day, it gets worse, by a landslide, and I'm not talking "back in the good 'ol days of 2008...".

Even a 2015fag could see the amount of abhorrence here has increased hundredfold.

Fucking fembot threads?
Really, lads?

>Femwhore gets on 4chan, an untapped source of beta attention.
>Femwhore posts tits, etc.
>Everyone worships femwhore, and tends to her every need, LITERALLY giving her money.


>trapshit posts about "my problems as a trap are so unique, and nobody has ever had them like me."
>"support me guise".
>gets fucking orbited.

God-damn meet-up threads, are LITERALLY a /b/-tier thread, and the amount has increased by shit-tons.
This board, like the others before it, /pol/, /b/, etc, has also become predictable.

>Virginity loss thread.
>Fembot general.
>I'm not camwhoring, but can I have some money????

What have we come to.
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I wish normies would just be content with laughing at us and not posting
Normies need to fucking BURN.

daily reminder:
>femwhores aren't welcome
>chads aren't welcome
>cucks get the bullet
>/b/tier threads are shit-tier
>meet-up threads are the disease killing /r9k/.
If you even once, orbited a femwhore, you are part of the problem.

I'm a normie and let me tell you faggot thatit's 2017 and the internet has become a big part of everyones everyday life, it's fucking globalized and now the western culture literally consists memes. Meme culture made Trump happen and even Pepe is discussed on the news. So what the fuck do you think? Everyone know what 4chan is and most people probably have visited this site once. Those who come back to this site is those who regularly posts on Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter or follow Youtubers. Normies will never go back, and if the internet culture increases in popularity, so will the normies percentage in 4chan do as well.

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How many of you know this feel?
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about 100%. but none of us use that as an excuse to be a gigantic prick and start killing people we don't like. goebbels is also a complete cuck for killing his wife and his offspring when germany lost the war.
better kill your family then let them suffer at the hands of communists. Also,learn some history, it wasn't about killing "people we don't like" it was about freeing humanity from the oppressive grip of Zionism and Marxism
sure it was. I bet all those smart /pol/ posters convinced you with their wisdom contained in convenient JPG files ;)

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draw your Iife
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OP's picture is pretty much my life, though I have a neckbeard and don't shit myself.
that's ass hair
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looks comfy honestly

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Why do men criticize women for wearing makeup when we all realize that looks is the only thing that matters when it comes to women?
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It's false advertising.

Women who wear makeup should be arrested for fraud
she looked better without it

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Why do girls hate each other so much?

I worked at a Menchies frozen yogurt shop that is full of girls and every time I'd come in they would constantly shit talk each other but loved me because I was nice to every one. Even when a new girl was hired they would say "She's a fucking cunt I wanna kill her." without even getting to know them.

All girls want each other dead.

Whereas guys we get to know each other and figure out if they're nice or chad.
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every female is competition

guys don't care how "good" you are so self improvement is worthless to them. Men fuck everything. The only thing they can do is eliminate each other
Girls are competing for limited resources (Chad). Guys are competing for abundant resources (the 80% of girls who are attractive enough to meet the standards of most men). Competition is more brutal for them.
What are you smoking? Males compete with each other on everything possible.

File: Teenage love meter.png (200KB, 1206x674px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Teenage love meter.png
200KB, 1206x674px
Is it really too late?
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>21 yearold virgin
>went from skinny neet with no social life to a fit, chad looking college student last year
>started dating girl i fell in love with
>she loves me back and ive never been this happy in my life

Its never too late
>teenage love
>cutoff at 20

oh i see
but was she a virgin too?

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>i rap for sport
>I'm good/pretty up there in terms of skill
>I'm in NO WAY famous

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post vocaroo or gtfo
>I'm good/pretty up there in terms of skill
No you're not
>i rap for sport

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