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If Elliot had just made peace with his own inadequacies and inferiority then he wouldn't have been so angry and killed people.

I mean, thats the reason why most of you guys are so misanthropic and misogynistic...you don't want to directly deal with your shame of being inferior so you just convince yourselves that everyone else is the problem. Just accept your place in the social food chain and suck it up; it'll save you a lot of frustration.
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you are an idiot listening to the fake posters, the real robots aren't here to blame others, the chad and stacy shit is just a meme
Fuck off, normie. Elliot is our patron saint. If I ever decide to ragequit I'll rodger my way out.

Elliot is a fucking hero.
But it's not that easy. You see, we are fed heavy amounts of propaganda our whole lives about how we "deserve happiness" and that "there is someone out there for everyone" and that "being yourself is very good" and "everything will fall into place. God has a plan for you" when in reality, none of these things are based on fact and concrete reality. It's literally beliefs propagated by other people who thought they were protecting you from the real world by lying to you.

It's like the day you were six years old and realized that the Easter Bunny isn't real. The truth hurts too much.

There is no "good vs evil" like in Harry Potter. Life comes down to nature, evolution and surviving and that's fucking it. People who are more successful than you or I are the strongest animals in the animal kingdom. They were blessed with ideal genes to survive in the wild.

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>4chan did 9/11
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>4chan did your mom
4chan didnt even exist before 9/11 retard
maybe that's what (((they))) want you to think.

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>normies tell me to start lifting
>join the gym
>6 chads using the single bench
great advice.
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>>>/fit/ hello.
>>>/adv/ don't forget to stop by there as well!
Congratulations on beginning your way to self improvement!

Fembots, what's your opinion on LongDistanceRelationships? Do you have any experiences? Are you in a LDR at this moment? How far is or was she/he from you?

Robots are welcome too.
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It hurts, you guys. It really hurts. Relationships in general. Just don't do it.
Fuck LDRs.
I met a lesbian and it's dope.
>Robots are welcome too.
Thank you for allowing my on my own board, fucktard.

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Anons, i lost all of my Pepe and wojak images. Help a robot out and post some?

Also ITT: what happened to your school bully?
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Here you go anon Chen
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Got you Mr anon chan
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acolyte pepe.jpg
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here's a good one

> what happened to your school bully?

I shit on hjis lawn then dropped out ofschool

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Where do I find a girl who will date an overweight balding 24-year-old virgin who lives with his parents, has a part-time minimum-wage entry-level retail job, doesn't have his full license, has no IRL friends, is extremely unassertive, and cares deeply what others think of him?
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In your dreams
Good luck
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What's a half-license?
G1 learner's license, can't drive alone or with more than one person or at night or on highways.

Post pictures of your favorite goats.
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Karen is GOAT
I'd like to start with this beautiful specimen.
File: 1491876135558.png (67KB, 339x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is a good goat for sure

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> 24,5 yo
> a NEET
> literally no friends, and I mean literally
> I don't talk to anybody except for writing with people I never met on the internet
> I don't go out, as in, even from my room
> play vidya, watch youtube, surf on the internet all days long
> cry myself to sleep
> depression
> fear of people and going out, not going to doctors with this shit because donttrustothers.jpg
> 14 people in my phone book, 7 from my family, an older guy that is my neighbour, two collegues from back when I was in college, never talk with them again, one from high school, the same case, two doctors numbers and hair salon number
> On my last birthday there was only my mother, two grandparents and my aunt
> Literally ZERO friends of fb, I don't care about it
> no hope
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Oh I forgot:

> when I actually get out, I only wander around for 5 minutes and feel like shitaki mushrooms for being forever alone, walking alone and completely obsessed that people look at me laughing that I am walking alone always, so scared go back to my safe zone
> I fail at everything I touch
> I suck at everything
> I am a waste of space & resources
> I wish I was never born
> currently feuding with my family, I especially hate my aunt and her family, also my mom's cousin and her family, but currently fighting with my parents too

Please anons put me out of this misery already.
Why do you have a FB?
In the winter time it's season for ski jumping and I like to comment on my favourite ski jumpers' profiles :).

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Is staying in contact with a gf after you broke up a meme? I broke up with mine three weeks ago but we've kept in touch. Yesterday, I realized I couldn't do it anymore, so I told her goodbye and cut off everything (number, kikebook).

But I miss talking to her so much. I still love her. Will these feelings go away one day? I really hope they do, anons. I spent my whole life thinking I was undesirable. I feel like I lost my only chance.
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Open your mouth please
What? Why mate?

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I really believe I'm losing my fucking mind. There are huge gaps in my memory, time is not flowing naturally and I have horrific recollections of a crime that I refuse to believe I committed. I don't even know how long ago this started as I only have brief periods of lucidity. Someone fucking help me or else I'm just going to kill myself.
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Sounds like a mystery novel/movie. I'm sorry to hear you're living in Angel Heart, OP.
Please post crime here
>Your anonymity is here

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Anyone want to plat GTA SA online aka MTA?

All you need is the original game with 1.0 version number found in this torrent:


And the MTA client downloaded from here: https://mtasa.com/

Our server is called: The Feels Server

The password is: feel
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Glad this is still going.
>no one online

File: kek.webm (2MB, 770x470px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he isn't performing ollies with SUVs


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>tfw no gf to cure my depression
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>tfw no gf to mutually cure each other's depression
>Tfw no bf to cure my depression.
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>tfw depending on validation from another person to cure your depression

How do I respond to this roastie?

I was thinking of something like "well scene as you swiped right I would assume you would have some interest"

or i could act like a retard and say "No I cant see you right now"
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I was just trying to make her laugh. I thought by using a typical shitty /fit/ line that every guy sends she might get the humor.
>you got me there

Just give up and talk to another girl
what the fuck is
>well scene as you swiped right
>scene as

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What is actually bad about colonialism?

>take over land of an inferior race
>actually make use of that land
>allow people of inferior race to live in your country and experience civilisation
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The problem lies in the inferior race bit, you fucking mong
Africans are inferior

>have a land rich in resources for all of human history
>do fuck all with it

How are they not inferior? tell me
How are we superior for relying on digging up rocks from Africa? Before whites came in, they seemed moderately happy throwing the same rocks at lions or whatever they did.

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I weigh 400lbs. I need to lose 200 lbs to be around my healthy weight.

Has anyone on this board lost a significant amount of weight? I want to know if my dick will get "bigger". Right now I sport a 4x4 which is pathetic and one of the biggest reasons I want to lose weight. I'm a virgin and really want to turn into a man whore by losing the weight.

Any tips or advice welcome.
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I lost 100 pounds in 5 months. I was only taking in about 700 cals a day and worked out 3 times a week and had a manual labor job.
Fat here:

Your dick will appear longer if you manage to lose weight, obviously. Your erections will also get harder as you improve your circulation with exercise and lost flesh.

Bad news: all that stretched skin isn't going anywhere. You're gonna look like complete fucking garbage even if you get thin.

No manwhoring for you, sorry you fucked up your one and only body and it will never get better barring surgery (where you will still look wrong, but less obviously so.) (and so did I.)
where do you live??? i want to get fucked by you before you lose the weight

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