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How do wagies keep their manhood?
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If you're a retail wagie, you don't. You have to swallow your pride and meekly endure all the bullshit that customers, co-workers, and bosses give you.
their is no dignity to keep, but if you've been through their hell then you understand and empathize

you let them die but feel bad for them, like how Native Americans hunt animals and mourn them before they eat them

i do the same by not humiliating them further
Those elderly Walmart greeters always depress. Like these old fucks are like 70 years old and probably have little or no money saved for retirement and Walmart just gives them a pity job for 20 hours a week to stand by the door and say hello to people, who probably ignore them anyway.

Save for retirement bros.

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Sex is just masturbation in a body of others.

Why would you want to have sex if masturbation is essentially the same thing and unlike sex it's totally safe.
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Who wants to play tf2 with me? I want to try trolling people.

It's easier to explain with a video

>have 2 players, one on each team
>Spy on team 1, engie on team 2
>spy holds the door open to spawn
>engie builds a sentry outside of spy's spawn
>spy disguises and/or goes invisible so engie's sentry won't target him
>engie's sentry automatically kills spy's teammates as soon as they spawn

Bored and I want to try trolling people. Add me if you want to play. Or add me regardless if you want a friend on steam.

I don't have a mic btw. My computer lacks audio, so I won't be able to here you if you have one.
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You do realize that video is from 2014 and that's probably been patched out right?
No it hasn't. There's nothing to patch.

adf;l ao

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Who /mischief/ here?
>Be 13
>In class I see 2 kids sleeping
>Take wallet out of one kids pocket and put it in the others
>They wake up
>First guy realizes that his wallet is missing
>Teacher searches pockets
>Finds it in other kids pocket
>He returns it
>Outside of school they get in a fight
>Second kid ends up going to a hospital for a fractured arm
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Would you rather work a retail/mccuck service industry job or manual labor in a factory or something? both are approx minimum wage
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manual labor. i've worked retail before and i'd rather eat an indians street shit than work that job again.
factory and manual labor arent the same its more just blue collar work. That being said Id rather work on an assembly line than construction or retail

>he does chores around the house when he has a gf/wife
Can anyone else say C U C K ?
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wow are you like a misogynist or something there's nothing wrong with that

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This might be my last time here bots

A girl might actually be into me. She's robotic, a Saudi Arabian qt and I think I'm going to ask her out today. There's still a chance she says no though so I'm not going to strut in there like a spring chicken.

I've only been on this board for about 2 years but for a long time you guys were my closest friends. This thread might be a bunch of people calling me a faggot, virgin, loser, whatever, but I appreciate all the laughs that you guys have given me in those times. The odd inspirational threads, the degenerate threads, bait threads, tfw threads, all of them have kept me going when I thought I'd just give up.

I guess this is stupid, upon reading what I just wrote. But you cunts have been here for me since I was an underage v& and now that I'm a big boy I want to thank you for giving me 2 years of laughs.

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>Saudi Arabian

stopped reading right there
>dating sandniggers
Stop right there sir
>She's robotic
stopped reading there
girls can't be robots. period.

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>tfw from the side my head looks like a fucking Neanderthal
Fuck me and my eyebrow ridge
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>from the side of my head with my overbite and fat lips i look like a dick sucking machine

>december 2015
>nothing to do as always
>suddenly realize/remember that Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip is in theaters
>had watched the trailer earlier and laughed my ass off ironically
>know exactly what to do now
>get ticket for a showing at like 10 PM
>the only other people in there are a dad and his small daughter near the back
>go to the very front row
>laugh like an absolute fucking retard almost perpetually for half the movie
>finally get bored and leave
>don't see dad and daughter on my way out
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Gave a ghetto black girl a kid literally because she wanted gibs.
Gibs me sum dat seminal reperations
Well she was going to do it anyway, but said she'd prefer a mixed kid. If I'd said no she'd have just gone with a black guy.

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Why do men cheat more than women?
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They don't. If a guy sleeps with a girl she will gossip to her friends. The other way around the guy will keep his mouth shut.
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You think girls like to cheat like guys do?
It's because any man who is attractive enough to get laid already knows deep down the whores aren't worth a relationship. So they cheat, knowing they can get away with it

/outside/? i'm at a house right now with no one here, so i'm posting from the /wilderness/
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>be me
>6'3, 205 lbs, pretty ripped, big dick
>objectively hot, 9/10 easy
>complete aspie, say really stupid things all the time
>girls come up to me constantly, heart races
>spaghetti comes out every hole and crevice
>butt simultaneously tightens and relaxes
>hands visibly shake when qt talks
>one time cried a little while talking
>eye spaghetti

It's not all great being good looking. You still need a personality, tbqhfam. I'd easily trade with a 5'5 manlet if I could hold a conversation for more than 1 second. Literally everyone who knows me makes fun of me constantly for being such a retard. Worse is I'm not actually retarded by IQ, just social skills. At least if I was a downser I wouldn't know how much my life sucked.
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So I'm pretty much a lonely loser. I've accepted that fact and I want to start enjoying being alone instead and finding inner peace or some bullshit

Do any of y'all have experience with meditation as a lonely guy? Does it work?
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Why not go to a zen center?
whatever you do, do NOT open your third eye. I did and man...

just do NOT do it
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I am wondering this too as a 21 yr old KHHV loser. Does meditating actually do anything or is it some hippy meme.

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5'4 male here in the US, not sure how to move on from this
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Alright cool gonna go kms I guess
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sad nigger frog.jpg
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Sorry man. There is nothing for you in this world

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Was common filthy right?
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