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Remember /r9k/, in some parallel universe, this is happening right now.
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The series where I'm a character must be boring as fuck.
At best I am the friend of the hero
Or a side character that only dispenses info
My life is a school life anime and I'm the tertiary character, the outsider that serves as contrast to the main characters

The anime has 4.3/10 on that alternate universe's MAL

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Is there a single piece of media out there that captures the feelings of going through life as well as the Dark Souls series?
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This image is the exact same size in the preview as it is when selected
Make of that what you will, but the core idea is to transform Dark Souls to an Isekai Anime starrign a weeb in a tracksuit
>Reddit Zero
Baaaw I can't save my waifu

A lonely battered soul goes up against neer impossible odds for no reason at all, simply because he knows nothing else

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>tfw over 30 and trying to find a gf who likes anime
Is it even possible? All I'm finding are single moms and used up Stacies ready to settle for betabux
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Women don't like pedos.
Why don't you just kidnap a little girl and force her to watch anime with you until she develops stockholm syndrome for both you and anime?

I know of one girl on my normiebook friends list that actually fits your bill. We met during wow and she's into cosplay. She's also an Aussie. Drawback 2/10 hambeast.

Has amazing cosplay though. Her ex boyfriend was a 5'3 beta that always cosplayed as a clown.

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robot faces thread? I'll start.
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you have a really nice face anon, what are you doing on r9k? do you have trouble talking to grills?
That isn't you, faggot.
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Just took this one. I'm really drunk idgaf if anyone sees my face.

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>Running around, trying to fit in, wanting to be loved
>It doesn't take much for someone to shut you down
>When you build a shelf, build a mummy in your mind
>Can't sit still and you don't like hangin' 'round the corwd
>The don't understand
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>If the body does what the body wants
>Why do I feel like mine is giving up?
The entirety of this song
>tfw he just wanted to stop being a robot in his lighthouse and have one good night with Stacy
I'm falling off the side of the boat
And when I hit water I fall asleep hoping tomorrow
Tastes like poems and honeysuckle
I move slow cause the sky looks bluer when you fuck the order of the day
Or the way shelves fit
I wish I had a pair of stilts

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Imagine explaining to your parents that you lost a chance to study at one of the most prestigious academic institutions on earth because you shitposted
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if you want to make it in the world you become a slave to it
I'm going there this summer. I hope they can't find my shitposts
>inb4 underageb&
>posting obscene and offensive memes in a private Facebook group chat
And they kicked them out for that? I could understand if it was a public post or a tweet or something, but that's fucked up.

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>tfw never smoked a cigarette
>tfw never smoked weed

Is there anything more degenerate?
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Being a fag desu
literally smoking a bong with tobacco and weed
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I regret smoking weed to this day it made me a slow failure throughout high school and I ended up a triple senior. My class was 2013 and I graduated 2016. People I knew are finishing up their degrees and moving into new homes with thier gfs. But I'm 22 still living with my mom and only going start community college this fall. It all could have been prevented if I didn't try to impress people by smoking weed and drinking alcohol like a degenerate.

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explain how this thing can get a girlfriend and you faggots can't


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they're just 2 kids, why does it bother you that much
How old is this kid
I had gfs when I was a kid, what's the issue?

I doubt they fuck or anything.

Well it's 2017 actually they probably do fuck

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>read 1984
>pretty good book, enjoy it for a while
>come to point where to protagoniat falls in love and has a relationship
>lose interest immediately

Anyone else has this? It irritates the hell out of me when people have relationships
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The only good relationship a persona should have is with ethier satan or jesus. Mostly satan. Jesus is ok though.
Did you finish the book?
Just finish the damn book, it's hardly War and Peace and you'll be able to get the meme /lit/ credentials, which is the only reason why 95% of people read it to begin with anyway.

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I'm a good person. I deserve a gf. Why won't any girl date me?
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please don't use this word, it just give normals fuel for their arguments
do you follow the 613 commandments of god?

linguistically speaking, how do u mean "good".
Because life is fucking unfair.
Of course every human deserves happiness. But ultimately not everyone can be happy because life is imperfect and so are we. This is, generalized, the one and only cause for all conflicts in human history. People wanted to be happy.
Isn't that a dilemma?

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Give me your most successful pickup lines,
or else
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u want fukk i hav aid?
You have been muted for 2 seconds because your comment was not original, give me a seks pls
I'm a girl with a nice fem penis.

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Hmm, what would you have done in this situation?

For me I have a vasectomy, I'm not worried about this kind of stuff.
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Give it up for adoption.
Retards should be euthanised, but we can't do that.
>Divorcing your wife over a tard
His loss.
Yeah but you can check before hand to see if the damned fetus is a tard and abort it, which is what they should have done.

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why is she (male) so damn cute?
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Not gonna knock your opinion but they look like they have a cute personality, they definitely don't look cute.
That is a buch tranny bro, gross af
Looks like an albino nigger

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Fellow NEETs/failures, what do you think would happen if your parents kicked you out onto the streets? Would you be forced to fix your life and end up with a job,own place etc?
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I would kill myself desu

the only reason I'm even trying in life anymore is because I want to make my parents happy since they're generally nice people
This desu, I might see how long I can survive properly homeless just for shits and giggles, but I'd jump off a bridge before long. I'm the disappointing failure of the family and I try to make people happy but always end up making their lives worse so I'll probably kill myself soon regardless.

I'm 29 today and I've never been more depressed in my life. It's weird. Every birthday before this one has been fine, great even, but I could barely get out of bed this morning.
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My sister is never kicking me out she said.
She doesn't even want me to get a job because that would mean i could move away from her.
In 10 years she wants to have a husband and a big family and then me living in her garage like a pet.\

Even if she did kick me out i can go live with either of my parents. They're both so lonely they'd be happy to have me.

Personally I don't want to be a neet forever.

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Someone in this shitty country be my friend REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
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lol no
why should i anon
Well post your contact then anon.
Anyone in Auckland want to be friends?

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