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ITT minor things you fucked up that shouldnt make you angry/depressed but still do
Today i broke my bong
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Today I woke up and realised I was still me
i cut my thumb
i had a noosebleed during the night and i didnt even realize,i had to change all the bed sheets

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Psh, If I'm really desperate I can easily overpower any gir-
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no one thinks this but you you fuckin weirdo
What's your point? Even the most average of guys can overpower most girls. Men are biologically stronger. That is a fact. No amount of game of thrones female empowerment power fantasies will change that.
what is your point, she has a nosebleed. are you trying to pretend this makes her bad ass?

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How does one get into street racing?

I want to do it so bad
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Buy the shittiest car you can afford and make it run like a raped ape. Sell it and buy a better one. Repeat until you can fix or rebuild anything. Racing will come naturally.
I wanna do cocaine but it's too expensive
Step 1:
>do karting, maybe even take a course of you can
Step 2:
>buy a Miata, turbo it, give it new brakes, tires and coilovers
Step 3:
Step 4:
>race on the street

where do you find a girl who happens to be a virgin aged 16-19 in the United Kingdom?
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The English are not an attractive people. Do appreciate the timeliness of Kane picking up Rooney's baton as the orcish face of English sports.

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What's a good, remote university for a robot? I just wanna keep to myself and take classes. I'm thinking somewhere in Alaska?
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>actually leaving your house

You're not a real robot, get off my board chad.
Liberty University?
Secular colleges pls

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>tfw to dumb to be a normie
>tfw to intelligent to be a robot
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tfw too intelligent two be a robot
>tfw it's better to burn out than to fade away
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too dumb to be a robot
too intelligent to be a normie

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when was your last out of body expierience?
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About 7 weeks ago i tried salvia for the first time, crazy fucking shit dude. Me and my mate had a fantastic trip blah blah floating through space blah blah but unfortunately his gf used twice as much as we did in one go and ended up getting one of those experiences where you are trapped out of body and can't return for what, in her perspective, felt like weeks.

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>irl friends are always busy because of jobs or being pussy whipped by their gfs and dont have time to hang out
>most of my internet friends are faggots and boring to talk to, with the exception of like 2 of them
what the fuck do i do bro's, i'm getting lonely
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Community college anime club desu senpai.
pic related cepen cleary

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>be neet for about 10 years now
>decide to finally man up
>start lifting, stop masturbating
>start to follow in chads footsteps
>dick grows a few inches due to me not touching it ten times a day
>acne clears up
>go out to the movies by myself
>get a 10/10 girls number
>call her up when i get home, invite her to a nice steak dinner
>bring her home
>fuck her

Pic related, we're all going to make it.
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I hope you fucking die in your sleep youi cunt
Fuck you bitch ass faggot
Bitch as mother fucker nigga fuck your bitch shit story ass mother fucker

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I am soon going to wear braces. What is it like? What should I know? Does it hurt?
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"Get on the operating chair, Shinji."
Its resrictuive but not painful. Flossing sucks ass after braces.

But you shouldn't be here anyway, obviously underage
It will hurt when they are going on, then the pain will decrease and stay that way for a few hours, then the real pain will kick in and very very slowly recede over the next two weeks
Worth it though

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>Go outside to refill birdbath
>Neighbors on their porch talking about something
>One is a fat pot bellied guy with no shirt, the other is a fat woman that had two strokes, and has high blood cholesterol
>They would usually bother me and my mom with personal questions but seemed "nice"
>I stare at them
>Husband instantly goes inside
>Wife is there
>She tries to go back inside
>Yell "Hey neighbor" and wave with a smile on my face
>She continues to go back inside

How should I treat this? I actually hate them and like my peace and quiet
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stop being such a pussy. if you hate them but dont totally hate them, force yourself on them so they either get annoyed/creeped out with your personality or they turn out to like you and you bevome friends.

also thry probably didn't here you, desu.
It's sorta impossible to not hear me since we're neck to neck with our houses.

I also yelled her name before and she answered but I like this fact of annoying/creeping them out.

They were always fake little shits

Now they can see how I felt when I just wanted to relax on my fucking porch, I just hope it doesn't become more of a conflict.

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>Even a TRANNY who cut off its dick has a gf

I'm sorry im not a chad or a mentally ill faggot who dresses in women's clothing. Just a salaryman with 6 figures in crypto money who isn't a 9/10.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>how have you changed in the past 15 years edition

used to:
>watch Bill Maher, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, watch Bill O' Reily to make fun of it
>used to be against guns
>used to listen to ska/punk music
>used to lash out at guys who made (anything I perceived as) misogynist remarks
>made fun of jocks and how "they would grow up to vote republican and beat their wives"
>anytime someone criticized another country I would say "well it's not as bad as in america because [insert uninformed convoluted reasoning]"
>profess to love literature and say how america's getting dumber, meanwhile I never read too much myself beyond required reading, didn't do that well in school, didn't watch any scientific documentaries beyond Cosmos, all the while thinking Idiocracy was the greatest movie ever made when my friend gave me the dvd
>weighed 220 pounds but had very little muscle mass; ate omnivore diet
>always criticized cub/boy scout program, quit the second my parents gave me permission

>realize how both progressivism and neo-conservatism have failed us, am now libertarian bordering anarchist
>own a huge gun collection
>like folk and heartland rock
>realize that defending women will get me no pussy (and I should remain a virgin anyway) and how modern women have been ruined
>have made friends with former football playing alphas in the gun scene, we go shooting in the desert a couple times a month
>realized America was the last bastion of hope in the world (though realize it too is probably now a lost cause after seeing all the government bootlickers from the Oregon Standoff days and how both Ron and Rand Paul have lost the nomination. And unfortunately a lot of our allies have now become Trump fanboys)
>don't watch any television cause it melts your brain and is propaganda. read a ton of non-fiction books
>at 5'9 I weigh 165 pounds and have decent muscle mass; eat nutritarian-focused vegan diet
>can live both innawoods and innadesert when shit hits the fan
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You are the prime example of why I hate this state
31 years old now.

Used to:
>Not care about politics
>Not care about guns
>Play PS2
>Drink Dr. Pepper
>Watch anime
>be a virgin

>Still don't care about politics
>Can take or leave guns, irrelevant
>Play PS4
>Drink rum
>Watch Netflix documentaries or historical fiction
>had sex
what's to hate?
you really shouldn't drink soda or alcohol. I only drink water and eat plants. follow my example.
what are you doing here?

Where were you when you realised that /r9k/ has more or less groomed you to be a perfect disposable recruit for any group with an agenda and a disregard for its members?
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But I dislike islam and the far right

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What's the most feminine (non-sexual) thing you do? Pic unrelated.
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I eat the bread crust before I eat the bread.
I didn't know women did this
I wear leggings under my motorbike pants for warmth and I look great in them

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