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Anyone else just so fucking bored with everything?
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Yes... even bored with shitposting
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I cant even have fun with vidya anymore, I dropped out for this??????

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Why you white boys so broke?
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Nice collection, Tyrone.
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>Now we both can have fun honey!
>poorfag ps4
>calls others poor
Gtx 1070 pajeet reporting in
>inb4 poo in the loo

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>measured myself
>tfw bumped up from 5'7 to 5'8 (without shoes)
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>measured myself
>used to be 5'10, now 5'8 after I broke several vertebrae a couple years ago
I escaped paralysis but am now resigned to manlethood
>measured myself
>solid 7 inch rock hard
Did you know that you're tallest right after you wake up because your spine elongates when you're lying down and compresses throughout the day?

What video games are you playing at the moment?
Right now I'm playing Downwell, it's pretty good, though only in short bursts. Maybe I'll emulate Monster Hunter Freedom Unite later, haven't really played the franchise before but I need something I can waste my time with.
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I haven't played anything but dota 2 basically for the last 3 years.
That was a really cool music video
Boring song though
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories,
Digimon World Next Order
Final Fantasy XV
Mass Effect 3(replay)
Dragon Age Inquisition (replay)
The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth
Dark Souls 3
Fate/Stay Night

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My nipples form a perfect triangle with the dot in the middle of my collarbone, with another dot below it at the centre but above the true centre. Any mystic experts here could tell me what they mean?
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You have the mark of the Homo.
WHAT DOES IT MEAN? origigoogle
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Consult the loam chart and answers will be revealed

If you 'create' a meme it belongs to all of us, stop claiming credit for something that you cant prove.
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First for >tfw no gook girlfriend
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Is Road Wars anon here? I really fancy a stream desu
I want to submit approval for a thread-specific meme, please.

The character will be a 25 year old who posts about how much broadband prices change, very niche but I hope that I can get sponsorship from the large companies.

I expect to post 30 posts, for the first saga, over 6 months.

>it is spring time of 2017 and you hear voices of people being happy outside and see females dress skimpy
who /friendless/ here?
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Me, where are they in times like these
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Is linux /our system/?
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>all of those couples cuddling
>all of those kisses
>all of those hugs

>January 2018
>President sanders first day in office
>Immediately issues executive order H.BBC
>All white women are now the property of black men
>age of consent and rape laws are dropped for black men
>It is illegal to arrest or jail a black buck for any crime whatsoever
>All white men must take estrogen, wear wigs, makeup, remove all body and facial hair, and wear frilly girly outfits
>Law now requires that black bulls and bucks impregnate every white woman they come across AND breed every white boipussy too
>All black bucks are given a regiment of roids and HGH to turn them into 8 feet tall 300lb shredded kongolese bulls with swingin 16 inch cocks
>All other races are put into rockets and fired into the sun
>You look outside your window, streets are literally full of sweaty roided out hung nubian studs breeding pink aryan pussy and pink aryan asspussy by the boatload
>Suddenly 3 bucks burst through your window and demand you spread your puckered caucasian mancunt

what do?
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is this really your fantasy you retarded idiot

sage kill yourself
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Why is this so hot nonononoNO
>tfw I got a boner

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college/uni students with no friends at all, where do you hang out if you have 3 hrs till the next class? a library's gotta be really boring at some point right?
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i hang out in my room. library could be alright if you have your computer
I used to just go back to my apt and play video games. It was about a half an hour walk there but that was fine cause it ate up more time anyway.
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Go sleep
Watch a show
go grab a bite.
Go kill yourself.

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Elliot Rodger
>23 May 2014
>isla vista
>6 killed, 14 injured
>"I don't know why you girls aren't attracted to me, but I will punish you all for it. It's an injustice, a crime, because... I don't know what you don't see in me. I'm the perfect guy and yet you throw yourselves at these obnoxious men instead of me, the supreme gentleman."

Seung-Hui Cho
>16 April 2004
>Blacksburg, Virginia
>33 killed, 23 injured
>"I didn't have to do this. I could have left. I could have fled. But no, I will no longer run. If not for me, for my children, for my brothers and sisters that you fucked; I did it for them..."

Dylan and Eric
>20 April 1999
>15 killed, 24 injured
>"Just know I'm going to a better place. I didn't like life too much."

Who's your favourite virgin killer and why?
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VT shooting was 4-16-2007
the real question is, should i get my physics professor to cancel our test on 4-14-17 because the 10th anniversary of the shooting is two days later?
I go to VT btw
how does your school treat the whole cho issue? Do people joke about it or is it taboo?
Cho, hands down
I remember the day it happened too
>be in freshman biology
>teacher is VT alumnus, has banners and shit plastered everywhere
>finds out about it right after I get out of her class
>she leaves, doesn't come back for almost 2 weeks
>she comes back eventually and removes most of the VT paraphernalia
>miss out on fetal pig dissection because substitute can't into dissection labs
I'm still kind of mad I didn't get to play with dead pigs

Me Last year

>230lbs obese at 5'7"
>living home with parents
>shitty job at burger king
>no friends
>would spend all day playing video games, watching porn, and crying
>owned 1 pair of light blue baggy jeans, hanes t-shirts, vans black shoes, and a black hoodie I would always wear even in summer

Me now
>140lbs at 5'8" after losing weight and fixing posture
>found an entry level job making 40k a year
>moved out of parents house into my own apartment
>went on /fa/ and started dressing better (pic related)
>bought cologne to smell nice
>now I choose to not have friends by ignoring phone calls and texts
>spend my day watching Netflix like an adult and discussing latest shows with co-workers at the job
>started reading books again to increase intelligence

So clearly my life is a lot better, but still no gf. I really want a pretty blonde gf at this point (must be atleast 8.5/10) but it hasn't happened yet. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, because it feels like I'm doing everything right. Help please.
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Girls don't want try-hards. Simple as that. You forced yourself to do all these things, and girls for some reason, smell that and are repulsed by it.
>I don't understand what I'm doing wrong
Girls can smell the beta on you
Wait a few years and someone will probably settle for you as long as your income is good
Bumping for fat losing techniques, help us get chicks too anon

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Hey /r9k/, how do I become a more creative person? How do I make something out of nothing? I've always had a striking lack of creativity, but I'm trying to start up a YouTube channel as of late and now it's really bothering me. I just can't come up with any content ideas. This has applied to pretty much any creative activity I've ever had to do. Is it just genetics? Was I just destined to fail from the start, again? Seems like there's many types of chad; and if you're not born as one of them - you're fucked. Thoughts?
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well... Why are you trying to start a youtube video?
Eat some psychedelic mushrooms or something
Or just give up, youtube is cancerous and you probably are too
Don't you post that whore in my threads ever again. I'm going to ignore your question because of that, it's none of your business anyway.

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shit in my mouth.jpg
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>walk into your room
>'anon I can't sleep'

What do?
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Put her to sleep forever
Who the fuck are you, how do you know my name and why are you in my house?
You know exactly I'm just going to make the obvious observation that it's daylight out yo ufucking cunt

>literal loser joins my literal discord
>ask who he is
>starts to beat around the bush and sperg ou
>ban him
talk about autism you experience
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>go on /soc/ aka the most 'tistic board for lulz
>see a faggot weeaboo posting faggot weeaboo stuff
>not only is he doing that but it's an autism thread
>'tism central
This is like the 20th time I've seen this thread. What the fuck is your goal`? To get (You)'s?

Please stop posting this boring and useless thread.
>go on r9k
>see another autism thread with the same shitty opening

Seriously I love autism tales but at least change it up, we all know about your discord shit.

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when a girl is in a bathtub or the sea
does the water go inside the vagina?
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>if I was water I would
No. It's like an anus, muscles keep it closed
Some, but not really

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