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anyone else /uglycloseup/?

>bed a 9/10 girl after flirting all night
>she literally puts a pillow in front of my head when we're having sex so she doesn't have to look at my face
>feels bad man
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be glad you can even get laid
>fucks 9/10 qt
>complains about being ugly
29 khv here, stfu

What his or her name, bots?

Why are you up at 4 in the morning thinking of them?

Do they love you back? Do you know the answer?
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Thinking of the trap in pic related. No she doesn't love me.
What? Who the fuck are you talking about?
I don't think she wants to get married, guys. She probably couldn't anyway.

I forgot almost everything, just like I said I would.

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Why are normies always so hypocritical and ignorant?
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>tfw no vietnam vet bf
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>tfw blackbot living in norway
>literally the only black person almost anywhere i go
>constantly reminded of the fact that i am different
>can't establish a connection with anyone
>everything i do, people associate with my skin color
>people think me and people like me are literal subhumans even though it isn't true, but i'll never convine anyone of that so i've stopped trying
>am the "black friend"
any other blackbots here who want to talk about their experiences? no, this is not a fuck white people thread.
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Damn, that sounds depressing. Why the hell are you in Norway anyway? No oogaboogagobacktoafrica, just curious
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just leaving this here for reading
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My dad is from an East African country and came here in the 80s for work (he studied law back home) and met my mother which led to me being born. A lot of people are surprised when I tell them this, but there are quite a bit of black people and other immigrants here. They mainly reside in the big cities like Oslo (the capitol, where I live), Tromso and Bergen. The only problem is, I grew up with little to no black friends because of my dad being a bit more upper class. I have only have white friends for as long as I can remember and they all think it's funny to make me the butt of their "le totally liberal!!!!", subtly racist jokes.

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>tfw might have some form of muscular dystrophy at 27
>given shit by my parents literally from childhood about not exercising or being active
>"you just have tight hammies anon, just stretch"
>tfw pretty much can't walk up stairs normally, haven't been able to for 5-6 years, fobbed off by local doctor
>literally only got noticed when I had to go to fucking hospital for heart palpitations
>tfw waiting on neurologist appointment and other tests, might be in a wheelchair or dead in a few years, might have already had it and this is just the end result, might just be arthritic

treasure your fucking health lads ; ; I might be a no-foolin' cripple real soon.

any other disable-anons out there? Anyone else debilitated or looking down the barrel of any serious health issue?

>inb4 KVhood/tfwnogf is a condition
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i've been violently ill to my stomach for the past month in a half, lots of diarrhea and blood. I keep putting off the doctors appointment. I literally cannot function without marijuana, I feel like throwing up all the time. fml, see the doctor on tuesday. wish me luck boyos, if not, it's been one hell of a shitty ride.

go to the fucking hospital brother, I regret not getting this looked at a decade ago, might have caught it sooner.

dont despair, it might be some bullshit they can just fix with medicine, all the best lad

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I'm not bitter if people gave me legitimate cause to be offended by their behavior toward me.
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You might not be bitter, but are you butthurt?

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> Enter thread
> Make offensive retarded bait post
> Notifications for my you's piling up
> Dont read anything and close the tab
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hey buddy I think you got the wrong board, the /pol/ club's two blocks down
Guess you can say you're a naughty dog.

Genera feels thread? I didn't see any in the catalog and while I have almost exclusively lurked until now, I have a story I feel the need to tell.
Anyone is invited to post in this thread.
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I'm on my first summer of college and I'm already losing my will to continue.

I know how important this degree is but I have this sort of barrier that's blocking me from succeeding
I'm going to attempt to greentext so bare with me.

>be me currently, living with my father, and fired from only job I ever had
>get lonely and decide its a good idea to text my oneitis
>I got to hang out with her several times one fall when we went to the same uni, she knows I like her but we never did anything.
> she doesn't respond which I half way expected
> I decide to text her something more normal since she used to say she never knew what to say to things I sent to her, so I just text her like an old friend catching up with someone.
>this time she does respond
>says my life and work situation are just a rough spot they we all have and I will get through it
>also says she is training to be an airline attendant and will travel all over the world.
>realize I may never get to hang out with her again actually, if I did it could be a very long time. I hadn't seen her in 2 years anyways.
>it's a very strange feel
>but it's the first time in a very long time that I'm happy as well as sad at the same time.

>oneitis is traveling the world
>I am doing absolutely nothing but rotting away.
>in four hours I'll get my first car (27 y/o)
>I'm supposed to be excited
>Currently three weeks off of work so I'm staying at my parents house
>My father is more excited and nervous than me for my first car
>I'm more excited for my soon to be arriving package from amazon

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>be 20 visting home during college break
>sister is 17 and kinda tomboyish
>never had a bf and didn't really talk about guys
>she had a female friend over for dinner last night
>comes out as gay and says she's her girlfriend
>parents take it surprisingly well
>finish dinner and friend leaves
>parents flip their shit
>dad starts yelling at sister
>mom starts crying
>things get thrown
>everyone settles down and goes to bed
>sister just woke me up crying and asked me to run away with her

What the fuck do I do? I have an apartment and roommate while I'm in college. I work for the school during classes and have a full scholarship so I'm not hurting for money. My sister seems scared as shit and I don't know what retarded shit my parents would put her through when I'm not here. Is it even legal for me to let her live with me?
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I think she and your parents may have overreacted. Tomorrow, you'll all come to realize that you love each other and judging someone for being gay is stupid because being gay is a part of them and they should accept who she is and they can't change it just because it's convenient for them.

And yes, it's legal for her to live with you and if it isn't just say, "here you go" and give her back.
Are they gonna try and "convert" her? If so, take her in. Suicide usually follows gay conversion therapy.

Why did your folks flip out? Try and talk to them if they're reasonable.
If your sister can apply for emancipation then she can go live with you. If not, you've just gotta wait until shes 18. Not sure what else to say. Best of luck anon. I'm sorry about your parents.

>"Hi fellow gaybots!"
>farts cum
>"How about"
>Sucks 5 dicks
>"that feel when"
>catches AIDS
>gets prolapsed anus
>"no qt twink bf right? teehee I'm so cute"
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God I would fuck the shit out of him. What's his name?
Mantitty McFaggots. He's a famous gay biker and likes to fuck guys in the ass with his penis
>He's a famous gay biker and likes to fuck guys in the ass with his penis.

Wow thats pretty fucking gay. I bet 90% of the faggots on this board look like him

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>tfw trap, gay, blacked, and fembot threads are becoming more common

Is it too late to save our board?
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So what exactly brought this up? What did you guys do?
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People posted pictures of themselves on /r9k/
People posted threads asking for pictures of other users.
attention whoring and other original content
Too many "am I ugly/look at my dick/tee hee im a girl (male)/[body part] rate" threads

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>moved around my whole life as a kid
>dad went from job to job
>never got close to peers bc knew I would be leaving anyway
>what's the point in getting attached
>finally settle in one place
>dig deep roots, make strong connections for 10+ years
>now grown up and moving out on my own
>out of state, away from family and hometown, and not going to school

How do you, as an adult, make friends in a brand new area where you know no one and you're not in school? The obvious answer would be coworkers but I'm hoping for something beyond that. I try to be a social person and I feel like I have a small window of opportunity to connect with people when I start out in the new area.
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Its only a matter of time until this thread eventually dies do to lack of complete originality. But then there is the fact that you can type large amounts of text. Interesting to think about.
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This post will never exist again. Goodbye. There is something about that which saddens me. Only something of extreme similarity can occur to match it. It makes me feel as though I must cherish its existence while it is still here.

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