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Annoying sibling stories?
How do you tell them they're too old for their immature shit they do?
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>sold my guitar
>sold my rare bluebird tennis racquet
>sold my dads $1500 watch he got from his boss after 20 years of work
>sold my ps2
>steals money from my room if she finds it
>uploads embarrassing photos and videos of me on normiebook
>constantly accuses me of being on drugs
>takes drugs
>expects to be rewarded for cleaning her own room
>crashed 3 cars and my parents still got her a 4th
>deleted all her family except me off social media so they wouldn't find out she is still with her abusive bf
>yells at me and accuses me of taking her things
>leaves used period pads on the bathroom windowsill or bench
>never flushes the toilet
>uses my razor
>wakes me up early am hours to ask where something is the night before work
>gets angry at me for cutting contact with her
>wont leave me alone before she goes to bed until I say I love her
have sex with her original
>>wont leave me alone before she goes to bed until I say I love her
Well she sounds pretty terrible but this one seemed really cute.

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What does being ghosted or ghosting in general mean when it comes to friends and girls?
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Why do you keep making these shitty ghosting threads
Not baiting I'm honest.
For friends it's because they are sick of you or they're too busy, or possibly autism. For girls it's because chad or other orbiters have taken her attention off of you.

nyaatorrents HAS SHUT DOWN !

WHAT DO NOW? First they take out the western torrent sites now the animus too.
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I see now you truly are an origami man.
What is the future of torrents?
Will there be something else to replace them, some new system?
Maybe more secret clubs (private trackers) in order to poorfag our media needs?

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Does Chad really represent genetic "superiority"? Superior in what regard? Does he have better disease-resistance than us?
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>be genetically superior
>have a heart attack at 20

I'd rather be genetic trash
Tall people and good looking men are respected by others. By mating with chad a woman ensures that her son will be a chad and therefore will be able to propagate his genes further.
Chad represents superiority in terms of sexual attractiveness to females. What that means differs from person to person based on whatever they view as the problem which is holding them back from being attractive. Ex short guys will say it's all height, ugly guys will say it's all face, timid guys will say it's all confidence. In reality it's all of that and more all together taken as a whole. It's why they call it chemistry. It's hard to explain what works sometimes, but robots will cuck themselves by focusing only on their negatives and convincing themselves everyone else is better off than them. Boo hoo.

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I just paid a hooker $50 to cuddle me AMA
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Where did it all go so wrong?

I cuddle my pillow for free ;)
Did she cuddle with you?

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the fidget spinner trend is practically dead.

words can not express how happy i am.

although i dread to see what new retarded trend will engulf the masses next.
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>try fidget spinner at mall stand
>tfw hand isnt big enough to hold and spin it in one hand
Central/Eastern Europe reporting in: still very much alive here.
I would actually be really happy if Pogs made a comeback.

You guys remember Pogs? They were around like 5-10 years before you were born.

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Opinion on the new brockhampton album? I genuinely don't see the hype..the first track is amazing bit then it started to dwindle from there,don't know why fantano gave it a 9/10 desu.
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> discussing hip-hop on r9k

It's alright. It's overhyped but that doesn't make it bad. First and second tracks are great though
Better than all the endless
>tfw no gf

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I want someone to come and change my life. That this person comes into my life and stays. Someone with whom I can laugh for hours, be myself. Someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with that someone. That is the rarest person in the world, more unexpected, just like me, but different at the same time. I want to spend hours with that person talked about nothing special, I want to live adventures, to live fights, reconciliations, nights, days, sadness, joys, I want to get used to every small detail of that person. I want to offer everything I have to that person..I want to love that person and being loved in return.

If some girl is interested, please post in this thread and let me know ;-;
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Get real faggot, nobody but yourself can change/fix your life. You can't change anyone else's either. You've been watching too many shitty movies/anime.
All true change comes from within - fix yourself and you'll find who you're looking for.
>I need 6\10 girlfriend from internet. Will gib love and shit

Honestly you cannot get anymore sad. From this thread OP is 13-15. You need to focus on school kid not Asian gf.
This is real I'm tired of being alone I want SOMEONE TO LOVE AND GET LOVED IN RETURN.

I need someone I just need that person.

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What is up with all the women getting red pilled? They say nothing of value at all. They just parrot whatever /pol/ says. For instance. they bash feminism, saying feminism doesn't represent them, that is it. They never talk about hypergamy, women being picky ruining the White birth rate. They never brig up the unfair court system, be it crime, divorce or custody battles. They never condemn gender quotas in the work place.

All they do is to say red pilled stuff and demand donations from beta orbiters.
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Bandwagoning attention whores looking for the chads to cum inside them.

Like with every other subculture.
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I bet this bitch was a huge whore, riding the cock carousel. Then Chad got her pregnant and left. Now she is a red pilled woman wanting to be a traditional housewife.
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No, it is much worse. They are looking for beta providers now. But they wont be able to forget Chad, the Cock carousel or pair bond. They will divorce their beta providers.

Is anyone into music? Where do I learn about new interesting releases?
Unfortunately most sites and reviewers focus too much on rap and I dont care about black people music.
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Check out the "You Groove You Lose" threads on /wsg/

just listen to a lot of music
sites and reviewers are a waste of time just listen to what u enjoy and don't bother with the rest
idk use discogs

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>be ugly and autistic af
>"abstaining from sex is your own choice anon"
>realize that I've never even tried to approach a single girl in my life

What if it's my own fault after all?
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But It is your own fault
Welcome to waking up OP.

I realized the same thing not too long ago after a girl hasn't paid any attention to me in 25 years. Just have to come to terms with us dying alone.
A lot of robot problems are their own faults.

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When was the last time you were happy with who you were?
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When I squat my asshole gets all puffy and round. I like to feel it
probably somewhere @ 15-16yo.
7th grade I guess. downward spiral from there

Is there any way to easily lower my libido?
I'm so horny all the time. If I go one day without jerking off I have the overwhelming urge to fuck every 2/10 and up that I see.

I'm tired of wanting to fuck all these women knowing I can't.
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why can't you fuck them, if they are actually a 2/10
Why don't you just use that energy to learn how to talk to women? Fuck a couple 2/10s and work your way up. Pussy is pussy.
It is ramadan right now and I only fapped a few times in the middle.
I haven't fapped in 2 weeks.
It's easier to control my urges

Am I a sexist shit pig for thinking that this movie heavily benefited from an all male cast?

Watched it last night and loved the shit out of it.
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Are you sure sure?
I'm sure sure. The atmosphere was foreboding and manly, you could conceivably see any one of the characters being a threat to the others even if they weren't Things.
How can you be so sure?
I'm not sure

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Any robots who got fit and became objectively attractive and popular and resent people for treating you well when youre attractive and ignoring you and being faggots when you werent?

I can't relate to normies and I don't want to just be a robot forever. I've ended up just a jaded chad who wants to be alone and play vidya and wank and shitpost.
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Kind of. I can bench 225 for 6 reps, deadlift 405 for 5, and my squat is mediocre vecause i have proportionally long legs. But i do 225 atg for 5 by 5. Also a bit over 6 feet (185cm)

I work at my gym as a lifegayrd and some 5ft 9 muscle ebony bunny approached me for my number. We exchanged lewed texts for 2 weeks. She kept rescheduling our date. At first i thought she was just really fucking busy. She asked me to go to the pool today with her and now she is ghosting me. We were supposed to go in 2 hours WHY WOULD SHE APPROACH ME JUST TO FUCKING SEND ME CUTSIE SHIT AND THEN GHOST ME?

I am a 19 yo kissless suicidal virgin. I have been very miserable for what seems like a very long time. I cant take it much longer. I promised myself if i am going down, i am going down swinging. I am doing everything i a can to improve my life. Ifthings aren't better next year im going to kill myself

Also got mired by a short fat irish girl. Would make a move on her if she was not 15
lad it sounds like your 'game' with women is shit; if you're working at a gym youre probably fit looking

she just wanted to fuck, she didnt want to talk

it sucks because its hard to teach someone how to talk to girls as a chad but here is my best advice i think I can give

Immediately identify the objective: To fuck her/make her a fuckbuddy if she's a good fuck.

How do you get there? She wants to be dicked, she doesn't want to be spoken to. So be blunt.

Speak like Jason Statham would in his movies. No "haha, lol, smileys" or anything. Deadpan, orders, blunt, sharp

GL try it on the next girl

In this case i don't think she wanted to fuck. She came on strong than i came on strong, she then asked me out, then she ghosted me. She was texting me babe, and love and shit too. She wouldn't even send me a pic of her in her bikini, much less nudes.

But that was good advice in regards to speaking. I am trying to work on that myself. I think that sort of approach will give a more commanding presence. But i still really need to work on it. I will try it on the next girl.

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