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>when you see a picture of her smiling on social media
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>>>/adv/ feel it out over there too.
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>spend months avoiding the temptation to fb stalk
>cave in one day
>"oneitis is now engaged"
I deleted my normiebook, it is as simple as that.

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If the US were to be nuked, which state would be nuked first?
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New York or California probably
>rip man whom calls people flyover fucks on /ck/
>2 worst places are nuked
>faggot becomes nuclear shadow
So wait... what are the downsides to a nuclear war again?
Maybe getting bombed isn't such a bad thing. It'll fix our spic problem.

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how bad did you fuck it up?
Back in my neighborhood a few months ago, some guy who was visiting a neighbor of mine fucking slammed into a car next door to that house when he was leaving. He fucked up the car to where gas was actually leaking out of it, but I think got away with it since he GTFO of there.
Just how much did you fuck it up?
A nudge? Or did you take off his entire bumper?

>tfw bf cheated on me and i consider forigving him again
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Don't. He needs to be gassed
Don't fucking do it. Boys aren't worth it.
>>>/adv/ go and sort your life issues out

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>makes serious post about my life and general /r9k/ feels most bots can relate to

5 replies, one of which is someone telling me to kill myself

>rp as a "fembot" saying ridiculous crap

300 replies

When did this board go to shit so fucking hard?
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Well, the threads of that type are very common, there are so many robots looking for attention... on the other hand, fembots threads always call attention, is bullshit...
>Every thread deserves at least one reply

My own post at this very second wasn't very oregano. I'm sorry.
Because it's more fun to reply to ridiculous crap than to try and delve into some stranger's shitty life.

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Seriously, it's a problem.
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Figure your shit out >>>/adv/ there.
Better question, why do you think it's a problem aka why do you get so triggered by it?
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Because there pussies and have kids do it. So unproffesinal.

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i'm dying right now

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he was also said to be a notable alt right figure
He did Nice GranTrucking 2016
>editing his wiki to make it look like he isn't a mass murderer
how does he keep getting away with it?

"the internet is a waste of life"
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Nothing wrong with being addicted to the Internet.
>posting feet like that
You know that's not true anon!

W-what is it? Don't tell me you want to stroke your penis and blow a thick load to anime feet?!

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>be me
>142 IQ points
>start losing my memory
>same goes for the general perception
>from a day to another start having seizures
>seizure start when im lurking 4chan and collapse directly to the ground
>my brain is permanently damaged now

Why life has to do this to me?
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Its okay, you'll be happier this way. Wear a pink shirt and take up an interest in football and you're a normie now
im not joking, anon. I would prefer suicide before being a normie
Thats what you get for shitposting

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Why haven't you killed yourself yet? You want to die why don't you just do it?
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Because I can't put my family through that
Yeah same I really hate myself I am seriously fucking useless>>36314273
Daily reminder that these threads are created by (((them))) to try and quicken the extinction of the white race

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>only friend I have got arrested for CP charges
how fucked am I?
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Turn yourself in.
Stop looking at CP you freak.
You only are if you actually ommitted the crime. So yes, you're fucked
I don't look at CP but I'm still afraid

Post your recommended videos on youtube and judge each other.
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kogos faca.jpg
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wew lad
There's no possible way to judge others by this. YouTube always recommends cancerous garbage so everyone in this thread will look like a faggot, including you.
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Go ahead lads, judge me.

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How do I stop being anxious about climate change? It's irreversible at this point and it seems that nobody cares that human life as we know it will end if we continue like this. People still act like armchair scientists and deny what the experts say, it really worries me, anons.

wat do? :(
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Don't worry about it. There's nothing you can do about it personally and we've still got a little while before we'll really feel it.

It's not your fault the world is going to get fucked, it's the people in charge who had a chance to change something, but refused to.
why do you care about humanity? stop being spooked, only (You) should matter to yourself
If people embraced nuclear fission, or fusion actually worked, we could literally scrub the CO2 and methane from the atmosphere by force. But you know that won't happen because of all the renewable cucks

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Quick, give me your final boss theme!
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My favourite boss theme
soudns pretty cool
>Doll judgement
>Not Grimore of Alice
[email protected] at your life

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Okay, so I've pretty much accepted the fate that I will forever be stuck in a lowish level job, barely earning above minimum wage for the rest of my life. Realistically speaking, how fucked will I be?

>Never went to University.
>Have okay GCSE and A Level results.
>Not particularly studious.
>Non materialistic.
>Enjoy a quiet life.

Any other older robots in the same position. How's life?
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Why not try again and to uni?

>tfw dropped out of school at 16
>tfw got called a retard/failure etc by everyone
>tfw went back, redid A-levels (A*A*A*A*) and went to a ok tier uni (tfw failed GCSEs and had terrible academic past)

U just have 2 BEElieve in urself and you will succeed. I though I would be stuck min waging it for the rest of my life. I believe in you anon
Honestly, I don't think you're necessarily stuck, but at the very least, just keep your eyes open for opportunities.

Living frugally is important. Track your expenses and save and invest everything you can.

Have you looked at the ERE site or other similar sites? Could help you out.
what is ERE site friendo?

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