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What if consciousness and life can be boiled down to nothing more than being matter that is "awake" while all other matter is asleep.

We don't perceive while we sleep and therefore death would be alike to it in that the moment we fall asleep we instaneously perceive anew.

It doesn't matter if we sleep for an hour or uncountable eons. Since being awake is all we can perceive it will be ALL we perceive.

Even if we must wait until the stars are once again crushed to the point of a ball pen by the forces of gravity and erupts anew we will wake again in a new unknown form in a perpetually unbroken cycle.
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That's possible dude, you know I had a cool idea for a sci fi story about a world where people pop in and out of existence at random
I would like to believe that.

But the most simple explanation I've ever heard is that being dead is like being unborn.

This is terrifying because this is the only one that makes sense.
>We don't perceive while we sleep
what about dreams? what if I had a dream after death

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That feeling when you find your dead father's stash of gay porn VHS tapes (and 1 DVD) and discretely dispose of them without anyone else in the family finding out.
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Is this for real?

You did the right thing op. Don't let those wounds re-open.

Maybe it was your moms lol
your mom knew.

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Post about whatever the hell you want.

Over the past few days, I've understood a new dimension of my apathy. Specifically, the positive side of it. It's true that all of my old hobbies are no longer enjoyable, and I usually just feel like sleeping, but I'm not sad or angry about it. That feeling of isolation and existential loneliness is totally vanished. If I want to drop any negative thought, I simply do it and it's gone.

I just started a new job with six-to-seven hour shifts, and they melt away like nothing. Boredom isn't an obstacle like it used to be. I barely even look forward to breaks because there's no change in pleasure. Life now is one long stream of one apathy - sometimes I'm slightly irritated, sometimes I'm a little optimistic, sometimes I'm distraught, but generally I feel blank.
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I'm the happiest I've been in years, I feel like how I felt I should always feel like
Pro tip: anti depressant over dose just makes you sick
You want to do things for yourself instead of for approval from other people. I'm drunk now so I'm hoping to hold on to this feeling but I won't. Ask yourself why are you training? So that I can get fit. So that women will find you more attractive. Wonrg. That's not why you should want to do it. Why do you want to do anything? All for approval. To be "normal". To be attractive. To be wanted. This is wrong. Don't do it for approval. Do it for yourself. Abandon all thoughts of other poeple. They may come to you but don't do what you're doing for them. Do it for yourslef. Not out of a sense of accomplishment or wanting to achieve something. Do it because what else can I do? Sit in my room playing video games all day? Do it because there's nothing else. Do it because you want to be busy.

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Trips will get away with raping their crush
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nigga what the original fuck?
>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
I'm fucking turned on over a girl I've known for some time, and I wanna fuck her really bad
I'm rolling for the trips blessing
i'll fucking do it

Praise kek

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What's the point of life if you're short and ugly?

Nothing gives me any pleasure since I hate looking in the mirror and decent women don't want me.
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gee that's a nice ass
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>decent women don't want me.
>implyn there are women out there who want you
manlet chad... pls
Being short and ugly, qualities that you perceive subjectively as negative, will make your renouncement of worldly desires all the more less difficult. Someone who treasures their appearance will suffer with age.

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>tfw no bf who is tall, dark, and handsome
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>tfw no bf who is tall, dark, and handsome
I tried to post this earlier but mine wasn't original enough and I didn't care enough to switch up the phrase to be original like you did

I think I tried
>tfw no tall dark and handsome bf

I wonder where that phrase even comes from
Is that the girl from iCarly?
Dark hair, mysterious and dangerous countenance.

>tfw no tall, dark, and vaguely ape-like boyfriend

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Im so glad i got to marry you anon. I love you so much. Please stay here in bed with me just a little longer.
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Fuck you. This post brought me to tears because I don't think I will ever experience words similar to this.
I love you honey but I have to admit, I don't believe in marriage, and would never have married you, but I was really drunk that night.
I wanted to get that off my chest, because I think honesty is important in a relationship. I'll stay here for a while.
Say no more bossman

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Pica roo not me
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give up hope, no one in any career field will respect you
Date a short girl?
5'8 here man. You just have to stop thinking about it and live your life. I'm a shut in though so it's admittedly a bit easier for me than most

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>tfw no conservative tight ass gf to get my life in order
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angela is how i imagine femanons are irl
They're more like Meredith

Ugly, trashy, unwanted alcoholics
>wanting a woman to get your life in order for you

Your a fucking faggot

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>tfw you finally come to terms with the fact that you were never destined for greatness
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No ones destined for anything cause quantum mechanics
bit of a relief really
>tfw have almost all the qualities to achieve greatness, but now the luck factor might fuck me over
It sucks OP. I've been working hard every day, but it still may amount to nothing more than mediocrity if I don't meet the right people at the right time. 5 years down the line, if I end up with no payoff from this hard work, I'll probably just give up, cut my losses, and just settle for some easy shitty desk job that bores the hell out of me but pays the checks every week

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I'm a fucking degenerate
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Aren't we all?
No sin is too great for God's forgiveness. Jesus died for all sins of those who believe in what he did.
well at least you're fucking so you're not a virgin

I Can only be aroused ironically.
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It's only gay if your balls intersect at a velocity > 40km/h
Not going to lie that's hot

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Witnessed some stupid shit yesterday

>sitting in class
>guy and girl come in late and sit a few rows ahead of me
>she's okay looking, not ugly
>he's less attractive than her
>throughout the lecture she's sort of coming on to him
>puts her arm around him
>cozies up next to him
>rests her head on his shoulder
>he just sits there, doesn't react at all
>he's playing a game on his phone, has his headphones on
>just ignores her

This guy was a fucking prick. She could do better than him, hell, I'd fuck her, and I'm far better looking than that guy was. The thing is, I've never had a girl come on to me like that and really mean it, she was clearly very into him. I'm fucking jealous of that ungrateful dickhead. Thoughts?
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Haha you're just jealous and bitter. Get cucked permavirgin
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youre a retarded faggot

They were already together and he became bored of her, as all men eventually do. Gas men, when?

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My younger sister's boyfriend left he town for a couple of months, before leaving he told me to look up after my sister, and make sure to let him know if she was seeing other guys in his abscense. He's so imposing and scary i had to said yes, but now i don't know what to do.. what if she cheats on him and then he somehow figures it out and kicks my ass for not telling him ? should i betray my little sister ? i'm so panicked right now
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You have to fuck your sister. It's the only way.
Assert your dominance. Next time he comes to the house drop a roofie in his drink and degrade him. Make him your sissy fuck toy
Of course you should rat on your sister if she cheats. Her bf does not deserve to be cheated on and he should be alerted if your sister acts like a whore

Keep in mind this could harm your relationship with her for sometime -- maybe don't let her find out you told on her

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does anyone else listen to bands where girls are the lead vocals because it's like the illusion of having a girl talking to you?



also general music thread
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>girls are the lead vocals
But then it's guaranteed to not be good music

i don't want so say it's true a lot of the time because i've been finding some pretty good bands and artists with girl songwriters but i know how you feel
You might like this, OP. It's the closest you can come to experiencing teenage love by proxy.

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