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>tfw oneitis likes you
Suddenly life seems much better
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pls get out norm
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she'll break your heart normie they always do
also get out...fag
I keep going day after day in the hopes that one day this becomes true for me.

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>y-you'll call me later right anon? i l-love you. i don't want this to be a one night stand
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She loves me after one fuck? Damn. Well, she seems cute, I'll see where ir goes, maybe go on a date the week after.
>i don't want this to be a one night stand
Then why did we fuck on the first date?
>implying I don't fall head over heels after fucking a woman
Bitch, you're already my wife.

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> Hey... you're my neighbor right? We've never met, I'm Jessica.
w-what do
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>introduce myself
>go back inside
>always look out the window before going outside from now on to make sure she isn't there
Cool. Seems like you left your tits home. I can bring them back for you if you want.
>implying this would ever happen to anyone browsing this board
anon please don't make threads like this

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>tfw no mommy dommy gf
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I really don't understand why that personality type isn't more common in women. I have some female friends and only one of them is a mommy. You'd think it'd be the norm.

Women are naturally submissive. Its not surprising at all.
Sad but true senpai

Mods are faggots edition
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Where do I find a pale gf, lads?
The fuck did britfeel get archived for
I've spent a fair bit of bob on random Steam lads on 4chan over the years. I just like to avoid SFT cunts who beg nonstop in random threads.

>make some new friends
>go to dinner with them
>they spend the whole time making future plans without you and referencing inside jokes
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Hahahaha it's because you have a small penis lol

Hey OP remember that time you went out with what you were hoping were new pals only to be ignored?

(Its because your penis is inadequate)
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They aren't your friends, anon

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>No Country for Old Men is on Netflix
What are some unique killer movies?
Chigurh's weapon of choice was quite unique. He's a seriously good character, and the movie surprised me for how good it was.
Great team of actors.
>Inb4 Silence of the Lambs
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Have you seen Killers? It's by the same director as The Raid. The film follows a serial killer in Japan, and a man in a South East Asian country that thinks he is getting addicted to watching people die. It is quite visceral.
>good movies
I like to keep a log of shooting movies to watch while cleaning my guns after range trips. So far I've watched

-Out for Justice (Steven Seagall: trash, but has a hilarious villian)
-Boyz in da hood (good movie, Lawrence Fishburn, Angela Bassett, Cuba Gooding and NWA era Ice Cube)
-Heat (Fucking watch this one....now!)

Going to watch:
-El Topo
-The Killer (John Woo)
-Hell or High Water
-Leon the Professional.

Hope this gave you some ideas.

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Ideal partners physical appearance thread.

Post the female or male of you ideal partner.
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Someone that has this kind of body desu
Seems like the typical thick/fat body that most woman have these days.
chubby with huge tits is truly the superior female form

Do you guys realize that if all women only went for Chad, the human race would not exist?
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Why? Women get 1 egg a month. Chad gets 20-150 million sperm per orgasm.
whys that? the way human biology works males are disposable since they can constantly make sperm, so there is no demand for men with weaker genes
Ghengis Chad just raped women where ever he went and sired children all over the continent.

lets not talk about how the human race could exist, if anything, it's rules and laws that hold people back.

>Be me
>Create a fake facebook
>Add a random cute guy who is a pro in overwatch
>Added him to boost my elo
>We start to talk a lot
>I fall in love with him
>He wants to come to my country to fuck me
>Im always using excuses for him to not come
>Hes done
>I catfish other guy and he finds out
>This other guy tells to the first one
>I end up embarassed and feel bad of myself
>Wait months and add him with my real facebook
>He says he doesent hate me but he cant belive in me anymore
>I send him "nudes" to attract him again
>He says im too hot to be real again
>I prove him im real in those pics
>He ignores me cause he has a new girl
>Im so fking sad bc we will never be a cute couple
>I will try whatever for him to like me again
>Its impossible tho
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why is "nudes" in "Quotations"
I was not naked, only in underwear in a "sexy" pose.
be my gf or leave this place forever

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>girl texting me
>be aware i'm getting drunk tonight

what did she mean by this?
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how are we supposed to know? ask her, then tell use her response.
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She means she wants you to berry that dick in her gaped open gash.
anything she says can be be written off tomorrow as "ahh I was drunk, forget whatever I said"

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Come watch with us!
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I just want to hear what Don King there has to say.
Oh and also what the hell is "Draft Bernie"?
>ded thread
>"Oh I'll try going to /pol/, the board explicitly designated for political discussion."
>duplicate thread, on page 10 with 0 unique replies
Please don't make me talk to YouTube.

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>tfw no elephant dick bf
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even elephants have BBC

wh*tes BTFO yet again
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>Roastie standing beneath an elephant
>she didn't get squashed and instantly killed
She probably orgasmed on the spot when she rubbed her face against that BEC (big elephant cock)

Doherty, Eli
06 September 1999 - 08 March 2016
Derry, Ireland

gonna go buy a pack of smokes

- brb

I'm still waiting. See you, Space Cowboy.
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McCoy, Steven
24 June 1986 - 1 April 2014
Missouri, USA

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal. We love you and miss you, Steven.
Parisi, Vincent
2 December 1999 - 12 April 2014
Tucson, Arizona

Vinny, my son, please continue on your light path of healing. Mommy loves you very much.
The hell is all this and who are these people

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Can girls that watch anime be trusted? They might leave you for an asian boy.
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>trusting a woman
*breathes in*
yeah you should trust a girl that watches chinese translated cartoons
Normies watch anime dude, don't trust a girl ever? Has this board taught you nothing? If you ever get to the point of fugging they'll just report you as a rapist for sympathy points from her family/Chad's.
Women are gonna leave you for pretty much anybody when they feel like it regardless of their interests.

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