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Who Is Your Role Model?

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Duke Nukem. He's the Chad we should all aspire to be.
my father
>came from poor single mom (lesbian, to boot) household in the fucking 70s
>met his father a total of like 4 times
>grew up with grandpa, got motivated, joined army
>was successful there, discharged medically
>went back to school, got good degree and 100k salary govt job
>bought house
>got good wife
>have son and provide and deal with his loser bullshit
>still improving self
>not dead inside yet
he's one of the best people I think I'll ever know and I'll kill myself trying to be that successful
>that notion is my only motivation for unfucking my life
>the thought of him not being here causes me physical pain
My role models have always been fictional. My longest-lasting fictional role model was Mersault from The Stranger
>not overly emotional or egoistic
>preferred a quiet life
>secure in himself
>basically just wanted to eat, sleep, and fuark
But that was a skewed interpretation of his character. He was actually cold, emotionally vapid, and disassociated

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Just saw this pic a few hours ago, I still can't get it out of my mind, it's haunting me.

What makes a young man get so fat?

He can't be over 18, yet he is as fat as those morbidly obese persons you see on walmart or youtube.

How does this happen?
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He's little more than an animal, like most people. If you give animals all the food they can eat, they will eat themselves to death.
why would you feel pity? he's done this to himself, nobody forced him to be that fat
Television, video games, lack of proper diet, zero exercise, no strong male role model to learn from, lack of social interaction experience, fatigue, sleeplessness, hot weather and probably the child of a single mother.

it's sad but totally preventable and curable... while he is still young.

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you are not above fucking a fat chick, get out there and get rid of your cursed virginity once and for all
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But fat chicks hate fat dudes.
>giving sacks of lard the gratification
I'd rather die a virgin.

Is that Natalie Lopez?

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Hmm. I'm pretty bored tonight. Any sissy white bois want to entertain me and my cock?
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im first!
pick me pick me!
Alright geekboy, lay your stats on me to see if we are compatible.
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19, 5'8, 130lbs
fem and cute
into being abused and humiliated and made to worship superior men with real cocks

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For anyone who was doing stuff in the 00's and 90's back before smartphones became a thing were tablets ever considered impossible?

Ipads and stuff are common and treated by many as easy stuff but were they ever considered impossible or a technology that would never see the light of day?
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No. They were just extremely specialized and really expensive. It's not unlike most things now that we consider "impossible;" all it takes is time and research from many, many people in many different sectors. Over time, the research converges, companies apply it, and things get easier to make.

Things that come to mind now:
- Quantum computing
- Deep neural networks in your pocket
- Self-programming computers
- Self-driving cars for consumers
- Week-long batteries
So back then people believed that tablets and smartphones would be a thing that would happen?

I feel as if there are technologies that people considered impossible that became a reality
Nope, they were on star trek (tng, voy, ds9), we knew them as PADDs and knew that they would exist by at least the 24th century.

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youve had similar thoughts everyday for the past few years. but what ever came?
just buy a fucking prostitute and you'll be alright anon fuck. you need to pound your dick and your rage into a slutty woman thats all. its your meme genes mad because they didnt spill the beans into a womans roastie queefies


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rejected... again... and this time it was with a girl who had really similar interests and I genuinely thought she was pretty, but I recognized that most people probably consider her a 5-6/10

there really is nothing better for me after this is there
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Its gonna be ok anon. I got rejected once (well more than once), one time I didn't speak to the chick again after she used the "I'm busy" excuse. Life goes on anon, there is hope, it just sucks
That's alright champ. What's important is that you get back on your feet and get back out there.
I just got rejected from pittsburgh med school too, still early in the cycle dont worry

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>playing multiplayer game
>feel nothing
>absolute despair
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playing tekken 7
>tfw I still get nervous/excited while playing fucking YGO online
>playing tekken 7
>think I got lucky
>think he deserved it

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Think grindr for straight men used to find other bros to hang out with.

Browse by things you like: vidya, wingman, fishing, shooting guns, hiking, bowling, archery, larping, golfing, help with projects like working on cars or building a fence, etc. Find other bros nearby that want to hang and kick/ban faggots from the app that are confused this is somehow grindr. That sort of thing. Post wojack for a bump to keep the thread alive, submit ideas. Whatever gets some other anon to build it, because I'd use it. I'm so alone.
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Idea for app name: BroUp!
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Is anybody out there? I need some rare ass wojacks and confirmation whether this is a good idea or not. All I have are Bob Ross's
this idea is literally gay. nobody would use this

>have to get job or get kicked out
>apply to walmart as cart pusher
>hired, for 4 days out of the week 8 hours shifts, have to walk around a hot lot all day lugging carts
Well the job fucking sucks, but that's besides the point, god damn it All that free time gone. How do you get over the fact that you will be spending more time working than you will enjoying life as a wage slave?
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>4 days a week 8 hours a day
that's 3 whole days a week of neettime, faggot
Four days out of the week. Fuck you. That absolutely nothing.
I know but... Fuck man, I don't know why, maybe it's the autism or anxiety, but fucking hell it makes me nervous and depressed I won't have much time to myself.

Growing up sucks. I wish I was 13 again and just sitting inside all day playing games until 5 AM and then going to school on no hours of sleep. That was the funnest shit ever. Now I'm a 19 year old loser.

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>ywn play tf2 in its prime ever again
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it was never that great amigo
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that latest patch killed it for me

I miss quick play
yeah i miss just pubbing for hours on a lazy day

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>tfw another night drinking alone to numb the hollow emptiness in my heart

You robots are the only people who make me feel like I'm not so alone and I watch you slowly but surely leave this place, my only refuge. Please don't leave me here alone robots. You're all I have in this world
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Dont worry I will always love you
>>tfw another night drinking alone to numb the hollow emptiness in my heart
>You robots are the only people who make me feel like I'm not so alone and I watch you slowly but surely leave this place, my only refuge. Please don't leave me here alone robots. You're all I have in this world- 0 post shown.
Dumb sissy anime boi.
I will not leave you

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How does /r9k/ prepare this legendary meal?
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With a water-filled plastic container in the microwave for three minutes before eating it in sadness.
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when i was in my university's dorms I would often just eat it raw because getting to the microwave would involve interacting with the other people in my suite

it was actually pretty decent all things considered
raw, add finely ground steak seasoning for flavor

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Is pistol to the side of head just a meme or does it actually kill? looks like it would just make you have brain damage imo. Do they just bleed out or something? after the triger is pulled do they go unconscious?

Is using a gun taking the easy way out as opposed to hanging, jumping, cut wrists or overdoses?

I am not suicidal and have no intentions of harming myself but since many of you seem to know about morbid stuff like this I wanna know how it kills as opposed to just make a slightly bloody hole.
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It's a meme, you should aim for your brain stem area which is about right between your eyes
When you see people get shot in the head they immediately go limp. I think it's safe to assume that a shot to the head instantly kills.(in most cases)
A lot of the time it doesn't kill. You are literally just shooting at the side of your eyeballs. Most people don't realize how far back you have to aim.

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is this girl into me or if she is just being nice?
>she thinks im funny as far as i can tell
>told me "i was the only one in that class that was worth talking to"
>she sits by me in class often
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She seems shallow
Shes being nice bro. Trust me shell ditch you once shes found a group of friends.
Shees obviously into you mane

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