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>tfw no futa loving gf
>tfw when lost contatc with futa loving girl months ago during power outage never to be seen again

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Fpbp bump

>download Tinder after getting /fit/ and employed
>inb4 normie get out ree.avi
>go on 1 date and sperg so hard I don't browse Tinder for months after
>start using it again recently
>match up with a trap
>always was curious about traps
>she (male) is cautious and it takes me a lot of time to convince her to meet me
>we agree to meet up at a mexican restuarant
>she (male) is very soft spoken
>for once I'm the less spergy one
>gradually break down her walls and she becomes more enthusiastic
>rest my hand on her leg
>as we talk I begin to rub her leg
>she let's out a soft gasp and puts her hand on mine
>looks ashamed and I laugh at her
>eventually conversation dies down and we pay for our meal
>walk her to her car, she hugs me before saying she had a lot of fun
>mfw it went this well


>date and hang out with her (male) a few more times
>she's still very shy, but I manage to make out with her though
>after this she becomes very clingy
>tell her she's my girlfriend now
>she calls me her boyfriend
>still haven't had sex after a month and a half of dating
>then one day she texts me out of the blue
>"I'm ready anon"
>she wants me to take her virginity
>that weekend we meet up at her apartment
>neither of us mention what we're going to do
>start cuddling on the couch with her and watch Netflix like we have before

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what does /r9k/ think about girls that have only kissed another guy before, but is a virgin? would she be a good waifu?
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I want to suck a huge frog cock as well. I bet they're really slippery
Waifu = ideal, fantasy girlfriend/wife (ie probably not 3D)
So some people probably have waifus who have kissed another guy, but I would say in general if they had a choice she would not have.

But if this is some kind of slut anxiety, it's perfectly fine. It's expected that girls have had many sexual partners now but they're still finding ways to get married.
No she's a terrible liar.

Just kissed = anal. It's 2017

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what the fuck is the point of nofap? people pretend that they have become gods after not touching their willy for a while. isnt the biggest problem ponography? from what ive heard thats where the most problems are coming from.
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Yeah the biggest problem is pornography but...

A. pornography makes fapping better than imagination, and thus it's easy to get sucked back in

B. Nofapping makes your brain more motivated as men gather resources for women. Even if you hate women and want nothing to do with them, having the primal motivation to become something important for a woman is an easy way to force yourself to become something better.
wouldnt avoiding pornography make you masturbate less? there is nothing wrong with fapping from time to time. also, im pretty sure its only bad if you do it too much. i can get shit done and im porn addicted and masturbate way too much. i can see why not masturbating too much is a good thing but nofap just seems stupid to me
Have you ever tried 90 days of nofap my dude? You'll feel lots of energy.

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Guys, I'm having chest pains
Havent had a proper meal in 3 days because of the flu

I'm so sleepy as well..
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Go outside for a moment
try hospitalization
It's so late
I'm going to the doctor tomorrow

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>tfw you realize making $100,000 a year as a salary means you only bring home roughly $3,045 in spending money a month

Holy shit guys, wtf. No wonder it's hard for poor people to come up in this world. Taxes are ridicilous. A $100K a year salary isn't shit. If you want to make real money you literally have to run your own type of business. This makes me want to kill myself. PIC VERY RELATED.
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salaries are for fucking retards who wanna work 70 hour weeks but get paid for 40

Semi-monthly implies that you'd take home 6,090$ monthly, not 3,045$. Most people don't live in commiefornia, so they would take home more money. Also, most people are incompetents who buy cars, homes, and luxury objects out of their pay range.

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Why is everyone so sad about being a NEET? You literally do nothing all day except eat, shitpost, play vidya, and sleep. That's what I do anyways, how about you guys?
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Because it's getting boring.

Thinking of picking up some hobbies. But I'm too lazy to start/afraid I'll just fuck up and waste money
What kind of hobbies anon? I have some of my own too, art and studying just about anything I find interesting so thankfully they're done in my own home.
it gets depressing when you're an adult and can't focus or get entertained anymore. as a teen it was amazing. skipping school and just playing vidya 24 7. not anymore.

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>tfw no yandere girlfriend
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You dont want one, anon
Coming from a "yandere" myself, it'd be the worst shit in the world. It doesn't work like in your entry-level edgelord animu, if you want someone who's very mentally unstable you have to deal with the shit a person who's mentally unstable does, which includes
>anger spats where they don't talk to you for days/weeks
>except things to go back to normal after those days/weeks with little/no effort
>Will constantly check on you
>Will cut you off from all your hobbies that you two don't share
>friends/family = gone
>constant suicide threats
>even worse shit I don't wanna go into detail about

Shit isn't a fun ride, anon
>tfw no femdom flat gf
sounds pretty excellent tbph

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Alright, here's the deal. You get your (nearly) perfect girlfriend, the one you can desperately fall in love with.
The catch? She's terminally ill.

One year of blissful fun. One year of (hospice) care as she slowly withers away.

Would you go for it?
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I'll definitely do it.
The girl that I like is mentally ill
No thanks.
hell no

that sounds horrible dude

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Does tomoko actually exist?

where can one find tomoko-like girl?
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walk into a high school and try to find autistic looking girls during lunch that are hidden from everyone and avoid eye contact.
>Does tomoko actually exist?
Yes, I used to be friends with one.

>where can one find tomoko-like girl?
High school. Either find the girl sitting be herself at lunch or go to the library during lunch.

Man I miss her so much. She was probably the only girl that I enjoyed talking too. It made lunch the only bearable part about being in high school.
Probably, but she most likely has morbid obesity and/or severe mental disorders

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How do you urinate, robots?
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Pants around ankles, 3 feet back, spraying every urinal.
this isn't funny. the first image was a little funny, but every image after that trying to force it as a meme is cancerous.
Bottle, cup, glass, sink, shower, window, yard. Should I continue?

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>What's your favorite beverage?
>What's your favorite food?
>How old are you?
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>What's your favorite beverage?
makers mark
>What's your favorite food?
spicy food
>How old are you?
mexican food
Pizza (homemade [by me])

Results Incoming Edition
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Quite warm tonight tbqhwyl
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This is fucking retarded

I hate everything

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How do you get off this site, r9k? Please give serious answers. Also, have you tried?
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Why would you want to, we're all losers in some area so we might as well embrace it. Think of the lack of responsibility at stake here
I'm only here because I have no idea what else to do with my time. What do normal people do?

Video games and movies? Neither entertain me anymore. I'm burned out on them and I don't want to do anything that involves going outside because I hate interacting with people
I'm just here to get a cutie fembot gf. You guys will make it. You just have to stop listening to the loud few here, telling you there's no hope. They want to keep you down because they don't want to be at the bottom by themselves.

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>really want to jerk off
>rock hard erection
>cant because I'm eight days into nofap

Is an orgasm worth nullifying a week of progress?
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>KHV with hiv reporting in

No fap is a meme.if you want to fap..fap.not like anyone will do the sex with us
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Nofap is a gay meme. You fell for it though so you should ride it out as punishment for being so stupid. Do not fap, you don't deserve it.
How can someone eat so much that they get that fat?

I've gotten to the point of just hating women entirely.

No memes but I

>Drive a very very nice car (coupe)
>Smell decent

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You obviously have an ugly personality. Your post made that much clear but you're most likely quite ugly in the face as well
where do you live my negro?
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>tfw life is not an RPG
>tfw the world is not just
>tfw your stats can't save you

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