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Why don't girls like to sit on a guy's face?
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It's not ergonomic and you can get scoliosis
>from getting your pussy eaten

I don't know it bothers me. When I drop pills I love having girls sit on my face and jerk me off. They're never keen. They also complain they can't get off like that. I hate women
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You are starting a Normie Conversation!

Careful! Do you:

>watch Rick and Morty, Game of Thrones, and other shows they say you must see?
>have an instagram, snapchat, twitter, and facebook?
>go out regularly?
>have a well-kept appearance and are hygienic?
>know what local sports events are happening and have general knowledge of current football?
>do you have a cool pad for your friends to hang out at that shows you like to party?
>do you do drugs? you literally have to with normies
>do you have ambition and are successfully working towards it?

If no to any of these (and more), good luck holding any type of friendship/relationship. Normiedom is hell, I don't know why I tried it out.
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None of these apply to me. Fuck normalfilth, don't bother with them.
They're all shit.
Only Facebook
I run and walk regularly
I do. Facial exercises and Patrick Bateman shit.
Only the NBA.
I tried cigarettes once, they were shit.
Mass killing.
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>have not a single thing on that list except i shower and brush my teeth

is this why people think im wierd

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Post inconvenient, unpleasant, and unpopular truths in this thread. I'll start.

Drinking and driving is one of the best feelings there is, and is often harmless.

Porn is warping your mind, distorting your sexuality, and making you feel bad about yourself.

You can be a racist and still be a good person.
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Most of the shit going wrong in your life is because of you making bad decisions
It's impossible for anyone to be truly understood by another person. No one will ever grasp your thought process or be able to exactly know what it's like to live in your body. We are all alone.
>Conservative ideology is founded on a fundamentally broken conception of game theory - losers should give free points to the winners so that the winners are more efficient and then when the losers win small points off them, they get a little bit more. It's mathematically absurd. "Poor people should give rich people money then the poor people will actually end up richer"

Top fucking KEK

>Losers in rural flyover states will be replaced by robots in 10 years

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Lads, It's happening, I'm taking a tranny out, we're going to drive around, starting to get really scared of her being manly and getting cold feet.
Fuck, I posted yesterday but I postponed the date to today, What do /r9k/?
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Let her fuck your ass
Its not worth it , dont do it.
well, i saw your post yesterday.
dont do it
its not worth it, trust me, you will miss sitting down

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You get a gf who's perfect in every way. She's completely pure and you love her to death. She's never had sex and is saving herself for marriage. On your wedding night, she pulls down her panties and you see this. Wut do?
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Honey, this "I'm thinking Arby's" gag has gone too far.
Get out the au jus
Kek, nice one.

She messaged me first. Yes or no?
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I would, but that's only because I like thicc, possibly asian girls with low self-worth
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Fat but good tiddies. Go for it anon. Shes a solid fatty 5/10
>navel piercing

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I'm a mentally ill transsexual

If you want to tell me that you hate me and want me to kill myself, you can. Or if you want to vent about something else I'll read it too.
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Hello. I am also mentally ill, anon.

But I am not a transsexual.
transsexual means you cut your peepee anon?
>mentally ill transsexual


so lonely, shes gone forever. im so lonely. my best friend. big sister is gone
i cant stop these feelings. my thoughts wont stop. i got out of the psychward
the doctors said im getting worse. i feigned happiness.
what coping mechanisms do you guys use
idk, any
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i just need to remember that nobody loves me and nobody likes me
i listen to songs pretending that im listening or showing them to her
i pretend shes still here
even though shes not
these cuts remind me of my worth
and how pathetic i am
i pretend shes here
it helps me cope. she isnt here though
she hates me
theres a hole in me
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It'll be ok lad, she may be gone but you'll always have your memories. Its best to just do things to distract yourself like take a walk, read a book, watch some anime, lift, or play video games.

Whatever you do, don't stop moving forward and don't fall to anything like drugs/alcohol/crime

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America, Land of the the Brave.
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Rip. Mr. Lee did nothing wrong.
Look at all those brainwashed multigendered kids
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>this is literally the biggest accomplishment any of those kids will have in their lives

americans everyone

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A couple of years back, I visited my home country and had sex with my grandma multiple times.
Ask me anything.

Pic related: reminds me of her ass.
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respective ages?
do you have a specific gmilf fetish in general?
how did you meet her and get intimate
How did you keep from vomiting all over everything and slopping up dem old bag tiddies?

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What do you guys think about OCD?
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they need a treatment for it that doesn't hurt your liver and cause hangovers
It's living hell. I hate it. It's so crippling
I think those blocks aren't fucking flush and square

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comfy vydia music thread? I'll post some from my favorite ds game

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red and green.jpg
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"Oh hey. You're that guy from class that did an oral report on Neon Genesis Evangelion last week. I thought it was going to be cringe at first, but you sure knew how to do an impressive analysis on it without making yourself look like a total dork. I'm about to go to In-N-Out to get myself something to eat, do you care to join me?"
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Sorry, I'm allergic to gluten my dude. I'll come with you and maybe pick up a coffee. By the way, I have severe depression and I am not looking for a relationship.
What a back-handed compliment. You're probably insufferable to be with. How desperate do you think I am? I'll pass.
I'd like to give her the old in and out

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fuck this shit.jpg
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Kill these people now please thank you
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I don't hate those kinds of people, I pity them. It must be hard having no self-awareness whatsoever.
Classic pot calling the kettle black
i fucking hate them, I want them all to die.

I see so many where I live, they all walk around with t-shirts about generic "geek culture" and I hate it

In the future, in order to ensure genetic purity and superiority, all men are scored according to a genetic test about when they enter high school.

70% of men get a 'Beta' rating.
20% of men get an 'Alpha' rating.
10% of men get an 'Omega' rating.

From this day onwards, Beta and Omega men are strictly prohibited from being able to breed with females. Beta men are either locked up in permanent chastity devices, only controlled by a female 'caretaker' who gets to decide if and when they can cum, if ever. Alpha men, on the other hand, are free breeders and are even given drugs to increase their sexual aggression and potency.

Omega men are males with genetics that indicate a strong submissive streak or effeminate traits, which means they immediately get put on hormones to make them totally impotent but much more effeminate. Omega men become the servants or maids of Alpha men, who are kept around so he can blow off steam. Since Alpha on female sex is focused on procreation, Omega men are there to provide experimentation and sodomy for the sexually aggressive Alpha.

Each Beta male is paired up with a female and must provide for her financially and romantically, but is never allowed to have sex with her. Alpha men do not need to work, their job is being an Alpha male breeder, their Omega male servants work day jobs to support them. Most Alpha males live in very large and expensive houses. Some Betas who qualify will be given the opportunity to become Omeges.

Female scoring is a little different. 90% of females are considered standard breeders and left to be bred by Alpha men. The remaining 10% are considered inferior breeders, so instead they are sent to factories and ranches where their breastmilk and other hormones can be harvested for use in the general population.

>Do you like this world
>What would be your rating?
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Man I think i've spent too much time on here
This is what happens when you stay on this site, newfags
You have some extreme mental issues of your dream of a slave caste of men. Here is a tip. Wen the majority of men don't get sex things get violent very quickly. Learn from history.

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