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is it a bad idea to join my university's videogame/anime club
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do you like 5 year old memes and nu-males?
I attended a few of their video game nights.

I didn't make any long lasting friendships but I did have a little bit of fun.

The regret of doing nothing will hurt more than the regret of feeling uncomfortable, I assure you, so go.
this anon is right, you should just go.

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I'm freaking out! I recently starting noticing that I'm gaining weight, especially in my stomach. I've been skinny all my life. Now I'm fucking skinnyfat. Is it because I'm 25 and eat a lot of carbs? I thought I had high metabolism.

I feel anxiety over this. What the fuck do I do.
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Start working out....not that hard.
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Eat more carbs anon. They're good for you
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Is it too late. Since I'm 25? I have weights. I just feel really disgusting right now. Never thought I'd have a belly.

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>sister is wearing the shorts her ass hangs out in and no bra with tight shirt again
Why must she do this
I doubt it's 100% for "comfort"
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Maybe she's trying to tell you something? Try being shirtless and see how she reacts.
I wear my boxers and a crop top and she doesn't care
Post your sister

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Finally got the hang of tying a noose. Almost ready to go sometime within next couple days, feeling really at peace with myself right now knowing the rides almost over.

Anyone else /anhero/ here?
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Not until I'm 27 but best of luck, anon. I hope you find peace in the next life.
>hanging self with pressure washer hose
>>guess he could take the... pressure

Use something else.
>not cutting your own head off with a chainsaw
What are you, gay?

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>Highschool had frequent "tag days" or dress down days
>It was a Halloween tag day so everyone was showing up in their costumes
>Matrix was still a big thing at the time
>Thought it was the coolest shit ever
>Neo was fucking cool
>Had built my costume for this exact day, body type/hair matched perfectly
>I fucking LOOKED like Neo
>It's finally the day
>Walk outside of my house on a chilly fall morning in full attire sunglasses and everything
>I felt fucking awesome
>parked my car, grabbed my satchel and walked into school
>completely empty
>sounded like an assembly was going on
>walked over to assembly hall and opened doors

I still remember the screams and eventual laughter. I was branded school shooter shaun for the rest of my time there.
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>early 2000s
>full neo attire
During the peak of the Columbine meme sure is a great time for Matrix cosplay.
>tfw failed penis inspection day and had to do private tutoring with the grey toothed health teacher
>drives to school
>still turns up late
Typical american.

Is 23 too late to get my teeth fixed?
My parents were pretty poor all my younger life, never could afford to take me to a dentist. I used to be so depressed / angry, I'd think, fuck it, my teeth are so crooked theres no point in brushing.
Fast forward to this year, I've gotten a good job making $90k USD a year, great insurance. Should I go to a dentist? Or will it be in vain? Still a virgin. But can finally afford that trip to Thailand.
It is single handedly the biggest thing that fucks with me. I've thought about walking up to a random Jerome and calling him a nig to get my teeth knocked out, just to get dentures.5
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WTF, yes you can get braces and shit at any age.
It's never too late to get braces, they literally just force your teeth a certain way and the muscles contract to that position. Also why the fuck would you go all the way to Thailand to get them
my teeth are fucked, too.
too many years drinking energy drinks and never once brushing. I recommend seeing a dentist at LEAST for the whats what of how fucked they are, and what work will need to be done. Get a quote, and a list of problems; that way it's easier to work on it all (and you can work in order from worst to least worst, to help with money, too).
good luck anon. I got my quote and never went back cause god fuckin damn

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What's your favourite class to play as in the skyrim games
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>just try a stealth archer, bro!

I don't think you know what that word means.
>the stealth archer meme is true

Every playthrough of skyrim I end up being one. guess it's hard to avoid the easiest/most powerful build.

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Will white americans really be a minority in the future?
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define minority. population numbers or political representation?

They will for a short time, but then they will be the only people in America
No, why would it matter anyways. A black guy beat a white guy in the ring, but lost to an academic white guy. My solution is to mix. Get the best of both worlds. The raw strength and energy and even charisma of blacks with the smarts and looks of whites.

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So how about people just generally don't live in this part of the world anymore? What about that?

>Katrina happens
>I observe "huh, people shouldn't build and live there then"
>normies on the internet get all assmad and I get booted from chat rooms for saying so
>twelve years later: derp de derp ta teetly tum ta too

Normies BTFO by logic, weather patterns and steadfast refusal to learn from history, once again.
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Isn't it only nogs that live there? You expect too much of them
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I thought I was alone in thinking this. I like you OP
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>area keeps flooding and getting hurricanes
>refuse to leave because "what are the odds it'll happen again?!?"
>scientists tell people it's because the climate is changing and it's only going to get worse
>refuse to leave because "climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese"
>it gets worse
>refuse to evacuate because "it can't be THAT bad right?!?"
will normies ever learn?

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Hey robots, what are your political views? Why do you hold them? Keep it short and simple.

For me, I mostly don't care who is in office, but I want legal weed and universal health care, so I vote liberal for now, because those two things seem slightly more likely to happen with them in charge. I am a gun owner though, so if I got those two things, I might begin voting conservative.
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I'm mildly conservative on social issues and far left on economic issues and I believe in a strong, all powerful government.
Minimalist social contract, libertarianism nearly to the point of anarchy.

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49er pepe2.png
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Describe that one black guy in your school who liked stereotypical nerd shit or was emo
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Pretty cool dude
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>he watched a bunch of weebshit, and played vidya all the time
>literally brought his DS and Yugioh cards to school
>got made fun of all the time for not "acting black"
>was quiet all the time which no one liked
>was KHV and no girl talked to him or wanted to
>had a group of friends that were just like him, but they turned into normies/Chads by senior year
>still KHV and doing the same stuff today
That black guy was me
It was me too

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come watch bdsm hentai with us
we can give you a link to the discord if you wanna voice chat
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Hoooooooot famalam

Damn this is some good shit my nigga watching now
Ooh having very much fun

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Why are you robots so opposed to women having full sex lives? You condemn women for having sex, but crave it yourselves.

I visit this board and see so-called "roasties" get called out for being non-virgins, but then actual virgins get attacked, too. Can't we just agree that both men and women are sexual creatures and deserve the freedom to do as the please in the privacy of their own bedrooms?
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>you are hypocrates so your argument is invalid
What you should be saying is
>You are hypocrates so you should stop being hypocrates

And most importantly,
tits or gtfo
how toasty can one roastie get?
We need work camps for your kind,OP.

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QUICKLY, Post a picture of the mobile phone you use.
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How am I supposed to post a pic of my phone if I don't have other camera
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Use a stock photo, big boi.
how about you first nigga?

>use the intercom to play a song while shooting
Cucked in Ikea
>get stopped by a door
Eating alone again
>Wipe out every student in the cafeteria
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Sleeping beauty
>Kill and kiss your crush
>Great minds think alike
Accidentally do your shooting on the same day as someone else
>bullet hell
Fire 1000 bullets while dodging shots from the police
>Fast and furious
Shoot at cars in the parking lot
>You can run, but you can't hide
Mow down students as they escape the building
>Camping grounds
Fire into the crowd when the students are "safely" assembled outside

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