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what about us black boys who want to suck white cock and be dominated by nordic/anglo/whatever kangz? are there any straight(ish) or bi or even gay whitebots who would let a semi-feminine black boy suck them off or ride them? Surely most of you would have sex with anything. i need to worship white cock, the whiter and bigger the better
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>Is anyone looking for aids?
No thank you
You're forgetting most robots on here are 5 inches or smaller and while yes the G-Spot is extremely close to the entrance allowing even the smallest robots here to penetrate you what you're looking for isn't here. This also combined with the fact that anyone here with a remarkable member is about as socially reclusive as a koala means you're not getting any gay robot dick any time soon. Better hit up grindr my guy.
B-but im a virgin


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I am after one and I regret as fuck /r9k/
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>not spending months deciding on a method and making sure it will absolutely 100% work before you try it
Yes now I'm more of a stereotypical emo. I wish I hadn't.
No, in fact I figured out that if I'm ever experiencing that much pain again I'm going to do it day one instead of lingering waiting for shit to get better until I do it like last time
Surviving and getting better wasn't worth the three years of hell I went through

>your age
>last time you had sex

>2 years and 8 months ago
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>closest ive gone with a girl is being assigned lab partners with one in high school
Thanks for making me feel bad though.
>about 3 hours ago
she's 43 and we're dating. AMA.

Any robots dip tobacco? Smoking is the most degenerate method of consuming tobacco.
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Dipping is infinitely more degenerate, holy jesus, dude.


This is you. This entire tumblr page. 100% you.
Dipping is way healthier, it's cheaper, doesn't stink up your clothes and house, it's more discreet and does not bother/effect those around you, it's manlier, and it gives a better buzz than smoking a cigarette.
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Yeah dude, Tons healthier. Definitely.

And there are only 150 of them left in the world.

Remember: your trivial and petty problems are not significant in the big scheme of things!

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>Remember: your trivial and petty problems are not significant in the big scheme of things!
I'd love to stare you in the eyes while i eat one of those birds as you say that
I'd love to gaze into your eyes as I fuck your good smelling boy pussy and you tell me you love me!
No point in trying to save them because they'd simply be turned into pets and horded by zoos under the guise of "helping them" or die out anyway either through the destruction of habitat and or being wiped out by a larger predator.

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what is he.jpg
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How edgy were you as a kid?
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Not at all; I was a cheery kid.
drew wolves with emo fringes, cuts, and bandanas. i really wish i was joking
in senior yr of hs i ran away from a school camping trip and my teachers found me a ways up wandering up the road out of the camp ground. when they brought me back everyone was writing shit about their year or whatever and i wrote about how i wanted to fight everyone and everyone deserved to get their ass beat.
they kind of left me alone for the rest of the camping trip.
i've kind of mellowed out i guess.

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If God exists, why does it allow torture to happen?

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It's a better end then going rabid or getting preyed on.
mumble mumble free will mumble mumble
because it is a testament to God's will and he will reward you in the afterlife if you stay true to his word
or some shit like that im not a scientist

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Is being depressed and being white even combines?
I dont think so.
Yet whities kill themselves much more often. Why?
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I chuckled good from this text on op pic.
Higher standards.

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>born in America
>even if I do find a gf she will have been raped and been a slut
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i think you mean
>born in any modern day western country
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>caring about her sexual activity instead of loving her for who she is
Dude, if you can't get over this then you will never be happy in a relationship. It becomes an issue if she cheats or some shit.
Lol ok that's not true plus more sexual partners means more likely to cheat

So you would date an ex prostitute?

Are you a girl? You actually sound like a girl

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Happening in approximately 10 hours and 30 minutes from now. Keep an eye on the T.V.
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What's happening? I dont have a t.v.
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Edg-E post
Godspeed anon.... godspeed son

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How do you make enough money to NEET in a small apartment without government or family support and without any IRL interaction? This is my only goal in life
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find a gf who'll send you money, it's definitely possible but it'll be a job with overtime
I just want to live as maintenance free as I can, I don't want for much and just want to be alone with some pets. I want to live on a bit of land in a shipping container house with solar panels and water tanks and a veggie garden. I just need to find out how I can do this while also owning a computer and an internet connection.

The issue is finding a way to make enough of a financial splash that you can ride the wake for as long as possible.
That's expensive tho
I do t know how a neet would come up wit that money

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>tfw so lonely I've started talking to my onahole when I fuck it
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do you imagine it talking back and are the conversations fun
>tfw i talk to myself in the third/fourth person and create scenarios while i do it but i whisper in case someones listening.
What do you say to it, OP?

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tl;dr: Does Tinder throttle/gate the users you see in your pile? Is there any way to get around that.

Okay, so I know some of you use Tinder with varying degrees of success, I recently started, but deleted my first profile a bit ago.

After remaking my profile with better pictures, I tried to match with one of the girls I had matched with before. Unfortunately, I can't find her on the app. Every day Tinder will give me a few more girls in my "pile" to swipe left or right on, and she's not in there.

I know she didn't delete her profile, because I made sure to check her information on my first profile right before deleting it and making my second. I suspect that Tinder throttles the displayed pool of people. Some of the girls I immediately saw on my first profile, have come trickling into my feed days after making the second. I'm getting sick of using this app. It's been days and I haven't even seen the profile I'm looking for. I even went out of my way to find various social media profiles of hers, and update my Facebook likes accordingly, in hopes that having more common interests will give her priority.

Does Tinder actually throttle the users it shows you? Is there any way at all to find a work around?
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What does throttling mean here?
i find it funny that you actually think you're going to get anywhere with that girl if you find her, let alone match with her
In this sense, it would mean that it's only displaying a few accounts nearby, and holding the rest back.

Perhaps I won't, but I already matched with her once, with an extraordinarily shitty profile. This time, I have a much better profile that's practically tailored to her interests. I also have a decent handle on her likes/dislikes after digging around on a few social media platforms and her accounts on some obscure "artsy" websites. Like I said, it might not happen, but I should be able to handle things decently well.

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Come one come all add me on discord and talk to me about anything guy gal it doesnt matter. need some one to talk to? im ur guy
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Shameless self bump come on ppl dont be shy
Tis zelfs een dubbel win als er een nederlander is in deze kankerdraad want dan wil ik zeker dat je me toevoegd
Im a witty smart and chill person cmon feel free to add and talk

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Any robots used to have friends here? What happened to them?

I cut contact with mine because I have mild acne and don't like showing my face in public
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I cut contact with mine because his podcast was more important than treating me with respect.
cut contact with mine because I'm a pussy that can't handle banter on an off day

i haven't talked to anyone there in over 6 months
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>had friends
>get acne (strongly reeks of underage)
>cuts contact
>shitposts smug anime on 4chan in a pathetic attempt to have human interaction.

Hope you enjoyyour life choices my dude!

I moved 4 times and I still keep contact with two of my friends. One calls me every day

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