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I am looking for anime recommendations. I'm looking for the most graphic, gory, violent, (((non-hentai))), anime you can give me. I'm not against nudity in it, but I'm looking for good violent anime, not graphic hentai. Shows are prefered over movies, but all are welcome ITT. Pls give me any series that come to mind, that are full of violence, no matter how obvious they should be.
Thank you, in advance, dear anons.
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>no matter how obvious they should be.
berserk (the old one)
ninja scroll
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all anime is evil
desu, haven't watched Ninja Scroll. Only know the game.
It is. The reason is because it's so good. Gluttony Is a son innidit?

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help me name my new formed band. here we are all gathered in pic related. we were thinking on naming it >Europe,2020
any suggestions?
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Look at them, all ripped already. Impressive negroid genes.
A pearl in the coal mine
That would actually be a nice name for a novel... I wonder if it would be considered racist...

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nervous look.jpg
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How do I clean my room? Where do I start?
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Give me a picture of it and I can give you instructions
just put everything where it belongs.

Need a picture. I've got an idea for you but I'd still like to see it.

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>shitposting on Twitter for a while
>end up following local Twitter users
>a girl who's a follower of a follower ends up following me and DMing me weeks later
>end up exchanging numbers
>she wants me to fuck her when she gets back into the city for Uni
>obviously agree because I'm a 21 year old khv loser
>she moves back
>we meet up and smoke
>shits kind of awkward
>we sit on her bed and and awkward attempt to have sex happens
>dick doesn't get hard
>forced to eat semi gross pussy with a flaccid dick for 2.5 episodes of the office before I leave
This was one of the worst experiences of my life so far and ever since my sex drive has been cut in half and /r9k/ is the only entity I can speak about this to
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So wait, you were about to have sex and you couldn't get your dick hard?

How have you not come to the realization that you are a homosexual?
She was moderately unattractive. And I'm not gay(unfortunately?)
You've reached normie status higher than most khhv's on this board so that's good for you anon.

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You are driving down a dark alleyway at midnight on the way home. You are going through a densely packed forest, about a 100 miles away from the nearest building.

Ahead of you, you see this man waving at you, signaling you to pull over. He appears to be alone, and doesn't appear to have anything with him. He is waving his arms rapidly, clearly in need of help - if you drove by it would be days before another car drove down this path.

What do you do? Do you stop for him or keep driving by?
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I run him over
I'm not allowed to drive vehicle's
>What do you do? Do you stop for him or keep driving by?

manute is an alien he is gonna stick his arm up my ass and probe me
>manute is an alien he is gonna stick his arm up my ass and probe me

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Anybody else thinking of paving their entire yard and burning their garbage or flushing it down the toilet so they never have to leave the house to mow the lawn or take garbage out? Just have to figure out how to avoid having to shovel snow or put salt on sidewalks.
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Bought a nice trailer and some land outside of pheonix, i just toss my garbage in a ditch and i never have to mow my lawn becuase it never rains
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Home much that cost and still get drunk and high erry day?
Just plant wild flower seeds. From time to time just control burn your yard.

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What are your dreams R9K
For me I want to travel
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I want a gf just like Konata to play games and make music with.
Ive always wanted to be happy, but i never knew where to start.
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Thats what I wanted at first too you just have to find what makes you happy and do it

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How come nobody ever replies to my threads? It makes me feel self conscious and not wanted, even here. I just want to share stories and talk. Am I not interesting enough? All I need is one fucking .308 and I can be gone.
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Stop making threads about yourself.
Have a (you). Once I switched my thread sorting in the catalog from "Last reply" to "Creation date", suddenly /r9k/ is much more interesting. It's almost like before the normies invaded.
robots only respond to obvious bait

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our civilization's trajectory is irreversible - we are being psychically culled by illusions - and our machines are now domesticating us - corporations are plotting to build sub-realities - via trendy virtual-reality technology - that celebrities will soon endorse as fashion - so they may act as gods to the under classes - in a matrix of their own creation - the spiritual peasants are all too eager to submit - sexual intimacy will no longer be intimate - the act will be as mundane conversation - we will be monitored by artificial intelligence - through every medium for "our own protection" - and humans will always feel incline to erode morality - through slogans relating to love and freedom - believing that it is part of evolution - conditioned from birth to worship the institution - the narrative will not be conquered from within - faith must be put into intangible higher orders - do not submit to the god of mere machines
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What are we but automatons? We are just machines who have deluded ourselves into thinking we have free will.
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The Nobody has lost his way. It's time to start anew.
It is true. This board itself is a virtual reality which enslaves the mind. Detach and own the joy of a free man.

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Why isn't there a game I can play that lays out a life plan for me to follow? It will include the following goals: getting a job, moving out from my parents', proper eating, exercising, improving my physical appearance, talking to friends, family and strangers, approaching girls, limiting internet time and no more watching porn, among other things.

If I had a game like this I would slowly progress through it and eventfully be able to become a normie and leave this place forever.
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That's just life anon. You can think of it as a game if it helps you improve, but you gotta do things for real.
You can get off your ass and do all those things.
I need a page showing my overall percentage progress and which objectives I've achieved

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I wish a large percentage of the human population was wiped out by a second deadly plague
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I am waiting for a full scale race war to start.
Hopefully it's some kind of super std that wipes out all the degenerate chads and staceys.
I wish I could get a gf

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>c'mere boi, u gon gimme dat succ
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Imagine being a nigger

The horror
Why are these guys so ripped?
They probably shovel gravel or mine for diamonds at the barrel of a gun all day

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i fucked a dog once and it was better than human pussy
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I stomp dogs
I shot my neighbor's dog in the head
I put a puppy in a blender

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I have a bf and I'm a boy and that TRIGGERS THE FUCK OUT OF /POL/FAGS HAHAHAHA
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>I have a bf and I'm a boy and that TRIGGERS THE FUCK OUT OF /POL/FAGS HAHAHAHA
Dumb sissy anime boi.
>ywn be the one on the left
Kill me
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Can you tell us about your boyfriend? What is he like?

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>mom found the "mashed potatoes" under my bed

This looks like the end for me guys. Before I go I want to give back to the community. My uncle has left me 57 Bitcoins after passing an unfortunate death. Post your code with a reason of why you need it and I can donate anywhere up to 1-10 depending on your circumstances. Going to sleep this off and maybe wake up with a clear mind on what the fuck I will do to salvage this and send the shekels to your wallet.
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>"mashed potatoes"
>"mashed potatoes"

>"mashed potatoes"
what did me means by this?

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