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I enjoy looking at photos of pretty women on the internet
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same, this picture takes me back to my /int browsing days.
That position is gonna kill your neck
I have this weird autism where my brain can't compute that pictures on the internet are actually real things

everything on a screen always seems artificial to me

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I order the same thing a lot (sometimes every day of the week) at local fast food places for extended periods of time.

Do they notice and judge me or give a shit in any way? Any fast food workers here?
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Don't work in fast food but you proble got a name like fat chin dude ,
or they say stuff like the greasy spoon was in today that guy is a loser ,
I'm not fat, I exercise way too much and it's the only way I've found to get calories in without being sick. I need really simple carbs so my body can absorb it fast.
nah, you're a dime a dozen; so long as you're polite and nice we don't give you any horrible nicknames. Only the really bad or really good get those

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>be autistic KHHV in college
>mathematical logic class
>Qt 3.141592 sits next to me
>some guys on her left side start throwing dirty jokes at her
>she turns around to me
>"those guys are assholes. I guess Ill talk to you now"
>heart skips a few beats
>manage not to spill spaghetti while talking
>asks me to meet after class
>i agree, and we sit in a park talking for an hour
>"youre so nice and smart anon. why dont you have a gf"
>kisses me on the cheek
>by now im completely blissfully in love
>we "date" for a few weeks but without any physical interaction because im a fucking pussy
>still Im no longer handholdless, just KHV by now
>eventually she starts ghosting me
>doesnt come to class, doesnt answer the messages, always says shes busy
>i decide to take the matter in my own hands
>google her name/username/all personal info I could find
>find out she has a tumblr
>first picture
>she's laying in bed with some guy from college
>its probably his apartment
>they probably just fucked because her belt is untied
>ask her why she did it
>"I just couldnt be your healer, anon"
>"youre always so needy, asking me if Im happy with you and stuff"
>"I met someone who actually calms me down as a person"
>"besides who the fuck are you to judge"

>absolutely raging in autistic rage attack but too pussified to do anything
>go to abandoned ruins near my house
>punch walls with full power
>break right hand
>dont wanna admit what happened to parents so I just take the pain
>unable to write for a month
>fail real analysis

And then my family asks me why I dont leave my room.
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Also sorry for the blogpost. Its just that nobody else would understand.
This is just SAD!
How's the hand?
Nice trips, anon ^_^

Also the hand is much better now. I still got a little bump on my bone because it didnt properly heal but it doesnt hurt at all. Though it was all a year ago.

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>women complain that they can never have an orgasm
>literally all they have to do is rub their clit

Why can't they figure this out?
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and they have no refractory period, mine is over a day, they don't know how good they have it.
Fucking this.
Ive heard girls talk about how guys will just dick them and think that doing it hard enough or long enough will give an orgasm.
People act like female sexuality is this complicated or beautiful thing when its pretty damn straighforward and just as depraved as guys.
It's not that simple. I've never had an orgasm because when I'm alone I can't even get in the right mindset to be aroused. I think about how gross I am and about what a fucking loser I am and then it's over before it even began. I just want to experience an orgasm one time so I can finally know what the big deal is. You don't know how lucky you are that you can have an orgasm any time you want one.

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Any canadian robots around? 902 reporting in
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>tfw virgin radio
canabot here, hello
Tronno fag here

>female worker at convenience store I go to regularly says "Hi" to me once
>mumble "hi" back and grab what I came in for
>start overthinking and wonder why she said "hi" to me, my default delusional thinking brings me to the conclusion that she probably likes me or something
>now 200% more nervous about going in every morning and hope she isn't there
>she usually is and I just awkwardly ignore her because I literally just came here for an energy drink and a sandwich not human interaction
>feel like shit because I can't into being social like a normal person and she was probably just being friendly towards the weirdo who has the store as part of his routine

When will they cure autism? I'm getting sick of life.
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>default delusion to someone whose job is to greet people when they enter the door is that they like you

just ask her if she wants to grab a coffee or something, if she turns you down then she was just doing her job.
I know that feel op.

>sitting in chair watching tv at work.
>qt walks up behind me
>pats me on the head and says "hi" then quickly walks away.

does she want to marry me?
>just ask he r out for coffee bro

[email protected]'s with anons and their coffee date meme? That sounds bland as hell

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So um, I noticed that in this website everyone is called "anonymous" and it doesn't make any sense to me. What's up with that???? :p

Also where the fuck do I edit my profile settings? I can't even upload my avatar properly and so I'm forced to use the photo comments as an avatar!!!

This is lame lol XDXD
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You're nigger

Ffs leave newfag
You have to delete system 32 in order to make an account.

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>spent my 1st night in a mental hospital
Has anyone here been admitted before? What was it like?
I'm so fucking bored here.
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>mental hospital
What are you in for you psycho?
I tried committing suicide twice, but was caught the 2nd time.
>first drank bleach
>second tried downing 10 ambien pills at once, but someone else intercepted package.
I can't work anymore (quit 3 jobs. Never lasted more than 4 months) and keep breaking down and having panic attacks.
I already know this sounds pathetic.
What was up with the first attempt? Did you just fuck it up without outside intervention?

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Alright here's a question that's been keeping me up at night
Which spice girl do you want to impregnate?
I still can't fucking decide
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they all hit menopause by now

unless this is a late 90s meme i am too young to know
I mean when they were young,not now obviously kek

based on that pic the one in yellow. Not going to bother looking up what they actually look like

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why can't men have purses
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Purses are only for superior womyn, genderlet.
I'm under the impression that purses are filled with shit like make-up so really I'd say it's because men don't need them.
Dunno I always carry a mens shoulderbag, its the same shit

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Is anyone interested in hearing some stories of when I was in prison? Or an AMA thread?

Only thing I won't answer is what I was in for.

>That must mean you're a child molester

No, I'm just not going to share that information.
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I'm interested but you already answered the thing you didn't want to
I have other, far more interesting stories though anon. Surely one of those would placate you?
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Did you get buttsecksd in prison, anon?

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Is it true that he is asexual?
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Who is this fucking nigger face
I heard he wants you, so i don't know

"he" is a ftm tranny.

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So why all the worship he gets?
I find the idea of a beta uprising as cool as the next guy but he was completly retarded.

>completly narcisistic
>meticolously plan the day of retribution
>manages to fail at every single one of his plans except killing 3 betas in his appartment.

I mean how hard is it to find a concentration of stacies in this day and age. Just go to a random campus/food place.

Stopped by a door.. I want to see a picture of the door but why not just break in from a window? Or shoot the door handle.

Seung-Hui Cho is the real beta upriser. Life pulled a prank on him making him socially retarded and he bravely fought for our cause.
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Nigger mod niggering up r9k
File: 1480667332685.jpg (39KB, 700x495px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is /ourguy(girl)/. say something nice about him(her)
Nigger mod thinks he's an edgy nigger

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Who here likes to smell their gooch?
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I would if it wasn't for my suspicion that most of the smell actually comes from sweat mixed with shit residue in my lower ass crack.
Mine stems from dried cum I dont clean and sweat it smells nice like how I like to smell my BO and farts I think I have a smell fetish.
File: 1501592726524.jpg (22KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking disgraceful

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>mfw no younger sister

>Mfw no older sister

How does it feel to have sisters?
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Nigger mod gonna nigger
Annoying as hell. It's nothing like in your cartoons for little chinese girls.
having an older sister sucks when you're young, but is ok when you're older, it's nothing like anime if that's what you're getting at.

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