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Hey fellow robot, I'm turning 23 tomorrow and I'm slowly realising that I'm rotting away faster than I would like. None of these 8395 hours have been spent wisely, no valuable skills learned, no relationships formed, hell, I'm not even able to write in proper English. So robots, please tell me, what should I learn to become a better person?
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learn how to git gud

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wow, I never thought I'd actually see it, to actually see female mental gymnastics in action, but this article is a fucking GOLDMINE of it.

This was posted by this brown girl I'm friends with on normiebook, the SAME brown girl not one month ago I was riding in a car with, who was lamenting the fact that she wants to date white guys, but they don't like her. The same girl who almost exclusively has dated white guys in the past, and who always bragged about getting with white guys. The SAME girl who in that car ride also talked about how blatantly racist white guys have been to her, but she still wants to date them. Every single brown girl I've come to know has been white washed up the wazoo, and has exclusively been dating white guys for the past several years. It's guaranteed this girl only posted this article because she was butthurt about white guys not liking her, an article which was also written by a butthurt brown woman.

I fucking hate women hahahaha
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Classic stuff op

Original preemption
I aint giving that fucking stain of a website my traffic, but yeah good example of the rock-bottom which modern journalism has reached. Literally some brown skinned roastie venting her personal frustrations onto the public. Utter trash.
Bro you can't just go around getting triggered by every stupid thing people say and do, or you're going to be angry for the rest of your life.

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help edition

Just wondering how you guys are... y'know?
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Very lonely.. I feel like I'm becoming more jaded and eccentric every day.

How about you, op?
Not good senpai

Thinking about leaving my grandparents house and going homeless. I've been homeless on and off for about 7 years. I'm just tired of feeling like I'm being a burden on people

Any other current or past homeless people here?

Got burned out at work today doing some really mundane shit. Half of the day I was reading funny greentexts on my phone. I'm not really achieving much there anyway. Then for the last hour of work I had a couple of fanfictions about cuddling with a previous oneitis and then had conflicts for 30 minutes about whether I was still in love with her or if it's just desperation for gf and cuddling.

How the fuck do people live normally?

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>that kid who would eat raw butter and didn't think it was weird when people asked him about it
>that kid who wanted to be everyone's friend even though no one wanted to in return but was too stupid to get the message
>that special needs kid who didn't even look like he was aware he existed
>that kid who brought an electric guitar and mini portable amp he hooked on his belt and played Pink Floyd songs on
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She's his girl, not yours.
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She'd rather be my girl instead, but I'm not telling her I too want her to be my girl as well, because, as everything in my shitty life, I'd fuck it up and make her regret breaking up with him. I hate this feel.

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What is society going to about the male virgin problem?
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Nothing the majority of society doesn't even care about men let alone men who aren't reproducing.
Nothing, they don't matter. Natural selection.
>implying that reviewbrah doesn't have a private harem of females at his beck and call.

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I can't lose weight.
I used to cycle 1-2 hours a day (for transport), and now work 10-12 hour bar shifts which can be really physically demanding. I have two 20 minute breaks, so I just buy bread rolls and eat them as fast as I can. I'll drink diet energy juice and have bananas because they're what's cheap now.

With the facilities and money I have now I can't make some fuckin aubergine vegan quinoa shit, but god damn i'm definitely having more calories out than in, and I'm still gaining.
My pals are saying that it could be muscle gain since my thighs are pretty big now, but i've got a gut, and most my clothes don't fit me.

Pic related is what I want to go back to. I can't stand being thicc.
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>i'm definitely having more calories out than in, and I'm still gaining
Stop breaking the laws of thermodynamics.

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Need help, I've been crazy since I've been in prison. I've had a shitty life but my craziness has been progressing. I'm getting homicidal. I attempted suicide a year ago, I've had two or 3 mental breakdowns, with me hallucinating.

Anyways I threatened to slice a girl's neck. I've never thought about that before. I've taken anti-psychotics and they helped, but I'm not sure it's Psychosis anymore. Is it still psychosis?
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Bump you niggers I need help
We're not qualified to answer that question famalam.
Admit yourself to a hospital. Stop by >>>/adv/

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>gonna start taking antidepressants for 6 months
what should i expect?
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just wait until you try to get off of 'em.

mmm brainzaps

maybe something
it takes like a month to start working, also side effects are different for everyone

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I've started buying more things second hand, I don't know why I never bothered before.
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Atheist women are a whole lot nicer than Arabic Muslim women agree?
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The ones I've met, yeah. Tradicional Muslim women are very conservative and very high maintenance, they expect you to bring in the money and they are never satisfied with how much. When you start bringing in enough cash to pay a housekeeper and a nanny, their job becomes managing the housekeeper and the nanny. As a westerner, you can't hit her or she'll call the cops. She might let you fuck her recreationally, but she'll make it clear she hates every minute of it.
English isn't your first language now is it
Oh shit, I didn't notice that. I have a Portuguese keyboard installed. I speak English (native) and Portuguese (B2).

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>be me
>22 years khv
>shitty teeth
>shitty eyesight
>0 irl friends
>crippling social anxiety

On the other hand, my facial features are actually pretty solid. I have been told I look "cute" by numerous females. I have a pretty good body due to working a physical job. It's fucking infuriating not being able to do anything with the good assets you have. I've had females speak to me and all I could do was sweat buckets around them while saying stupid basic shit that I didn't even want to say and they'd eventually drift away. I've thought of fixing my teeth but I can't go to the fucking dentist nowadays because I am terrified of being criticized. Everyone I come across smiles at me until I open my mouth.

All I've ever wanted was a gf that I could spend time with. That's literally it. Not some arranged marriage or some virgin robot cooking gf, just a gf that I can spend time with and we could do all sorts of things together. I think that ship has long sailed though. It's unrealistic to think I'll end up with some teenage love sort of thing, so it's extremely painful to think about what I've missed out on during the hs days. Time flies and I've nothing to show for it.

There's not really any point in trying to grind out the days and thinking something will change, but it's all I can do. I don't have the balls to kill myself, but my crippling anxiety prevents me from taking command of anything in my life. Every day feels exactly the same and it feels like nothing will change. I've been in the same spot for years. The worst part is that I'm not ugly, so I have no excuse. Everyone that interacts with me assumes I'm a normie. I wish I was a downie so I'd at least have an excuse. I try telling my parents about my anxiety and these fucking normies just assume there's some "lol u gota just talk 2 ppl n smile lul" way to fix it. No, there's not. I've spoken to people for years, and I've spoken to them EXACTLY the same way. Nothing ever changes. Fuck this shit.

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What exactly is wrong with your teeth? Dentists will be understanding if you decide to go; they aren't evil. Get that shit fixed before it's too late. You don't want to end up looking like a meth-head in your 30s.
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>shitty eyesight
>on the other hand, my facial features are actually pretty solid
>I've spoken to people for years, and I've spoken to them EXACTLY the same way. Nothing ever changes. Fuck this shit.
Why would it change if you talk to them the same way

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Are crazy chicks our only hope at finding love, robots? Normal girls are garbage.
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If Chad is so great, why does he only fuck used up roasties who get fucked by every other Chad ? Wouldn't that actually make him the cuck, if you look at the big picture ?
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High tier girls only get fucked by millionaires
the point is everybody is passing the joint but you don't get to smoke

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my future man is so lucky w/ my babydoll slip dress
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