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Is art school useless? I want to get into painting and have been considering art school but it doesnt seem worth it..can i just teach myself how to paint?
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Art school is pretty worthless. Had Hitler been accepted into art school he would have turned out a nobody.
Art schools that aren't training you for the industry (trade schools that teach entertainment design, for example like Art Center or a meme school like FZD) are a waste of time because they guarantee no job lockdowns after you leave. But you can take your chance.

If you want to teach yourself to paint, go to /ic/.
I think it would be funny if there was an alternate reality Hitler who got accepted into art school, was a nobody, and wrote self-published fanfiction about killing jews.

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Would you marry a single mom anywhere from 18 to 25 years of age if she was loyal and a 10/10?
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1. I wouldn't marry anyone
2. I wouldn't have a relationship with anyone that has kids

I don't want kids, even my own. No thanks.
>3D woman

Stop joking.
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Yes. Assuming I can provide for her + she is my ideal type of woman.


I want my own kids too. She better be prepared for that.

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>there are witches cursing us right now for one reason or another
>the negative psychic energy from other 4chan users is destroying your life

how do we stop it?
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want me to pray for you?
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no, I'm pretty sure christians just pray to the devil anyway
Become a stronger warlock.

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ITT: We post the first or last name of a real life crush we had we were young
pic not related
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Forgot to mention that we judge each other on that name only
She was so cute, like a little fairy
I'm not gay but I want to be the first in the thread to post a male name to get some (you)s

Remember, it's not gay as long as you don't touch her feminine penis. As long as you only focus your attention on her boipussy, you are totally straight.
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Hey man, even if you exclusively focus on her feminine penis, it doesn't make it gay. Two straight dudes can suck and fuck each other without being the slightest bit gay. You're only gay if you're exclusively attracted to the same sex.
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I'm not interested in your life anymore. I will become violent alarmingly quickly if you make me
What about her boiovaries?

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You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you can't find a sissy white bf to clean and cook for you.
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You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you make this thread every fucking time.
ignore Op and answer mine instead

You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you can't find a bf to to clean the white from your cock sissy
You have 10 seconds to explain to me why you don't value the short and only life you'll ever experience

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>BONE chilling phrases that molest the very fabric of your being

"Why don't you smile"
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"Now let's hear what Anon has to say..."
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>why are you so shy?
>he is so awkward
one day it will happen
in reference to me using song lyrics
>anon calls women bitches

Will I truly be alone forever? Should I just free myself from this neverending nightmare?
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>"Rejection doesn't mean you're aren't good enough"
ha ha ha
it actually means exactly that what you had to offer was a joke
Press eject. The cunt has run the numbers and decided you are a subhuman beta orbiter

It's over
>compalins about how much worse 2nd rejection was
>doesnt tell us.

Write us a green text.

show me the head of your clit
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Is this what is known around here as a feminine penis?
Looks more like the masculine clitoris.
I too would like to see some big, beefy clits.

Can you guess which one is the tranny?
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The one that killed itself?
So much left
left one

not hard

BBC vs Smol Whitey. Dubs calls it. Trips > Dubs.
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Dubs for bbc
The Juden, prove me wrong
McGregor will win on a "shocking" upset enabling a multimillion dollar rematch.

The Jews control Vegas sports betting

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Is sex even worth it
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Worth what? Post more photos like this if you have them. I wanna munch on that
Worth what? The effort that you have to put in to get it? Probably not. If you were a different person, maybe you could have women throwing themselves at you. In that case maybe. It is hard to say. It isn't really anything but satisfaction of your instincts. Which is never going to last anyway.
At this point I'd rather have a relationship than sex all the fluids and smells and shit get nasty and girls are just fucking disgusting in general they literally can't keep a dick out of them for a whole weekend

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If women are having more sex than ever before thanks to "womens liberation" why are there so many male virgins who are all alone?
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is this a troll question? Women are fucking the top 20% of males, who are more than happy to oblige even a 4/10 because pussy
you already know the answer to that question OP
Because now women only fuck certain guys, and ignore the other 50% unless they are trash enough to not be able to hook up with the upper 50% of males (chads), and even then they'll only settle for a lower 50% male if the male has enough money or social status to compensate for lack of atractiveness, and even then they'll still offer to fuck chads on the side, because they're trash. Some fembots lie in this category, but not all.

Now there are more single moms, and more NEETs/Recluses because women standards do not reflect men's standards, and mass media encourages this. All part of the plan for population reduction. Women are by nature naive, and readily accept anything a "person of position" says.

Basically, it's all irredeemably fucked.

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How do I break out of this hell?
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>i don't watch porn that much, just like 2 times per week on different days
>i don't do drugs
>i don't drink alcohol
>i sleep like at 9pm bc i'm fucking bored and dreaming is better
>i do spend a lot of time on internet
>the only game i play is ssb4 for 3ds
>i don't exercise that often
>skelly AF (19yold, 172cm tall, 45 kg weight)

why i still feel dead inside?
Drop the weed/booze and cook simple meals for yourself, the others sort themselves out. If you really need to break out of a shit cycle, take a stater plan on /fit/, go to the gym and lift hard.
Hmmm let's see. You see how there's a pornhub logo on there? Don't go on pornhub, in fact don't go on any porn sites. Fap to your mental images.
Weed, the next one to the right is weed. Stop smoking weed if you do, or drugs in general.
THe burgers mean fast, cheap, low-quality food. Try some veggies and good protein, stay away from carbs and fried stuff.
The rest of the image is about avoiding alcohol (that falls under drugs so check that one off), getting good exercise (you see the image of the fat guy and the guy in a dark room staring at the laptop, and the "*goes on internet 12 hours a day*"? and the treadmills with the no sign over them? you're supposed to do the REVERSE of what the image shows, which in this case would be exercising, not being in front of a screen all day, and so on.
The 4:15 AM "time to go to sleep" is about keeping a good sleep cycle, ideally in tune with the solar cycle, like a normal person.

It's all pretty self-explanatory.

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The rare amber eyes, a master race if there ever was one.
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Ugly as fuck.

Soooo ugly. And what a coincidence the person is usually ugly too. Shit genes.
>master race
>looks like shit
I think not.
They're beautiful I think.

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