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ITT: we discuss why IMGUR is the next platform for Robots to flourish.
With 4chune now plagued with casual fucking normie tourists, we need a more stable platform unlike the one which broke which mankind fell on it in 1998 when the undertaker threw him
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Where's that anonymous who post an Imageboard he made on his thread 3 or 4 weeks ago ?
We can use it but I don't remember it.
Imgur? Really? It's Reddit's sewer.
this kind of direction is probably best, if you think Moot (nippon flavor) is bad, wait till you have to wrangle with the normie mods on imgur

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why does woman age so badly?
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not 2D women
Are you implying tht the man did not age badly there?
Because I mean, he aged ten times worse.
It's spelled "why do women age so badly" you stupid foreign fuck.

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Any1 wanna come play Nintendo with me?
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What games do you have?
I'm down to play some pong.
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I can bring games
also bring da weed

>Schlomo, da air sales numbahs are tanking! Dese dumb goyims have figured out that helium is a bettah breathable gas!
>Oy, Chaim, it always is having to be something. Alright, I'll staht anuddah anti-helium thread on Reddit. We can't have these stupid meshuggahs breathing up all our special Jew air.

Still being cucked by the Oxygen Jew, /r9k/? Oh, I guess you haven't heard about how oxygen produces free radicals which destroy your body and make you unable to think. Or how it's been suspected of lowering test levels in lab rats. Well, that's all fine and good. Don't mind me, I'll just be breathing from my tank of organic, noncorrosive helium.
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Your helium is inert mate. It won't stir the reactions in your body
>0 dollars and 0.04 cents have been deposited into your account
>still haven't taken the neon pill

Neon is the gas of the ubermensch

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>it's a "middle aged co-worker announces that mom made my lunch to everyone in the staff room" repeat
>It's a follow up episode where she criticises me for going to a local coffee place instead of Tim Hortons

I just want to eat my sandwiches, go for a walk, and enjoy halfway decent coffee, bitch
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Not worth worrying about anon

Some people never grow up
She probably wants to enter a femdom relationship with you

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>whats the matter anon? didint you want this?
>come and take whats yours... ;p

what do
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Why are her feet so wide?
pls give me source or more pics

that anus tempts me
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Take what's mine?
It's not though. It was someone else's and will therefore be more likely to belong to someone other than me again, because you're a thoughtless whore with no concept of self control.

Go fuck yourself

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UPRISING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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...you wanna talk about it, buddy?
what do you mean? I'm just sick of these shitty threads and all the beta orbiters
Contributor here: I don't have anywhere else to go. I'm trying to turn /lgbt/ into a funposting paradise, but the culture is very obdurate, and resists sculpting.

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At what age did you finally give up on the hope of ever losing your virginity, getting a gf or being accepted?


I know I wass late. I guess I was a pretty hopeful guy. It was after over 30 rejections. I've been rejected by ever race and in two cities I've lived in. At 5 foot it's obvious it's never happening. Being ugly and agoraphobic doesn't help either. But at least I tried. The straw that broke the camel's back was in January when the fat fembot that fucked four guys on my corridor rejected me when I asked her to hang out sometime. I'm universally unwanted.
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Such is life. For me it's a shame because my 6.3 inch dick just gonna waste for fapping only.
Does anyone have webms of hot asses on powerfit?
>Being ugly
how ugly?

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you may only post itt if you're balding like me
manlet?wear heels
ugly?grow a beard
fat?wear large clothes
bald and can't grow beard?you're fucked
you're literally worthless, women avoid you like the plague
it's 2017, science spends it's time finding ways to mentally ill men become women but still no fix to balding
being balding is like playing on hardest level with just one hand
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Spend good money on a good hair transplant. If you're poor tough luck
when did it start, anon?

me, I saw changes in my hairline at 19yo
wear a wig, make sure no one realizes cause it's pathetic.
Also, beards don't cure ugliness.

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what does this mean? I don't understand.
this is logical and simple? can some robots explain this?
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I feel like anger is coming from the title so the author may be misrepresenting the study to justify her narrative
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This is oppression of meninism. We must rally against it.
Women usually don't know what the fuck they're doing while having sex. They want someone who is just lying there doing nothing because that's the role of the female.

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>you get 1 million dollars
>your mom see's all the posts and comments you made
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Would you take it?
i would yeah, i would do it for like $100 but i'm neither a weeb or a pedo
Pretty much the same things I've been saying since my divorce seven years ago so yeah let's do it and show mommy my tendies

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I hate beer snobs with all my heart and soul. IPA tastes disgusting. If you like craft beer you probably look like this.
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> Dissing the Yogscast

Fuck off pleb.
>Schlomo, the goyim are realizing that our mass produced beer is garbage!
>Don't worry, Heimey, I know just the guy to solve this little problem...
Its crazy that i used to watch their mineceaft series, its embarrassing. The yogpod was good though, are they still doing it and is it good?

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Give me some decent youtuber to listen in the background while I do shit .
God I feel so lonely.
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get redpilled
listen to the old YoGPoDs or the Triforce podcasts

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What do you think of this, r9k?

I want to see how cucked this board has become
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Go back to /pol/ with that dumb shit
>not understanding the mechanism of skin color

op you are an idiot. the people who are immigrating to the colder climates are going to turn in to white people because they need to obtain more vitamin D from the sun light. The problem is the welfare state that is attracting the wrong immigrants and not applying natural selection on them to remove the unfit naturally.
a negroid cannot turn into a caucasoid

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Is there such a thing as a robot gf?
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yes its called a gf(male)
no cos if a woman is cynical she isnt staying a virgin
ps. though i have come across a few on reddit but they all were confused about being lesbians

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