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It doesn't get better.

No matter how much you want it to.
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but women like confidence so you have to pretend it all worked
Why haven't you killed yourself yet dude? I'm 20, but If shit is still downhill 5 or so years from now im immediately killing myself, if not sooner. Surely even your parents would rather you just die at this point, fuck living in misery like that
No you wouldn't, you're just saying that because all your life is right now is projecting onto a non existent future.

your only value is your potential not your reality

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I had a dream that I was dying and had an extremely incredible feeling of happiness. I was crying tears of joy. I felt like I couldnt handle the feeling of happiness. I layed there smiling until it hurt. tears streaming out of my eyes and waiting to take my last breath. I woke up with tears in my eyes. I cannot wait for death robots
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>I layed there smiling until it hurt. tears streaming out of my eyes and waiting to take my last breath.

is there a correlation to homosexuality and wanting to die?
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I once had a lucid dream where a nuclear bomb hit close enough to me sleeping in bed. The earthquake felt extremely real so much so that I was so convinced I was gonna die my mind accepted death. I felt a huge flush of chemicals that gave me an unbelievable sense of relief and contentment it was surreal. Since then I've become a lot more optimistic and less roboty though.
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it sounds like it was peaceful for you. you weren't being torn apart by wolves or anything

>live in the south
>summer, so 95F~ outside at all times
>can't stay out for more than a few minutes without starting to sweat
>tfw no qt bf to let me sniff his crotch after spending all day together in the sunshine

why is life full of so much suffering?
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Let me pound your boipucci then anon
Sauce for this image?
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>tfw no bf to hold close and cuddle even though it's super hot
>tfw no bf to strip our sweat soaked clothes to cool off
>tfw no bf to kiss & stroke until he's begging me to fuck him
>tfw no bf to grind my hips into his ass for an hour of slow sensual sex
>tfw no bf to aggressively pound until we're both dripping with sweat
>tfw no bf to lie exhausted in a puddle of sweat after we're done

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Who here /ConnectedTheDots/?
Do you know why you turned out as fucked as you are now? I just got my revelation a bit ago.

I may have been molested and or raped by my cousin when I was younger. That may be the reason talking to people is hard for me, I'm a lolicon, and I lost all motivation to live and stay emotionless.
I thought this was possible because my mom told me how she would find me alone with him, he introduced me to porn(too young to cum), I've always needed to squat on the seat to poop and I always feel uncomfortable when ever I go, shat the bed for awhile and stopped peeing it till I was 10 or so, and I had a pretty sexual childhood when I went over to his house. I'm male btw.
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fat in my teens
short now

just lol
Went on youtube, searched "aspie", and found normans. When I put in "assburger" I saw a cop with what I think is down syndrome. Won't Google's it yet because I want to get this you to you before you leave.

Atleast you got those dubs. Checked.
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I don't know if I was actually molested as a kid, but there's this one picture of me as a toddler and my mom's coworker getting up from a lowered position. His hand was behind me in the photo but I don't know if he actually did anything or not. I find it hard to communicate with others and I feel estranged from my family. I also remember making out with a cousin of mine when I was around 7 or so. Now that I'm older, I don't want to know if I was actually molested or not. I feel like the would be the last straw.

I've grown accustomed to being the quiet lonely guy that represses everything. I'm just afraid it might come out in a bad way.

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>what's wrong anon, don't you like older women? Oh, don't worry about Billy. I sent him on an errand. In the mean time, why don't you come here and keep me entertained.

What do?
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Why not have sex? As long as she doesn't have any STD's.
As long as she doesn't stand up that is perfectly fine... Never breastfed.
I had a fwb who was 51.

Currently have a fwb who's 58. She thinks she's in a relationship with me, though.

Came here yesterday upset about breaking up with someone because we were too different, and a couple of yall assured me that I made the right decision even though we ended on good terms.
Problem is I cannot stop thinking about her. Pretty sure I love her even though I never told her that, and I know she loved me. It's hard to have a connection but have to make an adult decision.
I know all I can do is distract myself, but it's all I think about. I think I fall in love too easily.
How can I move out of the infatuation and start thinking logically again?
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If you want a more permanent solution you have 2 choices, find someone else to be infatuated with or give it enough time and the feelings will fade.

I speak from experience and I have the same problem you do, it doesn't take much for me to fall in love with someone.
Bro imma send you a vocaroo okay? Gonna explain some shit to you.
hahah do it!

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>high school drop out
>no social skills
>never had a job
how do i fix this?
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Go outside. It's that easy, anon.
why did you drop out in the first place? would've solved 2/4 of your problems if you didn't
Fuck off with your normie advice

Want to give a bit more detail? Go outside, now what?

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>mfw he says he can't get laid because women are a bunch of sluts
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Who said that? Everyone can get laid, all it takes to hire a prostitute is a few bucks.
Getting laid with the pure virgin qt gf is the difficult thing.
the problem with this frame of mind is believing that once a woman has sex she is no longer any good, she could be the best but every uninteresting neet insists they have the be the first and will trash her if they arent, most likely through sheer jealousy that someone else had her first.

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I've been generally happy the past 3 months
I've started a new job, and spent time long boarding and hanging out with friends

However the past 2 weeks I have been hanging out with this girl. I don't want to be her boyfriend, and she doesn't want to be my girlfriend. But we both have spare time so we've been meeting up

It's making me anxious and generally unhappy. It makes me remember what I'm missing and that I am so alone

What do? I just want to be happy

I want to meet a girl that's compatible with me, however I've met no new females in the past 3 years
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>long boarding
>talking to girls

>realizing you don't even like women
Just get a gf. You already have a job abd friends and a woman isn't disgusted by your mere presence. If you don't get a gf at this point is because you don't want to
ping me when you find out the solution
or even better, broadcast it for the whole world to hear

fill it out and justify your choices ROBERTS
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>implying movies
>implying books
>implying albums
>implying animu
I like Stargate and XCom
I don't have any favorites
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it's a classic and lots of fun, the best star wars movie and easy to rewatch
>tv show
season 2 never ;_;
It was a very emotional book and the author is great at making real human characters, I prefer it to Bright Lights Big City because I think the characters are better and make sense
flcl is a great growing up story
>music album
dude i miss her..
>video game

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While I'm not sure I care as much about the no faceposting rule, this guy does make some very salient points.

4chan and /r9k/ are shit tier parodies of themselves now because listless, braindead faggots now outnumber real anons.

>Maybe your thread gets autosaged or deleted. Maybe you get banned for three days, so that no company resources are wasted on your appeal, so that you can come back and piss more of your life away arguing with idiots. If you're incredibly lucky, you'll get a custom red-text ban with snarky text written by a laid-off Gawker writer, so mods can attention-whore at your expense. Ketamine abusers whoms't'd've been rendered involuntarily celibate by their own irony will tsk and be glad that they don't care about anything as much as you.

This bit is particularly good.
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Aww well that is actually
Bretty depressing
Yeah it is isn't it? Wish there was some way to get rid of complete non-contributor millenial fags.
>guy writes that
>rest of the thread is him arguing with braindead ROASTIES BTFO YOUTUBE FROGS 4EVA shitposters

this site is AIDS

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No more cyborgs. No more failed normies. This place is where the lowest of the low can post in peace, but we have been invaded.
You are a normies and must leave if any of these apply to you:
>have ever held a job
>have had a girl express any romantic interest in you
>you think 3D>2D
>you have smoked weed or drank alcohol with others
>you have friends
>you are currently 18 or older and not NEET
>have ever tried to be cool or fit in
>have ever done anything to receive the approval of a girl, or women in general
>if you have reddit or /b/ related shit in your cookies
>are not a virgin
If you meet even ONE of those criteria, you have to get out, now
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go to wizardchan if youre this assmad about cyborgs, failed normies and drug use.
Just go to wizardchan faggot, cyborgs and failed normies make up 80% of this board
cyborgs aren't a thing, they don't exist

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>it's an "anon jerks off listening to his brother having sex and tries to synchronize the rhythm of the strokes to his brother's grunts and eventually tries to climax at the same time " episode
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You should just jack off your brother instead
put on a cute skirt some girly shirt and a wig then suck his dick
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I did this to my mom once. wake up late at night
>hear mom moaning
>realize she is getting pounded by some chad
>just try to ignore it
>get a boner instead
>cum around 4 times to my mom moaning

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My favorite part of a girl is her stomach. I prefer tummies to boobs and legs. Anybody feel the same?
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is so fucky hot when a girl with a sexy looking tummy has to resort to feet tits and ass as a fetish thing
I prefer their ass holes.
mine too anon
>walking back from work late at night
>its extremely hot
>look to the windows of pubs and some qt blond girl is just hanging her hands up out the window exposing all her midriff
>make eye contact and quickly look away
I fapped in my car and blow huge fucking load.

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>fapped to THAT again
>bbc fucks sissy

no, this isn't me, stop
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What is you anon?
where do you go to find that?

my brain is ruined, I always click /gif/ and it's always downhill from there

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