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Why does no one teach their children shame anymore?
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honestly more parents need to beat there kids when i was from ages 5-10 whenever i would do some stupid shit my parents would hit me a few times and then i would know not to do that. it teaches kids cause and effect so they won't do bad things
You were abused senpai. That's not an acceptable thing to do anymore and you just want to keep the cycle going.
Asian parents still do it.

N*ggers, sp*cs never did
Mudslimes do it too much
Whites just dropped the ball the last 20 years

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I know most robots are cruel, cynical and bitter, but are there any other sensitive souls on here?

>sitting at restaurant
>fruit fly keeps landing on wine glass
>theyre slow so can catch them easily
>too gentle to squish them
>let them be instead

I know you sensitive robots are out there.
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>see fly struggling to get outside
>guide him with my hands
>mom sees fly
>kills it instantly
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>grandmother has ladybugs in her house
>wants them gone
>i laboriously get them to crawl onto my hand to take them outside
>she gets tired of waiting
>drags them off the curtain
>often breaking their legs in the process
>i go to my room to cry
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>grandpa owns pet shop
>is holding a small bird
>says it's sick
>throws it against the wall
>melodramatically yell ''WHY?!''

Will being a father help alleviate the depression and worthlessness /r9k/?
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No. You will start to hate your children, you will abuse them in some way. Then they will end up miserable and fucked up like you
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>force another person into existence just on the off chance it might make ME happier

fuck off
Sure. If you enjoy raising whining, unappreciative leeches and sacrificing what little remains of your social life

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>I-I'm hitting the gym so I can get a gf


Face it, face is EVERYTHING. HEIGHT, FACE and FRAME are literally ALL that matter.

>i'd like you if you were more muscular!

Gymcels are so fucking stupid, seriously.

You can gymcel your ENTIRE LIFE but it won't change these SET IN STONE, GENETIC factors that MATTER THE MOST. Really the only way working out will make you look better is if you're already overweight and losing weight reveals previously hidden cheekbones/jawline, and therefore improves your FACE. Thinking women like guys with autistic bulging muscles is stupid as FUCK.

STATUS and MONEY may make women want to DATE you, but literally the ONLY THING that matters in terms of SEXUAL ATTRACTION are ALPHA LOOKS which means a good HEIGHT, FACE and FRAME.

Oh, and as for personality, just fucking LOL. Personality is just another word for looks. Chad stands in the corner of the room and says nothing. Women go crazy over how "mysterious" he is. You do the same and they call the police.

pic related could have ANY physique and still fuck your girlfriend, sister, and mother

gymcels are so fucking DELUSIONAL
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preaching to the choir, the thread.

That is very, very true.
If you're ugly, you're ugly. Gym won't make any difference. It's like serving shit on a golden plate.
Gym can help if you're not doing stupid bulking like the shills on YouTube push. I was a 4/10 lost 40lbs and am now a solid 8. Losing weight is literally everything

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what is the best movie
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I enjoyed Green Mile.
>I enjoyed Green Mile.
sure it might be an ok movie but you think it's the BEST movie? Seriously?
"The American" was comfykino.

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Can you robots spare me some war/military pepes? I'll show you mine if you show yours.
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first one cool
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Only fedora Pepe's on my phone
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second one trying to stay unique

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I'm the female version of a neckbeard.

I tend to like asocial, introverted guys. It is rare to find because neither them (nor I for that matter) go out much. So, when I do meet one I feel like I cannot miss my chance and come on too strong.

>talk to him whenever I feel like it without setting boundaries
>Say whatever cringey shit comes to my mind
>The more I try to impress the cringier I am, the more I hate myself
>Suspect that he might not like me much because he never messages me first, but that doesn't stop me
>Always message first

Should a girl just never approach a guy in the first place? I agree that guys should be the ones to initiate but I also think that maybe they're too shy to approach.

I just don't know what to do.

I should add that I'm pretty average looking. Not too ugly and also not really pretty. And the guys I have liked were also pretty average looking.

I would like to hear advice from both anons, and femanons.
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I'm like you, but I'm a guy. Maybe we could talk, but it's okay if you don't want to. My throwaway is [email protected]
Just continue doing it.
They feel like they'd be a bother if they messaged first and if you help them get out of their shell then you'll actually have it worth while.
Avoid this guy, anyone who gives out their contact this easily is to not be trusted

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>when you meet a nice boy from /r9k/ but find out he browses /pol/
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This tbhon. I want a cute boyfriend but I would lose attraction if he was a hateful person
I don't care about politics in the slightest, do I qualify for a robot bf
people on /b/ and reddit are way more hateful and disturbing people
i know people who browse /pol/ irl and they are as normal as the next guy, dont believe memes

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>tfw 30 year old khh-less virgin

Life's so fucking unfair.

How old are you and how far have you gotten with grills, /r9k/?
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>How old are you
>how far have you gotten with grills
what did he mean by this?
26, one ex-girlfriend, had sex.

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>Not becoming a hot trap or having a trap gf(bf)
Explains yourselves
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>not going gay and having handsome qt3.14 bf(gf)

fucking betas
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That's gay adff
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>insert 300+ posts of two faggots ERPing with anime reacting images

Does anybody else on r9k ever feel envious of vaginas?

l'm not sure if l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurabIe for women it makes me deepIy depressed...
It just feels like both biology and my body have betrayed me. Does anyone else on here know this feeIing? I am so jealous of females.
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You gonna keep posting this copypasta?
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178 times.
You have now made this thread 178 times.
>You gonna keep posting this copypasta?

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Are autistic people dangerous?
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>autists lack empathy
I am so sick of hearing this bullshit, it's why I don't bother telling anyone what I am anymore.
Are you talking abot affective or cognitive empathy?
Most autistic people I know are pretty emotional. (I used to teach autistic teenagers) And the people I know that
had synptoms of lacking empathu were usually pretty well-adjusted people or criminals.

Wait, you guys AREN'T joking about being virgins over 18?
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Why would I lie on the internet dude

waiting to get gf and fuck her when I get to college.
>he thinks it will get better on college
Oh, you will be in for a treat.

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Let's start a Virgin vs. Chad thread. OC encouraged. Dumping what I got.
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Orgenalo picture mang
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Fuck the robot right guys
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Like why do I have to be original

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Is it still cuck if you watch your gf/wife/sexbuddy get banged by a girl. Girl love is pure after all.
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No. But it's never a girl, she just says it's a girl to throw you off her cheating trail.
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asian in terror.jpg
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>trap bull
What hath man wrought?
Only if you put your penis in both of them. if not, its cuck

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