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The future is more soon than you think, my friends.
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>wojak man its me again you had an overdose, open the door
The world's going to collapse before this becomes reality.
The pic fits perfectly

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Attractive but 5'3"

jus fug mai lofe ap fem
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How attractive are you? Rate your face so I can have a better understanding of your predicament.
A surprising 7/10 when I'm on my highlights
I love short guys they make great bottoms

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Do fembots think is is a cute fetish

Include your sex pls
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Not really, but it's not unattractive either. It's weird, I'm an actual girl but traps are attractive to me. Not a lesbian though, I just don't think very masculine guys (bodybuilders, fat, etc) are attractive.
Fembot here(genetic girl,not a trap). I love submissive guys. I want to lock up all my orbiters then describe how chad fucked me while they buy my coffee the next morning.
Ok so be my gf now please?

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>sister found the incest scat porn
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>mom found the cum combobulator
FBI fumbled thru the fat fetish file
File: 5ydx2g3lgr0z.jpg (142KB, 1146x1536px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>uncle sam found the cumdiagram

"Of course we're still going to Chick-Fil-A, Champ. I know just how much you love those Chick-N-Strips, but we've just gotta make a few stops first. No, no. Don't give me that look, Champ. I'm doing this because no one cares about you like your dear old pop. Now it's as simple as showing up there, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you want the job. What've you got to lose, Champ?"
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>What've you got to lose, Champ?"

im embarrassed dad. what if my oneitis sees me?
This meme is funny.

And this comment is original.
Alright dad if you say so......

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>Southern california is littered with hispanics of the lowest denominator
>no guys around just either very flat faced asians or short hispanic men
end me
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are you a homosexual person
>Southern california has the most beautiful scenery
>it also has some of the worst ghettos in the US
>no guys around
>just men

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>tfw I went to change panties and fleas flew out again
>tfw mom will have to take me to the doctor to get it checked out again
>tfw utter humiliation as a male doctor inspects my rotten slit

male robots will never know these feels
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>fleas coming out of vag
Srsly tho why do you have fleas coming out of yer clit
Probably krabs. Just wax and they'll leave you alone.
You hairy? Because fleas can't live on you otherwise. Just shave you dumb roastie.

Otherwise they're not fleas, something else.

I want to be a real girl :(
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be my gf then. its a start!
But then you would have a disgusting vagina.

Why would you want that? Dicks are much better.
Are you a man looking like a man or are you a trap

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This is why none of you can get laid. Cling to your guns. Cling to your pepe memes. It's all you'll ever have to live for.
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This man is why I'll never get laid? If I duel him and defeat him will I get laid then?
You gotta level up first. Good luck.
>I can get laid because of normies that spent 2 days on /pol/

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Anybody else like masturbating with their own cum?
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Explain what you mean by that? You mean like using your cum as lube or something?
It's difficult because after I cum I can't get it up for like 30 minutes and at that point the cum pretty much dried up already. You can of course fap without an erection but there's just no pleasure in it and my dick gets really sensitive after I cum.
yeah using it as lube

i just ruin my orgasm. cum shoots out but you don't orgasm.

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is r9k the board of the overweight neets?
mfw skipped by qt3.1.4's on omegle
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omegle is shit now, it's full of chads and "cute boys", even the good interest tags are overtaken by them. we can't even have our short internet chats with pretty girls now :(
omegle is dying i remember when it was like 35k on weekends. now we barely make 20k and it's all full of indians
what's wrong with Indians?

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What music do you listen to, when you feel like shit?



And here something more uplifting. Maybe it helps

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you've got some serious shit taste op. let me enlighten you.
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>talks about bad taste
> likes muse

go eat a fork anon

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Do you think successful people that we looked up to for being cool dudes jerked off to porn?
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yeah, even charlie sheen had a gnarly porn habit and he had mad pussy
>He made his own porn, from what I've read. photographs mostly

Porn is my bad habit. It's my escape from emotional pain.
File: Kurt Cobain.jpg (52KB, 600x832px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Kurt Cobain.jpg
52KB, 600x832px
I doubt it he was a pretty strange guy despite how people make him out to be.

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>its another dad leaves the house in a fit of rage and threatens not to come back episode
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>dies when you're 13
>it's another you've hit rock bottom but there's a drill digging even deeper episode
Louis cmon out you come

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have you guys ever stopped to think the normies might be right?

they lead successful lives and we don't. Maybe we shouldn't dismiss their advice because we don't like them but actually give it some though
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Okay it's painfully obvious who's behind this thread. No I will not consider your advice. I've heard it all a million trillion times and it doesn't fucking work.
Normalfags don't have to deal with the autism, OP. Get a grip.

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