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Second installment of the much awaited late night music thread, let's try keep it going to 6am so come all let's have a great night knowing we don't have to wake up like wagie and work tomorrow.

Let's start off with the meme tier Nirvana, a great cover loved by all


You are free to talk of any subject in the meme bar so bring any topic to the table
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Mayfield seems to have modeled herself on Kurt
Not a lot of people know of Kurt Cobains many trips to India it's something that isn't talked about when compared to the trips that The Beatles had to India
what'd he think?

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Are there any out there? How you guys holding up?

>tfw look up Kaya Scodelario spouse
>Benjamin Walker

I don't know what I was expecting but just... I'm so sick of this life. It's getting harder by the day to keep going.
Stay strong brothers--I hope this message reaches you. Your life is worth it no matter what they say. You have value.
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>inb4 OP isn't a real manlet, just 5'11"
You guys are the ones that seem to obsess over this stupid shit. I'm absolutely short and I don't give a fuck what some semi-famous roastie is fucking
>tfw 5'10

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How tall are you, anon?

Originally speaking, of course.

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>mom, I just got accepted into x school
>that's great son i'm so happy for you
>I just called your cousin and she's comming later
>huh, why?
>she just gratuated from x university and she insisted on comming after hearing the news so she can give you some advices
>w-what? no wait a sec I don't need that
>she's already comming, you don't have anything to lose anyway

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Wtf its your family
How do you give a fuck around family Holy shit
Maybe she can help you not be a loser.
purchas phenibut

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What's you're favourite fruit? What was the last piece of fruit you ate?
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raspberryfag here.

Raspberries were the last thing I ate.
I had some raspberries with breakfast.
My favorite would probably be blueberries.
Literally a mango.

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Say what you want, we all deep down want to be like Chad.

Do you not want to be seen as attractive?
Get fit, smart, and more social?
Make more money?
Have the girls chasing after you?

Come on, of course you do. You can still enjoy your normal robot hobbies (vidya, alcohol, hentai), but coexist with the normies to get the best of both worlds.

Now I'm not saying you'll suddenly grow 5" in dicksize and height, and cure autism, but I maintain you can move from the bottom 20% to the top 30% if you put the work in. You know it's worth it.

So want to talk about how to get there? Share tips, post pictures and give advice on how to improve appearance, discuss hygiene, and how to learn to socialise.

Speaking from experience, this does work. I was an ugly turbo-autist, but just improving a few things about myself made a massive difference. Girls notice you, people treat you better because you can socialise, and you can more quicker up the career ladder.

But hey, if you wanna mope around all your life then whatever, but you know there's so much you're missing out on.
You get one shot at this miserable world, better make it count
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this is literally the most pathetic post in existence

OP is fucking pedro from napoleon dynamite with his nappy crusty ass
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Its easier to give more personalized help rather than broad tips. You gotta see with the clay youre working with first
Yeah of course. Posting a picture and giving a brief description of what's going on in your life would help loads.

There are some general tips that everyone should be doing though

Are blacks the reason you are who you are ?
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Imagine being so pathetic that you actually save a image like this.
left is a shower, right is a grower, it maters when erect not flacid.

seriously, are you fucking stupid? flacid only matters in the showers, but even thats a stupid assumption to make
>age at first erection: 14
who the hell has their first boner that late?

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Any fembots on this board want a 6'2 black shy social reclusive weeb as a bf?
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Coloreds get out
what about us white manlets? Are we doomed?

Nope. Man I wish /pol/ would just go away

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What does /r9k/ think of Miley Cyrus and ber dead petz?
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Absolutely embarrassing

Whenever me and my lads need a laugh we crank this shit up and play vidya
whoever directed Malibu like

I want to move to LA and become friends with that girl and fix her

I think I could do it too. those artists are incompetent
Never enjoyed her music or persona.

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>20 years old
>still feel like im somewhere between 15-17 years old

i know a lot of you feel the same, why do you think this is? my theory is people who are neet dont feel like they age because they do the same thing every day and dont have to work, i'm not neet but i still feel this way its weird
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>tfw 24
still feel like 16yo

i'd probably would still get bullied if i went to hs
i worked 10 years
slaved away for that time
i began at the age of 20 who felt as though 15
now i feel as the age of 10 with many extra years
the job eroded the brain and all esteem
It's because I had friends in high school but I haven't had any since then. I haven't learned how to socialize as an adult and my mental peer group is still 17-18 years old.

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Does anyone have any cuckold stories about fidget spinners, or any writefags willing to write them? There is this asshole at school who uses fidget spinners and has a hot girlfriend so I'd really like something like this.
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your cuckold story collecting will take much work.
>have oneitis
>she gets with someone else and I'm in ruins
>realize they can't be separated
>still want to be with her
>will to share her with someone else if I can just be with her
That's rough man. For what it's worth, I'd love to share your girlfriend.

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I got drunk and put my tongue in my friends ass the other night. We also did 69 with me on top so my gross man asshole was in her face. Now I feel all weird and awkward around her and it sucks cause she's my only friend. Idk what do
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Just act normal you twat
do it again but say you'll let her top
She said this will never happen again when she left. I think she thought my ass was gross. And my tongue was like half an inch inside her butt hole I think she was embarrassed too. Haven't heard from her since. Fuck man

If you don't like them, there's a very high chance you are gay or beta.
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you can thank european genes for that.
Lol fuck that shit whites only
yeah welcome to /r9k/
theres only betas here, not exception

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Does anyone else on here ever get vagina envy?

l don't think I really want to be a woman, but I look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... It just feels like biology and my body have betrayed me.
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I left this board for one month and this shit is still going like wtf I cant even EVEN
Is it true that when girls orgasm with cum inside them it makes them more likely to get pregnant?
No. Time of the month and depth are the main factors outside sperm motility and number.
No but sometimes i wonder what its like having a dick.

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hey robots, how did you do in highschool?
>were you bullied?
>did you get good grades?
>have any friends?
pic not related
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1 no
2 yes
3 no
>were you bullied?
no, I just played football
>did you get good grades?
>have any friends?
after school/college we just gradually stopped contacting each other, now I have no friends what so ever.
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originally a shitty exxperience

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>That feel when one day Wojak will be an old dinosaur meme that no one uses anymore because they have moved on and he has no relevancy anymore.

Ever noticed how carcinogenic the oldfag 4chan memes were? Reddit tier. Not funny. Thats how Wojak will become.

Love him and appreciate him while we still have him, you never know when he will be gone.
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Haruhi bored.png
128KB, 640x358px
>Ever noticed how carcinogenic the oldfag 4chan memes were?

As a matter of fact, I have not.
Lolcats originated from 4chan.
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oldfag memes are funny. you sound like you just started using the internet 2 years ago.

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