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>You have already reported this post, or someone with your IP has already reported it.
I didn't report anything, looks like one of my family is a robot, or maybe a fellow robot is stealing my wifi.
Pic might be related.
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if you log into your router you can see what devices are connected
does your wifi have a password to connect?
yes it does, and I have a big family so it's hard to tell who's doing what,

yeah its someone in your family. Should be easy to pinpoint who?

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Do you ever think about getting revenge on your parents for creating your ugly ass?
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Thats what being a basement dwelling NEET is for

Reminding them they should have never reproduced
It's not their fault, they didn't choose this. It's pretty pathetic to not respect all your parents do to support your useless consuming ass desu.
isn't it kind of revenge enough that they'll never get grandkids or anything to be proud of from me

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Normie album or nah?
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Everything Drake does is normie tier. When he's sad Drake, he makes Stacy music, when he's confident Drake he makes Tyrone music.
Call it normie is way too wide. It's for teenage girls.
>implying black guys listen to Drake

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>tfw no bonus hole boyfriend
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>no boys allowed
>tfw no bf
This is a feels thread, you dirty man.
I'm the only person keeping the thread alive you fucking virgin

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Why don't you dress well? Pic related is one of /fa/s favourite posters, you guys could take some notes from him. He's rocking Supreme and Rick Owens in this revolutionary fit.
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There's no notes to be taken from that Chinaman in retro-diaper fatigues, his style is his own and if it works for him, if works for him. It wouldn't work for normalfags or even Chad, Chad doesn't have the mental illnesses necessary to pull it off, so why would it work for me? For one thing, I'm more interested in a clean, muted, earthy aesthetic and not so interested in spending way more than necessary just to get a trendy logo which is all Rick Owens is good for

I know decent fashion, I have some interest in it, I just have no motivation, need, opportunity, point in it. I don't talk to women, I don't take public transport, I avoid concentrations of people who can't remember 9/11, I loathe what western culture has become, I'd rather never step into a city again, etc. I don't need a sick fit to go wageslaving, to play vidya, or go on a journey for alc/weed. Why ruin my raw Japanese selvedge denim and white kicks at work when I have simple shirts, comfortable shorts, and autism shoes?
wtc floral sweater?
He looks like he just pulled shit out of drawers and put it on. He has on Lilo & Stitch pajamas. He's just doing shit to be doing it at this point. This is what passes as streetwear in 2017, tucking your pajamas into your socks.

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>still parts his hair to the right
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what's wrong with it?
origanal post
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>he cares about how he looks
>still has hair left
And you call yourselves robots

Fucked my ass again and now I am going to be having to beware every fart for a few days and have stomach troubles, and sleep with two pairs of underwear to not shit myself in my sleep tonight.

I wish I never discovered analbation
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Thanks for convincing me to never try it bro.
You should not, it becomes an addiction, and you end up with an internal prolapse and some hemorrhoids, and stuck trying to not do it but caving in once a month until you bleed from your anus after multiple orgasms
What the fuck, that's not good
I have my gf fuck me all the time and never have I experienced any of that.
Just a loose ass that goes away after a while.
See a doctor.
Say you slipped and a banana wentup your ass.

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Vocaroo thread?

I am bored and wanting to talk. Share you own voice (or just write something) or put down something you would like to hear.
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Hey, you worthless sack of shit, why haven't you killed yourself yet?

Thanks in advance. ;3
tried to do impersonation
Could anyone say " I'm so tired " or a variation of it ? Preferably long or drawn-out but not too much. I'm hoping to sample it for a song and chop/stretch it

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please leave a unique post in my thread
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The composition in this piece is marvelous. The way it is so sbtle about its theme is a whole work in itself. The briony wang of my star spangled bang cuts with rocks.
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I hope that when I die, the energy released from my body one day reforms inside a new vessel far into the future and far away from planet Earth. I hope that I'm an incomprehensibly inhuman being capable of traversing the universe at light speeds and connecting to infinite dimensions. I hope that in a neural network of the higher levels there is a massive interdimensional version of 4chan where I can shitpost and spam memes with other beings as surreal and otherworldly as myself.

These are my hopes for the afterlife.

We all live together Now!

Welcome Home Everyone!
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I love you all.

except carl, he's a little bitch.
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trap here can i invite random twinks for sex?
All r9k tastes are Welcome just don be a Stranger ok.

guys. my mom, without knowing it, has the container i put my cocaine in.

What do i do
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act calm and finesse it back, if you panic you're fucked
Lol one time my mom found an empty coke baggie in my pants that I forgot about and accused me of smoking pot

If you have money to buy coke you shouldn't be living with your parents to begin with. Fucking normie piece of shit.

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What is that one song you had on repeat lately?
You know the one I'm talking about, whenever you hit youtube it's the first song you open.
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I've been obsessively listening to this album.


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Why can't people be honest when they discriminate against ugly people? Why do they pretend it's something to do with "personality"?
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ugly on the inside ugly on the outside
"Can I sit here?" Problem fixed.
it probably really feels that way

some guy today was trying to talk to me but he was old like 30s and fat and had his hair slicked back and was wearing highwater stiff unfashionable jeans and autism shoes

no matter what he was saying I felt uncomfortable around him

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She's ruining her mind, her body, and her future. Do you think she'll continue down this path or wills he get clean?
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leave her alone tom
File: 1494906436699.jpg (195KB, 900x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
195KB, 900x1200px

but I love her and want to see her happy.
Hope she becomes an unoriginal heroin addict.

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>just got into a relationship with a stacy
I'll always be accepted here right? R-right?
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Post a picture you stupid.

And it's Stacey.
All Stacies have taken the big horse cock and should be avoided. You know this already.
get out original traitor

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