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Why would you choose to not be sedated?

everything is wonderful on valium.
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I've got some form of generalized anxiety disorder coupled with a paranoid personality, so naturally I experience heavy panic attacks as well as a latent sense of impending doom. Psychiatrists recently prescribed me Xanax and after taking it for two weeks I can only urge people to stay the fuck off that stuff. Sure it will completely erase any feeling of anxiety within thirty minutes, but the crash you have to deal with afterwards just makes it not worthwhile. As soon as I stopped taking my daily dose, the feelings of dread and hopelessness only increased by something like 200%. And I won't even get into the subject of withdrawals. Wanna feel like you have the flu for weeks ? Go ahead, knock yourself out
This is a fast track to hell. Stop making these threads.
Xanax makes you stupid.

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If you are a smoothskin, you CANNOT be a robot PERIOD
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I know your feel anon.
I've had acne since I was 11, I am now 18 nearly 19.
It has got much better though, but it ruins my confidence.
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>tfw been a smoothskin all my life
>face suddenly got absolutely BTFOed at 17
It's been 3 years, I've tried everything and nothing works. Only thing left is acceptance.
Shut your goddamn mouths. A bit of acne is nothing compared to the torment of psoriasis. Try having a chronic auto-immune disease that makes you look like sawdust on salami AND makes you sore and itchy. Psoriasis completely destroyed my teenage years; even to this day I sometimes avoid social events when my skin is having an especially bad day. I mean, its not so bad if I avoid sugar and keep on top of my creme duties (which is a massive pain in the ass in itself) but still...all you acne faggots need to do is take cold showers, drink some green tea, and stop touching your faces with your greasy fucking cheeto-covered hands.

Oh look, roasties trying to justify that you're lucky she's taking somebody elses cock, because it could be way worse...
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link to article
Always run it through an archive
>but as a recent Ask Reddit thread pointed out
>"Cheating gets all the hype but what are some things that are actually more harmful to relationships in your experience?"
jesus reddit really is filled with cuckolds

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Do girls really find you more attractive if you ignore them?
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maybe if you're chad
it doesn't matter what you do when you're a 3/10 robot
No but if you ever get a girlfriend you will find that women immediately find you more desirable, they think if someone else chose you that you must be a good catch.
Only if they're attracted to you to begin with

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New card.

What do you think /r9k/?
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Very nice dudie.
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Nice card now sell me this pen
Holy shit he had trips all along!

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>tfw /r9k/ is full of whores aka "fembots", their beta orbiters and white knights
What the fuck happened?
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a slower /b/ thats what happend
You turned gay anon,That's what happened
don't be mean to us we're bots too

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I had actual fucking sex for the first time with my gf. I feel like I accomplished my fucking life mission. 21 years old and PROUD TO SAY I LOST MY V-CARD.

Fuck the memes, life is what you make of it. I was severely depressed after not losing my virginity in high school and being a fucking social loser but those experiences helped for me to be the better man I am today.

Never give up robots, for the brightest day comes after the blackest night
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gtfo from /r9k/ now, bye
Good for you, but it's impossible for me. It's not something that's destined to happen to everyone.
norman, kindly fuck off

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Does free will actually exist?
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Short answer: no.txt
I don't see what It matters. Free will won't cure my depression, and determinism won't either so whatever
nah, it does not. but whether or not its just an illusion ultimately meaningless since it doesn't change your perception of reality one bit.

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ITT: post pics of people you look like
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I wish I was two and a half inches taller like him desu
imagine you bob dylan except severely balding
fuck my life
*young bob dylan

i keep making errors typing out wrong words in almost every post what the hell is up with that

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How does this image make you feeI?
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annoyed at the faggot for man spreading
Horny , guys with nice thighs are my weakness
>Horny , guys with nice thighs are my weakness

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Why don't robots just create a game like stardew valley and get super rich? I'm trying doesn't require much programming skills it was made by one dude and now he's loaded
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Guys a really good programmer. I cant wrap my head around coding anon. Tried codeacademy, khanacademy, countless books. Tried to learn C, perl, python, ruby, javascript

I can do the exercises but i have no clue how to implement game functions
No motivation.

>tfw all it would take is somebody asking for progress every day
He's not really a programmer and said so himself. He just had an idea and worked hard on it

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> girls dont wear bras at home
i always thought it was something like underwear where it would be weird if you wear any under your clothes.
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if you didnt wear*
Didn't you know they're pretty uncomfortable? I thought that was common knowledge.

>girls can be fucking disgusting
My cousin took her bra off in front of me when we were both staying over at our grandparents' place. We were 14 at the time. My life has never been the same.
So yeah, I knew, OP.

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If so what did he say?
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everything in the bible


God is a mime
He hasn't spoken to me but he has given me his grace

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>Doesn't smoke cigarettes

Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both?

>b-but it kills you

And? Was life a contest about who lives the longest?

>it's addicting!!!

It's not, as long as you're not under-age and you can smoke in moderation

>it's....IT'S EXPENSIVE!!!

Who forces you to buy a pack everyday, fucking peat-gavel
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alright so what are the good sides of smoking?
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>he has to ask
No hope for you, manchild

>>Tabacco shilling this hard

I know cigarette smoking is at an all time low but shouldn't you be off putting up poster ads in low income neighborhoods? Clock is ticking wagey

How do I stop being like pic related? It's so accurate it hurts me
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explain to me the terminology behind this picture
it's the failed normalfag manifesto
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i have a similar image sawed

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