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OK I believe u
But my Tommy gun don't.
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devil and god>>>
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>tfw Brand New will never make a new album
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U wanna recommend more music like this and title fight?

>God probably doesn't exist
>neither does an afterlife
>or reincarnation
>or a do-over
>the world is not perfect and just
>your gaze falls upon yourself and you're dissatisfied with what you see
>you look behind you: nothing
>you look before you: oblivion

What do you do, /r9k/? What action shall you take?
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Live to suffer
Step forward.
Blue mountains

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>have to play the captcha minigame
>"keep clicking all roads until they disappear"
>click all roads till they disappear
>click verify
>it's telling me to click more roads
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>he still uses recaptcha
Have you tried clicking all the roads?
I just came in here to laugh at you.

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Any of you fellow robots play World of Warcraft here and wanna be my friend on it since i basically have none, i just wanna have comfy chats with someone whilst i do dungeons:(
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Maybe if it was nilla/bc/wotlk

But WoW is for faggots ever since Cata. Sry breh. Enjoy your shitty empty husk of a game with a bunch of other shitters that were either 1. underage during the golden age or 2. too fucking stupid to realize they're playing a garbage game.
Horde or Alliance??

It's a game you bitter autist. Take your unwarranted elitism to /v/.

WoW is still fun if you play with friends, as are most things.

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How big is your Pepe collection, /r9k/?

Mine is ~1400 images strong. I don't care whether Pepe's creator killed him off. Blepe is fucking retarded and a forced meme.
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hello there OP
how are you doing today
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pretty good fag
Lol get on my level faggot

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>tfw 19 and still a virgin

Is it over lads?
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still young
if you can find a girl before age 20 you still have a chance at seeming normal
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How far out are you?

Why don't you have a cute weeaboo black gf?
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I'm stumped. Why don't I have a cute weeaboo black gf?
>tfw no dbs
>tfw no dfc
>tfw no dsl
>tfw no acronyms
because god hate weeaboo

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Would you be promiscuous if you had Chad tier genes and looks?

If all the girls you met showed interest in you would you take advantage of them?
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I don't know, I'd be a different person if I looked different. That being said even though I'm ugly as sin I wouldn't change a thing.
I'd still just want an average looking chubby girl to marry and impregnate.
I feel like I could be promiscuous even as ugly as I am if I wanted. So probably not.

What is /r9k/ opinion on pic related
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he was a sick cunt but also a faggot and he knew he was both
did he die an origami virgin?
I wish I had the motivation and dedication to strive for a body like him. Man I would have give up the best foods and alcohol.
Being 260 at 6'1 is fucking horrible.

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So anons, why is it that you ghost people?
Do you regret ghosting another anon in the past? Do you miss talking to them at all?
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I realized I prefer being alone to being with other people so I cut contact with everyone I knew and began living a reclusive life
you make it sound so simple

but it's not.
I ghosted a group of irl friends a month ago. feels bad desu

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I'm sorry for being a neurotic trainwreck. It was only a matter of time before you noticed anyway. I would have blocked me too.
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[Press all three buttons]
You're a kind soul. It's nice to see people like you exist and sad to see you're the ones who want to leave.

Picture is wrong

Last button should be "End The World"

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>tfw raped my 78 year old neighbour

she was standing unconcious and i just humped her
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Wow dude, hopefully thats a new low for you
standing unconscious you say
At least she wasn't dead

Is there anything more sexy than impregnating a woman darker than you?
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Nice try Goldstein, bring your a game next time.
impregnating a man

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What happened to GBP stories?

Post 'em.
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People actually came from this board from other things then some retarded youtube video. That is literally one small meme that was forgotten quite a while ago, but since you watched a "le funny 4chan video XD" you think it's some big inside joke you're in on. It's really not, fuck off normie.
They got replaced by fag green text stories because gays and femanons came here and destroyed this board
Nah, there was a large-ish thread about it at the beginning of 2017, then nobody said a word about it.

It was pretty funny d.e.s.u, and I'm wondering if anybody has any more stories

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>finally get the courage to talk to people
>make a new friend
>haven't talked in voice chat
>he wants to watch anime with me in voice chat

finding something to talk about was hard enough
talking on mic is already hard enough to think about
now we have to watch anime ON VOICE CHAT

what do i do? what do i say? im afraid.. i'm going to sit there quiet the entire time and its gonna be soo awkward

do i laugh at what happens in the show or do i talk about it while were watching or what do i even do i've never been through this before

i just wanna quit and leave i cant handle this pressure
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Watching a show/anime/movie and talking sounds like cancer.
>yeah anon lets talk over the program it'll be great!

Ghost him Anon he deserves it.
I second anon. Ghost him.
Thought you were talking about real life friends
Discord ''friends'' are cancer

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