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How many of you are real robots? How are we supposed to ever get a gf?

C5/6 Tertaplegic here
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I'm developing MS.
On meds, how noticeable is it?
Muscular Dystrophy here. It's a wild ride

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> match with 8/10 on tinder
> ask her on date
> she gives me her number
> week later
> day of, today
> stops texting me
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I dont know how to feel about this shit
what do I do fukckckkcc
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It's an 8/10

8/10s always going to have a cherry picking list of alphas to choose from.

She gave you a chance to strike her curiosity by seeing if you're an interesting person and you failed.

Don't even ask for a date next time just ask for casual sex, you should know how woman are by now.

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Anybody else have this vague feeling that they've had since they were a young kid? Like slightly remembering a recurring dream you used to have? And the feeling is sad and alone, but also comfortable? Like being really alone, alone in the universe, with only that nasty orange light they have at night, just drowning your eyes? Does anybody know that feel?

Post rare feels I guess
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I also have a childhood reminiscing feeling. It's this strong, yet comforting loneliness. I have flashbacks of cuddling with my mom every time I get this feeling. It's weird, cause I feel lonely, yet why would I have felt lonely while cuddling with my mom back then.

Maybe it's because I know no one else will ever love me.
I have this feeling that it's an addiction to sadness thing
I've had recurring fever dreams where I'm standing on a catwalk (like the ones at theaters, not the fashion runway kind) which is surrounded by a dark void.

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>fur threads have been getting to me lately
>guilty of fapping to fur
>especially mares
>there is just something about it
>was fapping while browsing fur thread just now
>pictures just isnt enough and I've tried looking for videos before but find nothing
>google "mare anal"
>find video of a guy fucking a mare in the ass
>disgusted but at the same time I feel like I must fap
>cum almost 20 secounds into the video
>instant regret and shame

what the hell is wrong with me
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It's time to stop, Anon.
too much porn messes with your head. just try taking a break from watching porn for a few months. if you need to jack off, try and stick to stuff that's not that lewd like magazines or your i m a g i n a t i o n.
Could be worse
Imagine how that guy must feel
You get to cp yet?

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Which anime character do you associate with the most?
For me it's Mr. Fafnir from Dragon Maid, spends all day playing vidya and hates people.
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all anime character is basically normies.

I'm a loser with no money and lots of debt
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Picture is heavily related

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What's a job you can get with just a high school education and keep all your life with decent career perspective that wouldn't be too shameful (e.g. McDonald's, if you're working there past 22 you'll be laughed at until you kys), any idea robots?
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stop making threads like this

stop killing me

I'm losing it ahhh
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Military if you don't mind the risks of getting shot/blown up I suppose.

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How do I know when to moisturize my willy?
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I'm curious. Are you really the same guy always sharing your penis photo or do impostors pretend to be you as well? The penis head thing is crazy dude.
Thanks. It's my dick. I'm on a journey to find a woman with a fetish for papules. Not going so well but I'm staying optimistic.
You could consider penile restoration through stretching/mitosis. >inb4 Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/foreskin_restoration/ When you have enough skin to cover it 24/7, it should begin to dekeratinize, and resemble a natural penis again. Full foreskin, soft glans, improved sensitivity due to growth of new nerve endings, proper thrust, overall improved masturbatory and intercourse capability and pleasure, etc.

I'm working on it myself, but it's difficult to hold a routine for something like this. Maybe it's easier if you watch a lot of videos/anime.

Why are there so many Stacy teachers who fuck their Chad students? Seems like there's a new one in the news every few months.

>A disgraced female maths teacher is behind bars accused of having sex with three teenage pupils.

>Erin McAuliffe, 25, was arrested by police in North Carolina after colleagues and pupils at Rocky Mount Preparatory were interviewed in a month-long probe.

>The maths tutor is alleged to have had sex with three teenage boys, two aged 17 and a 16-year-old, away from school, police said.

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they are usually attractive too, its fucking weird as fuck. shit like this really bores a hole in my soul
It pays decently well and allows them to travel around the summer to slut it up in foreign countries. Also, constant attention of the boys they teach
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Like why would she even bother? She could easily get a Chad her own age or even a college student.

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Was late 2006/2007 the moment where early 2000s-style feelsgoodman shit ended and we entered the social media hellhole we're still in today?
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Several instances of classic 90s shows ending doesent fuck shit up, it's the autistic parents of the kids in this generation that did.
Paul Tagliabue was unironically worse than goodell. That's such a weird thing to include
Wasn't that Sonic game supposed to be absolute trash? I do feel you on TT though.

>small dick

This is why we need eugenics.
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it must be hard to go about your daily life with all that insecurity
Hitler was right, desu. If every inferior race and trait was exterminated losers like me or you would be handsome successful men instead.
If I had better attributes I would have very little to feel insecure about.

Hey there wagie! Glad to see you can relax a little after working so hard all day :(
Oh, but look at the time. You've gotta get some supper in you before you go to bed in a few hours, and have to do all this again tomorrow! Better not waste any more time here, you don't have much of it, poor little wagie :(
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Nope, my three day weekend just started. Talk to me again on Tuesday night, neetie.
I know these threads are satire, but kek.

>be me
>student and wagie
>worked on a writing project until 5am
>going to part-time job from 8pm until 3am
>do the same thing next weekend and the week after
>literally nothing to do from Monday through Friday every week

>leaving the country in just over two weeks
>on vacation until 2018

Feels good, man. I'm happy to wage away today, tomorrow, and for another four or five days through the end of June.
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Hey there NEETfag! I'm glad that today was utterly pointless and that you continue to waste your life never accomplishing anything and being a burden on everyone!
It must be so great having utterly no individual or social worth that your only recourse is to troll on 4chan to hide your misery and ineptitude, I'm totally jealous

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Anyone here actually enjoying cucking?
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Even on the most morally degenerate website of all time, people don't want to admit to enjoying cuckholding.
Really makes your brain gears turn fast, huh?
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nothing turns me on more than a big nigger bbc fucking and cumming in a white girl my age.
Ahahahahahah youre a KEK LMAO

>He ,Dead, wasn't a guy you could know very well. I think even the other guys in Mayhem didn't know him very well. He was hard to get close to. I met him two weeks before he died. I'd met him maybe six to eight times, in all. He had lots of weird ideas. I remember Aarseth was talking about him and said he did not have any humor. He did, but it was very obscure. Honestly, I don't think he was enjoying living in this world, which of course resulted in the suicide.

>Before the shows, Dead used to bury his clothes into the ground so that they could start to rot and get that grave scent. He was a corpse on a stage. Once he even asked us to buryhimin the ground - he wanted his skin to become pale.

>During one tour with Mayhem, he found a deadcrowand kept it in a plastic bag. He often carried it about with him and would smell the bird before going onstage, to sing "with the stench of death in his nostrils".He also kept dead birds under his bed

Was he the ultimate robot?
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no, he was just fascinated by death. That's why his nickname was Dead.
What is pic related ?
This is an original post my man
Mayhem live album. After Dead, the guy in the picture, committed suicide, his bandmate, Euronymous, took the picture and put it on an album.

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Do you guys wanna see some real cringey shit? Warning: It involves a long dead meme and a faggot in a morphsuit
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Just checking in case I should share the link since it's unlisted
Sure, post it

Ok I'll post the link. Be prepared

Is BA actually worth anything in the US? It seems to me that there are so many people there with BA, where i come from, having only BA equals unemployment
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Depends on what its in and if you have connections to anyone who needs someone with that BA

Networking if like 10x more important to finding your career than the actual degree
So it also goes that way in America?
Basically you find a job if you know a guy who knows a guy?
If you don't have a vocational type degree then don't bother, if you're looking for a job email the recruitment people in a large company in your town, find out what sort of degrees they would want you to have, and possibly they'll like the proactivity and maybe help you with work experience if nothing else. But yeah, it's like asking if high school is worth it, or not having a criminal record is worth it, just because it is common doesn't mean it makes it less necessary to get a job.

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