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Please tell me some share some recent moments of your life that remind you that you are a robot.

>On bus to my weekly trip to the store for food
>Notice everyone sit down next to me and imminently get up and move.
>Got to the point where they are standing rather then sitting next to me.
>Start getting anxious
>I stand up and ask the person who just got up if they would like a seat
>They sit down and now I am standing
>Couple stops go by and now I sit down next to them
>Couple seconds go by and I realise I have now trapped them by the window
>Panic and get off at the stop we were at
>No idea where we are but I start walking acting like this is what I meant to do
>Wait till bus is out of distance I walk back to the bus stop to get on the next one.
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why do you think they get up after sitting next to you OP?
>wake up
>go to computer
>go on /R9K/
>for like 11 hours
>night time already
>realize have no gf
>get sad
>eat some cheerios
>look back at what i did today

this is the robot life r-right?
>try to organise thing
>about two people want to do thing
>drink alone instead of accepting failure
>those two people move even further away

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/r9k/ why haven't you lived up to your potential?
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Mostly because I just want to die, so I never tried
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I've never trained my discipline.
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I'm very tired. I was born exhausted.

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>Me: are you down for taking some drinks one of these days?
>Her: Yeah! I'd like to!
>Me: facebook image of fish using a suit and thumbing up
>Me: Is saturday cool for you?
>Her: Yeah, that's right! But I'm working from 7pm to 2am tho haha
>Me: True dat
>Me: So after you leave work?
10 minutes later
>Her: Okay :)
>Me: cool
>Me: we'll talk then
Did I do alright?
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post picture of fish plox
Here you've got, friendo
Should've made it Friday, nice fish pic, totally stealing

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>go with the biker meme
>still a robot so do solo night rides
>tonight at a stop some random drunk whore asks for a ride
>give her the show of revving the shit out of it all the way to her destination
>asks for my number and says she wants to fuck later
>too autistic/shy/moralistic to follow up
She is texting me and I'm too much of a bitch to respond. I just want to bang a girl I love not some random whore T_T
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R I P windows fucking me with my camera pictures.
text her back, dont be a pussy, this is your one shot at getting out of this place.
don't care just don't bother others with your shitty noisy gaycycle you fucking retard
go bent and die on someones bumper

Why are LA girls so cute?
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so they can fuck chad
Because they move there to become an actor/musician/model, all jobs where being attractive gives you a pretty big advantage
I live in LA and I'm not even close to being that cute.

I think this is a good explanation.

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>tfw only happy when on drugs
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That's why they are drugs and not water or some shit.

Cunts took over the outside completely but you can still do interesting adventures on the inside (of your mind)

What drugs do (you) use, senpai?
>tfw drugs are bad and I'm afraid to do them and I wouldn't have the money to anyways
>tfw watch all those channels that talk about their experiences and it sounds amazing but I don't want to do it
>tfw can't get lucid dreaming to work either

I'm stuck with video games and it hurts

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Commento original
It may be simple but I'd still like to hear some thoughts
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she wants the D, pursue relentlessly
She doesn't like you. You're a creep.
I thought so but didn't want to assume.

I'm the only robot here, all you guys are outgoing and show your faces online, I can't talk to anyone and have no esteem
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You can talk to me if it helps
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Say something anonymously then, baby steps
No, fuck off Chad minor. Your just some hot normie that's here for memes

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U made Asian boy?
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Ling Ling foa Stacey?

Shi shi li
not mad but i do admit she is actually very cute

Elliott finally found a happy life.

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Question: Is imageboard culture considered a valid interest?

I mean I do know a lot about 4chan and it's history I suppose. And I can't really claim to have any other interests, I don't do anything except browse 4chan.

What do you say when people ask what your interests are?

gaymers / anime watchers not invited sorry. You have legitimate interests.
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I would just call it internet subcultures in general
I generally put down what i did in HS
Band and Theater production/woodworking
Was pretty gr8/8
But definitely the most robot things i could've done.
Academically sure, it probably isn't going to make you many normie friends though.

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I have no strength of mind. Fucking help.
Listen to my bullshit

>2 girls
>been very intimate with both of them at separate times
>Girl A used to be QT3.14, but got pretty depressed and gained a lot of weight
>we break up
>Girl B is 8/10 hot (my preferences mostly)
>Girl B is wife material but had a wild past that ended up scarring herself in a few ways
>Girl A is good friend when she's in a good mood but isn't a sweetheart and hasn't been romantic in a long time. We don't have the chemistry we used to.
>Girl A has the best feeling sex ever
>Girl B is great for sweetness and romance
>Girl B is hot and sex is fun but doesn't feel even nearly as good

>I can't stop thinking about A in regards to sex.
>It's so easy to take what I want from her, too. She likes that.
>A hates B, though. And she can't stand that I have feelings for B.
>Both worship me sexually like a god. I'm in a constant state of imbalance between "I'm worthless" and "I'm a god"

Wanting to chase A is tearing me apart. I can't get rid of these urges. But I love B in a way that I haven't seen in A for a long time. I'm getting to the point where I'm having nightmares about losing either of them.

I'm losing my mind over wanting old gf as a fuck buddy best friend and newer girl as a loving waifu.

I'm afraid of getting tired of one over missing the other. What the fuck is wrong with me?
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>What the fuck is wrong with me?
You're shitting up my board normie that's what's wrong here

You could try talking to girl B?????
That way you don't end up just hurting some one based off of completely selfish reasons and losing everything????
I fucking wish

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Heya robots how are you doing? I've posted here a few times and now I have some interesting to share...
> Being a 27 yo virgin I decide to act stacy and go on Tinder.
> Match a fatty cool lad, talk to him for about two months and have some dates, like having ice cream, stuff like that
> After some time I decide to give him a chance. He aways invited me to go to his flat but I never did.
> He wants to make out, takes his shirt off... wew I think he's a C cup. I feel disconfort in general, but it is my chance
> Grabs me tight, kiss my neck, etc... but I don't feel anything except disconfort.
> Asks me if he can eat me. My heart rushes and I say no. Asks me if he can lick my boobies and I say no, also I started to feel really bad.
> Attempts to pull of my jeans again and I stop him, at this point Im feeling dizzy for being so nervous.
> He kiss me this time with tongue pulling me really close. And at some point I just had to push him away because I was feeling very nauseus and dizzy. I thought I was going to throw up...
> I ask to go home. He offers me a ride. During the ride he shows off how fucking mad he is at me.
> I apologize for giving him so much trouble once or twice.
> mfw he never talks to me again
So yeah, never again I will try to have sex ever again. I have so much mixed feelings right now. I came to the conclusion that not everyone are fit for this kind of stuff. Can't wait for my powers 3 years from now.
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You're problem is that you went with someone so inexperienced. Not to boast but I've had sex quite a lot for being a 19 yo robot (2 ltr ~10 casual) and I can tell ya that's *not* how to fuck a girl much less a virgin.

He should've been ok with making out a bit, shouldn't have ripped hs shirt off like he was Tarzan or something but most importantly he should've been ok with stopping whenever u wanted, but making everything so cool and pleasant that I'd want to see him again.

Eventually the making out wld get hotter, you'd want ur tits sucked. Maybe that's all that happens for 2 or 3 dates. Eventually he kisses u from ur tits down ur stomach towards ur cunt and ur soaking and pretty much rip ur panties off.

And the tongue is pretty much the prelude to his throbbing cock, which he eases in only about 2 or 3 inches, gently up and down ur moist slit that keeps hotter and puffer.

Then slow thrusts, working to some serious fucking.

All this he's focused on what makes you feel good, what makes you gasp and turn pink and red and makes you gasp and moan.

Then he somehow syncs with as then you start to claw his back and moan "I'm cumming" at which he fucks you hard and then you come.

ez pz
Was it just because he was fat and gross? You should only do stuff like that with someone you're attracted to, of course it'll make you feel bad if you're not.
sounds like a roastie was in the right for once, huh

also out of curiosity, how often do you shave?

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I'm NEET, autistic spectrum, virgin, under 5'10'' no friends no gf ever, but I'm happy. Why do I still frequent this pit of Abaddon teeming with depression, suidical ideation, self-harm, sexual deviancy, and hatred?
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Because we are just like you. Nowhere else online is there a community where you truly feel you belong.
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Abaddon is more successful than most of us will be. I'd be proud to be in his hell.
You're in the situation but you're not a whiny histrionic little bitch with a defeatist mentality

i don't think i'm actually gay, guys. not gay enough to date or fuck or kiss a totally non-feminine, non-cute guy. but i met one who lives near me. he already knows my real name and roughly where i live, along with an approximation of my appearance. what the fuck do i do? i'm getting cold feet and i'm kinda scared.

i really just want a gf but no girl will even give me the time of day.
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r9k is turning you into a flamer. This board is deepy homosexual. It's probably too late for you busta
i mean i like looking at dicks attached to really girly guys, like in porn, but i'm repulsed by the idea of being intimate with someone with a masculine face and a beard. i don't know what i've gotten myself into.

>you're gonna be that gay eventually
i don't want to be fucked, i want to do the fucking
please respond i don't know how i should break this off

i don't want to make him mad or hurt his feelings any more than necessary

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What happens when reality itself makes you sad? I can't make that problem go away.

I don't like how cruel life is. Not in a petty sense, but the people I love dying and never coming back for example, only for me to feel that same helplessness as I crumble into nothingness is sometimes too much to bear.

Especially since my life is to pitiful compared to others. I've achieved exactly nothing. I've watched my mother grow into an old lady from the middle aged woman she was, and it's just something about it that makes me want to shed tears.

Seeing my dog's fur start greying slowly makes me want to shed tears. My father never quitting smoking as he approaches 60 makes me want to shed tears. My sister being so vindictive and unforgiving of my mother makes me want to shed tears.

Life sucks, man.
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Chin up! The best is yet to come.

Sent from my ass using Tapatookookie.
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I don't know, anon. What do you do when the things which weigh on your conscious are brute facts, not contingent on anything you control? There's no answer in my head on it. You can distract yourself. But At that point, you are admitting that life itself is too hard for you, so you refuse to live it.
Not a threat. There will be an excellent happening. Eventually. Not sure when.

Sent from my ass using Tapatookookie.

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