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>leaving class
>walking to car
>see guy getting ready to back out
>know he doesn't see me behind him
>wait for him to back out anyway
I had the perfect opportunity to get hit, get some lawsuit $$ and extensions on all my assignments why did I stop reeee
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cuz you are a faggot.
also hi devilman
I hate stupid drivers

>crossing street
>stop signs not for cross traffic
>bus comes
>slams on its breaks
>I'm standing on the corner looking at him
>wave him on
>point at the stop signs on the other sides of the streets
>sits there until I awkwardly cross

I hate shitty drivers
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>get off work
>4 way stop outside of the parking garage
>bitch tries to cut in line
>honk at her and go around her
>she follows me for ~3 miles to yell at me for it

Tinder is the final nail in the coffin that is dating culture.
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Disagree. It's a very useful tool to meet local people quickly, and finding the "one" is really just an elaborate process of elimination. Just because it doesn't work for us doesn't mean it's not valuable.
eh no..

It enables womens capability to choose only the top of men. Stable societies rely on semi fair pair bonding. Shits been fucked for a while though desu, tinder is small change compared to letting women vote/work
Agree. Fuck this shit. Oh, we care about how people look and one sentence. Fuck. Dating is terrible.

>tfw small breasted gf who's embarrassed by her breast size
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>tfw no small-breasted gf to fondle
Kinda hard to find a girl embarrassed by her figure since most guys would go for her anyway.
Dude, how do you look IRL? I'm sure you don't look like a frog. Why are you posting the le ebin meme frog anyway?

>see a qt teenage girl with thigh gap

>immediately burst into tears and hide behind book
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What the fuck is BDD
And why isn't this orginal
Well have you tried not being fat?
>ywn make her feel beautiful

>tfw scary onii-chan is playing music out loud at 1:30 AM
>tfw loud sounds scare you
>tfw too scared to ask him to turn it down
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call the cops or take care of it yourself covertly
stop talkin shit. oregano
I'm too scared
He really scares me and makes me paranoid

If you want more than just a quick fuck, is being a "relationship material" man the real easy mode? It isn't even difficult to be one. It's just that, at any given time, so many men are thoroughly shit or otherwise unavailable. You get to pick what you want and not have unwanteds coming at you every day. Only total shitters, who don't know all the little things women are expected to do, believe being one is the easiest.
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try again op, that made no fucking sense.
> It isn't even difficult to be one
how do you define becoming a "relationship man"
The only men who are willing to commit are the ones who have no other options.

Notice how chads don't commit, and that people like robots are the only guys bragging abou how committed they would be? It's because they bring nothing else to the table.


Defining yourself as a "relationship material man" is pretty much admitting that you have nothing else besides commitment to offer.
Just be a skookum choocher :^)

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which one would you do and more like this desu
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I'm stuck between either Gondola Road or NEET Castle
Nakama is the most tempting and the most sad at the same time.
This looks interesting but I'm not about to read all of it

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who here /night driving/? I mean, is there a n y t h i n g on earth that is more relaxing than taking a nice drive in the middle of the night with the cold wind in your face and nobody else except you and your car?
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I mean I don't have my license but yeah.
>>36104976yeH THawt cR LOOKA DAOPE ll murdered out -leo
I would but it's a waste of gas.

Night cycling > night driving

>wake up at 1pm
>don't want to get out of bed because muh depression
>set a goal for myself the night before to at least drive to Gamestop and buy P5
>accomplish this
>immediately go home and drink my grandma's vodka
>antidepressants fuck with my buzz
>feel like shit, go back to sleep for 6 hours
>wake up, get on /r9k/
>still haven't touched it

Convince me to play it robots
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video games are a waste of time desu

not that it isn't good to waste time once and a while, but it sounds like you should be finding something that makes you feel more fulfilled
You really shouldn't mix antidepressants with hard liquor man.
something tells me this thread isn't going as you hoped it would

>just smoke weeb bro it feels good

I cant be the only one that hates weed? I smoke it and I feel so paranoid and anxious. It feels like I'm manually using my organs as well. I also get a large headache afterwards. How in any was does this feel good?
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I don't like it but I don't hate it. Maybe you tried some shitty weed
Because not everyone acts and reacts like you do, you small minded dipshit.
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I'm a schizoid and I would rather smoke than have sex any day. It just does so much for me.

Does anyone else want to live in Brazil here?

I know that Brazil has problems. I know it's a developing country and all that entails, it has crime, it has violence, it has corruption.

But there's just a certain charm and a certain beauty to Brazil you just can't find anywhere else in the world.
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I'd live there if you removed 100% of the population.
Not me. Hot tropical places don't attract me at all.
I love woods and mountains.
I'd love to. I went once in July (winter in Brazil) and it was like 25 C. A huge sun and every day was warm as fuck. You could swim at the beach and the water wasn't even cold. I love that fucking weather.

Also they sell caipirinhas at the beach. Cool stuff.

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>mfw banned from /b/
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>Comes directly to /r9k/ to complain
Does that confirm we're /b/ 2.0?
Oh my God please fucking LEAVE!
>being so cancerous even /b/ banned him
You need to take a break or kys.

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please give me a job
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If the only jobs you can get are crap ones considering your education, experience and skills then why even bother? If the automation meme really comes true you'd lose your job way before retirement, having barely earned anything because they pay like shit to begin with.
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comfy connie.png
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be a neet niBBa
How about $10 worth of bitcoin to try to moonwalk on camera for 30 straight minutes? It's a job.

So it's been pretty much objectively determined that railway enthusiasm and architecture are the two most patrician interests, but which one is the most patrician?
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>railroad enthusiast
>not autistic

Pick one.
>railway enthusiasm
how do non Japanese people get into this?
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>railway enthusiasm

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>r9k goes from being black pilled to a bunch of blue pilled failed normies

>le whyyyy won't I ever a gf

because you are a literal genetic piece of shit. if you've ever been a loser you will always be a loser

just fucking give up
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All the black pilleds killed themselves because they weren't pussies. Everybody who is blackpill after a week is a pussy bitch who just likes to whine
There are too many normalfags and children here. They don't know anything they have hope for things that will never happen
enjoy "fixing" your life you condescending cunt

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