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Why does every black person I meet listen only to mumble rap? And its not mumble rap in general, many listen almost exclusively to Lil Uzi Vert, and some others also listen to chance the Rapper. Does this have to do with the area I live in(CA)?

I know more white people who listen to or know about old school Rap or at least listen to today's more competent rappers(Hopsin, techn9ne, etc.)
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>today's more competent rappers
I hate rap but I'd consider Hopsin one of the more technically competent rappers around even if he is a whiney bitch.

>today's more competent rappers (Hopsin techn9ne)

Bait status: not taken

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Is anyone else here into RP but into super niche scenarios that no one else finds approachable? I like super specific stuff.

Like one of my fantasies is being an American student who visits North Korea and gets kidnapped and turned into a female soldier who is mindlessly and fanatically devoted to her Dear Leader.

Anyone else have this problem or know this feel?
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Stopped reading at 'turned into a female'.
do you just sit on this fucking board waiting for these threads so you can firstpost shitpost in them

i make text based sex games and i'm not as fucking autistic as you
>i make text based sex games and i'm not as fucking autistic as you


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My aunt is in town and my mom wants me to take my 14 year old cousin somewhere and have a fun time with her. Where should I take her? I have no idea.
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she is
setting you up with your cousin
cinema , just zone out while the film plays and she fucks around on her phone
That's just silly anon.

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Reminder that any thread that addresses or specifically targets "fembots" is enabling roastie orbiting and roastie behaviour by giving women the attention they want as much as any other normie site like reddit or Facebook which draws even more of them here.

Think before you post
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this board is dead. we can't even have a women hate thread anymore without constant bickering from the "fembots."
Why don't we hate women in this thread, anon?
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How about no? Honestly it's just pathetic at all points it's been done. Loser.

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What kind of web server should I buy for an image sharing forum site that serves 2500 people?
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Those brownies are so fucking good, goddamn
how about you just kill yourself faggot?
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computer man.jpg
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Look no further than the Tamicon 800 SB Professional System

>tfw my cum is clumpy. Tapioca pudding is the best way to describe it.

Never been able to figure it out
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>have elongated scrotum
>i can hold a pen or multiple toothpicks between my double chin
I get this but only when I cum in the shower. I think the hot water cooks it like an egg white and it turns all rubbery and hard

also my ears smell really strongly of cheese

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tell your fellow robots about your disgusting or weird habits and compete to see whose habits are the weirdest/most disgusting

i'll start
i put my own semen onto baby carrots and eat them solely because I think it tastes good
the semen adds a salty note to the carrot, and the taste of the carrot overshadows the more unsavory flavors of the cum
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I recently began to collect nail clippings, dead skin, and boogers in an old pill bottle. It smells suprisingly bad; I would not have thought that these things have an odor
Sniffing the toilet paper after I've wiped my bum.
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I think the odor is caused by the bacteria that flourish in that environment, not the clippings, skin, and boogers themselves

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How do we make more robots gay? This board should be at least 50% homosexual. I want a second board I can enjoy outside of /lgbt/.
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I already am, but it doesn't matter since I'm too shy to ever talk to people. I'm not even ugly/unhygienic or anything but me being an anti social tard fucks me up
>that perfect dick
>intact and whole
leave my board faggot


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all i ever wanted was a normie life is it too much to ask. to hell with you God if you're real
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Grass is always greener on the other side... By that I mean you should kys
i didnt ask to be born anon. i really did not
You couldn't even get the quads

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Robot style thread

What outfit did you wear for not leaving your bed today ?
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Tf you sagging so much for? Just wear your shit normally and your outfit would look fine.

You look like a 16 year old wanker if you sag like that.
It's called fucking style rudeboy
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what is this fucking snapchat normie doing here REEEEE

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>Have to wank
>Open porn
>Realise the actors get paid to have sex
>Realise Im a kissless virgin
>Get frustrated and exit porn
Anyone else get this feel?
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No I just self insert as the girl and enjoy myself
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> >Have to wank
> >Open porn
> >Realise the actors get paid to have sex>
> >Realise Im a kissless virgin
> >Get frustrated and exit porn
>Anyone else get this feel?

summer bait sage
It's just a job like any other. What makes you think it would be so great?

Like how long did that blue haired chick have to keep her tongue in that asshole? For how many takes? How long did she have to hold that ball in her mouth to get that shot?

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I got feels today. I want a woman that loves me.
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Aww too bad you're a pathetic loser. Maybe if you weren't you'd have a girlfriend. Heh.
Real mans have not feels, frog friend!
I didn't have those feels until this thread
>tfw it's impossible to find anyone with your flavor of immaturity

Wow what a fag

Ok fags. I have a challenge for you. You have...

>no social life
>no money
>no car or drivers licence
>no outstanding physical appearance or game

How do you score?
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What's the challenge?
to score
The game's rigged.

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I can't believe that there are people who went outside and eventually had sex today. It boggles my mind. The thought just seems so different fundamentally from my life experience that it's just unfathomable to me.

What lives have they lived up until this point? Do they have any values?
What is important in their lives?
Has becoming so close to someone else a mere triviality to them?

Touching someone in that nature is completely out of my reach.
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>load up tinder when horny
>go out
>fuck chick
>come back home
>play titanfall2 for the next 10 hours
You make It sound like its some insane concept.
You're missing all the details, the details make all that incredibly complicated.
I went to the store came home and wife jerked me off good stuff M8


Post what you're crying to
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Thanks for the song anon, here's what I'm listening
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