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I have ~$100,000 and want to move out. Where to go in the USA as a young white male?
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Stockton CA will be a wonderful place 4U
Read up on farming, buy land with a house on it and mortgage it. the monthly cost could be like 500> and you could make that selling berries and shit you grow.

100k isn't going to get you very far in this state even if it is the central valley

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Normies, help me into flirting and compliment.
>ask gril for coffee
>she says yes

How do I into subtly flirting.
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>be russian slav
>christian orthodox, mother super religious
>priest teaches us that bread is the body of christ
>come home after church. puberty. horny
>decide to wank but make it special
>get loaf of bread. make hole in it and put a bunch of vaseline in it
>fuck bread
>mfw I fucked jesus christ

pic related
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who here /adopted/

how do you feel about it? do you resent your biological parents? how are your adoptive parents?
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Welcome to city 17

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Hello r9k

I'm having a career roadblock and questioning my ability to continue.

I'm currently a manager for a small ad firm and having some thoughts on my tasks.

I'm juggling around 8 big client websites with less than 6 available manpower resources.I'm just wondering, what's the ideal workload for us for effectiveness? I feel like I'll burn out with all the chaos going around.
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>lost my debit card again
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Dont fucking lose it next time and you will have one less reason to neck yourself
>lost my phone
Im sure it's in the afterlife

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They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror
But what it really did was let the police terrorize whoever
But mostly black boys, but they would call us "niggers"
And lay us on our belly, while they fingers on they triggers
They boots was on our head, they dogs was on our crotches
And they would beat us up if we had diamonds on our watches
And they would take our drugs and money, as they pick our pockets

I leave you with four words: I'm glad Reagan dead
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friendly reminder that reddit and imgur are one and the same community and you need to go back there if you dont think so.
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Hey fucking normalfag you got that image from imgur. Please go back.
>some dumb implies i dont get my OC straight from the r9k
you must go back

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how do I into sleep with ADHD?
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original bemp

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I'm really at the crossroads here guys and I don't know what to do, fuck /adv/ because those guys are faggots

I was looking to major in history, but become a cop. I need a degree but in nothing specific and criminal justice, political science, all those typical cop degrees are uninteresting to the people hiring, experience comes with the job not a classroom. So I'd major in history because I just enjoy history.
Right now though I'm considering accounting because accountants make too much money to pass up and it seems to be the next biggest thing, but for all I know it's a bet I could lose big time. That and I'm bad at math, but if I have to I can study it.
Police is surpringly a safe job where I am, and pays over $100,000 a year, but accounting I could be making so much more. I honestly don't know, the biggest issue is what I really want. What I want is to bum around the entire world for a few years and die before 27 but that's just not realistic. I can't do what I want, no one can despite what my boomer parents tell me.

Any advice would be nice, or ignore what I said and talk about your situations, either one I'd like to hear
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You're choosing a job that you're going to do for a long time. Is it really worth a bit of extra money to go into a job that you'll probably hate?
That's the other thing I have to consider. What my dad suggested was become an auditor and just audit the books for some big bank. These people make a lot of money but whether or not I'll be happy I don't know. I also have to consider the chance of it failing, and that goes for both jobs. I'll do what I have to for either job but I'm caught between what I want and what's best to do
Well just having a degree helps. You could probably go for accounting in school and then still become a cop if you don't want to do that as a career.

History isn't worth going to school for. You can easily learn about it on your own time, and you'll find it much more enjoyable than being forced to memorize as much information as possible.


I suggest these two books. There are 11 volumes total I think, and it's a good overview of western history as a whole. It's a bit dated since it was started in the 1930s however. One example of this is that they didn't realize early pre-Hellenistic Crete was wiped out from a volcanic eruption. Back then they thought the eruption wasn't large enough, but now we know otherwise.


Don't worry RoBro's most people only live about 30,000 days

I'm a 22 year old Australian (so 22,000 days left hopefully) working at a bowling alley with an average laid back GF I met at uni and an apartment In a rough area around Sydney. To be honest It makes no difference but if ya want either way you can wait it out distracting, socializing and learning comfortably drifting through life into the great Equalizer that leaves all NEET's Normies & Bro's the same into the Void

anyway NEETereno's see you there on the other side

In the mean time I'll be smoking bongs, playing vidya, shitposting on random boards and cumming over various things

Let me know what you're doing instead
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Just woke up senpai, gotta brush my teeth and eat plain Cheerios that were on discount. 21 and my grades are a message, trying hard to graduate uni but every year it gets harder and harder, not to mention there are so few jobs here. Going to graduate with probably 30k in debt, can't stop now or the 3 years tuition will have gone to waste. No friends, no hobbies, no games.
power through get as much help as you can at our age it's not too embarrassing to be struggling
you're obviously financially savvy
keep ya head up
You sound like a fuckin poofta

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We're everday robots..
How's the day simulation going sisters(brothers). Mine just started and I have diarrhea but it's rainy so I still got some comfyness. Unenlightened time zones are welcome too ig.

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>At work
>Crackhead co worker with multiple kids tries to act "hard"
>Boss HR will do nothing about after multiple people quitting
>Whore who slept with boss to advance career

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>get a summer job
>in charge of sending out orders
>do it think it went fine.
>next day
>they get calls from all over saying they got the order wrong
>get a call from the main office from a continent away asking wtf is going on.

i can't do anything right. i will never get another job
Are you new or no?
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yes i am. why?


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>open youtube video
>normie starts the video with a random clip of them singing into the camera
what is this new trend
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>most ugly, short, lanky, skelly, fat, bald, annoying, unfunny people all over the have girlfriends and normal lives
>/r9k/ still uses these things as excuses as to why they are miserable

really makes you go "hmmm"
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Really initiates my walnuts
We rather blame stuff on things we have no control over instead of blaming it on our own beta behavior.

>lmplying the self exists

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