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Say your problems in simple greentext lines and other robots try to give you advice.
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>I exist in this matterial universe
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>23 year old
>"good" professional path (Big 4 audit senior)
>major depression and anxiety kid
>physical abuse and isolation as kid
>autistic adult
>major depression
>attempted suicide in 2 consecutive weeks and failed hard
>literal drug addict and alcoholic
>drinking a 6 pack and vaping some weed while I wait for my guy to bring me my cocaine
>can't quit substance abuse because nothing else soothes the pain
literally just do what you enjoy.

If you don't enjoy anything you can try drugs senpai.

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What is it about tattoos that just say: low class.?
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demonstrates reckless tendencies
>The virgin lack of tattoos
t. butthurt numale
Don't worry, at least your drinking buddy thinks your stick n poke vintage tats look cool

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putin race swop.jpg
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>see the FaceApp added a hilarious new feature where you can change people's races
>it looks incredibly funny
>I'll download the app now
>find out they've already removed it because social justice warriors complained about it

I FUCKING HATE LIBERALS! Why do they have to ruin my fun?
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i dont know its fucking ridiculous

>wah its blackface wah wah

if anything these pathetic worms are the real racists, its just for fun for fucksake.
more like social just whiners
>Putin looks better as a black man

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Does anyone else have those weird little muscle spasm things where you can feel and see a small area on your body vibrate? What is that supposed to be?
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Early Parkinson's maybe
Do you think I'm 60 anon, or anywhere close to that?
It happens to everyone, I get it in my leg occasionally

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Women hate thread.

No reason to stand up for these cunts, gimme more reason to be upset.
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Why do this to yourself?

no original comment.
>ur a dog

What did she mean by this? No really, what did she mean by that
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>Not posting the the whoIe roast

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I unironically browse Reddit and so do you
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I don't go to >>>/r/eddit faggot
I mindlessly click next page until I fall in trance and stop feeling my depression.
It's like TV on steroids.
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>browsing r*ddit
Yea, nah

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total mindfog edition
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Xi has had a long day negotiating treaties. It's time for his rest
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>I dont have anything unique or funny to post, I just want to be near the top of the tread
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Made myself a promise like this for this year, not going great. I don't know how its august

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What do you think your life as a girl would be like?
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Basically the same but with less dicksucking
idk, was forced to be homeschooled my whole life so I'd probably still be into gaming and shit, im fairly certain I was born with both genitals but like, what's done is done and I'm 100% male now. I would probably have more freedom to explore career paths other than engineering/medicine if I were a girl but as it is I've just sort of accepted it. also my height wouldn't be an issue anymore (5'7)
I'm pretty shy and reserved as a male, so I imagine that'd be even more pronounced as a girl. Probably would just be a booky/creative, kind of demure chick. Also I'm already short as fuck at 5'4", so assuming that transfers over proportionately based on the female average I'd be like fucking 4'10". And as much as people say being short isn't an issue for girls, I could see that being pretty annoying. Would be scared of getting raped everywhere I go. But yeah other than that I could see it being pretty comfy, my personality and interests would make more sense coming from a girl.

I'd probably be happier desu.

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All I want in life is a goth girlfriend...
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I saw about 3 goths walking the same way home as me, playing some edgy, slow paced music out a portable radio.

They were all singing along to it and it was so hard not to laugh.
because goth normies like me would still bully you.
What right do you have to bully me? You eyeliner, women's clothing wearing faggot?

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pepe pc pepepe.png
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>tfw trying to find new music
>discover "christian" music
>it's actually pretty damn good
>get hooked
>normie proof, not more than 70k views
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>>it's actually pretty damn good
You don't have to lie to me man.

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Fuck you.
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Not gonna help if you look like a nonce
>seems to be manlet
>dresses like shit
>absolute dogshit haircut/glasses
>beta posture

he has room to grow
So he just did curls?

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Wat is your IQ?
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If you get below 130 on an online IQ test then you truly are a brainlet
also known as a phoneposter
I think I'm pretty smart imhotbh

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I just bought some new boots, /r9k/.

Did I fuck up and get autism shoes? Or will I be okay?
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I think those are cool but I have no fucking idea what I'm talking about and think Final Fantasy fashion looks cool. Best of luck either way
It's not too bad, although I would have gone with something less cowgirly
I hope you're prepared for normies going up to you and saying "WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE"

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>Walking around neighborhood
>Old man stops me
>"What are you doing?"
>Tell him I'm just walking around because I never get to
>He retorts with "Walk around stare at pretty mail-boxes and people all-day?"
>Doesn't believe I'm just walking around
>Tell him where I live
>He gets upset because I wasn't precise
>Tells me I'm on camera in case I do anything
>Get upset and say "That's alright" and throw my hands up and walk away

Has anybody else had this happen to them?
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You should have ignored him and kept walking.
thank god i dont live in amerifat land
flipping boomers. they always give you stink eye. bitter old blobs.

Anyone else like somewhat average-looking chubby girls with a "cute" aesthetic mainly? A sexy aesthetic does nothing for me and often repulses me but a soft, girly look makes me diamonds.
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I find there is a narrow window of pleasantly plump.
All I want in life is a thin woman with large breasts. I'm going to die alone.
Yes, robot turned cyborg and now normie, here is why

>non-threatening because they aren't as "in demand" as sexy girls
>more like anime/manga/whatever your shitty hobby is and less like the stuff you dont like (rap/pop music/TV/etc)
>generally more kind/understanding
>less attractive so more suited to you

its a fucking meme, you'll start with a practice gf, then stay with her for 2 years as she gains 100 pounds and you aren't even attracted to her anymore, but love her and can't leave her

please god help me

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