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>tfw a normie tells a corny joke and EVERYONE laughs but it was objectively NOT funny.
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>say a joke but no one heard it
>normie repeats it immediately after and everyone laughs
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They have the right amount of dopamine in the brain, they're essentially drunk compared to most robots
gotta love social norms

Have any of you ever noticed that having a debate or an argument with Jews is not like debating or arguing with any other type of people?

With normal people, when you have an argument or debate, you both present your sides of the argument, counter each other's points, and present your rationale.

With Jews, they instead appeal to emotion or false logic by presenting direct falsehoods, lies and manipulations of the truth. In argument, they count on the fact that their opponent is inexperienced or knows too little to be able to call out their falsehoods as lies. And when you are well-read enough to be able to call into play specific details, facts, and evidence, to refute their falsehoods or to specifically prove what they just said is a falsehood, they respond with anger. Instead of continuing the argument in a rationale fashion, they instead start using ad hominems and slandering your person directly, calling you an anti-semite, a "stormfag", trying to appeal to emotion over logic to directly insult you and try to get you to back down in a hail of insults and direct personal accusations.

Once you disprove a Jew's false statements in argument, the argument is no longer about logic or facts, they make it directly personal and will make it all about insulting and attacking you personally.

And it's not just topics about war or history, they will literally do this in any debate or argument with a jew about anything, even stuff unrelated to politics. What's more, I've only ever really noticed Jews do this. Other races don't do this as much, only Jews do, and they seem really proficient at doing, and pretty much ALL Jews debate and argue in this fashion. It's very effective and they are very experienced at it, especially when it comes to arguing with people who aren't used to their style.
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I saw a Jew the other day. Horrible creatures!
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The jew has evolved to be a leech, and with that he masters the art of subversion and deceit. Its their nature.
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NtxZi8n (1).jpg
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Replace jew with woman and it's the same thing really.

How can i fix my life, I have severe Adhd (diagnosed) but i will not take any meds ever, How can i become a functional member of society and more social
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Step 1: meds
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Not going to happen, kid
Then neither is fixing your life.


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So the wrist thing is stupid and doesn't work, but what about just slashing your throat? How could that not work?
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if you fuck up like the cuck you already are
That picture makes me really happy
It takes a lot of adrenaline and courage to slit your own throat

I don't think you should kill yourself this way

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I want to live in Japan! AMA!!
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Why do you want to live in Japan?
Upboated my good sir :^)
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Me too!


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What is it with this 'reddit spacing' meme?

I've never heard anybody talk about it and call each other out till this year. And I won't say how long I've been here. Is it just insecure newfags trying not to look like newfags even though literally nothing will ever denote them as one when they post except referencing some stupid semantic concept nobody gave a shit about till this year?
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>reddit spacing
You need to go back.

Not a meme. Newfags trying to fit in.

I've had it said to me since around 2015 I think. Before then I cannot remember it ever being said, but my memory of that far back is none too reliable.

Take my comment as you will.
You will not troll me

So... it is a meme then?

Why don't you just marry a gypsy?
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because I only want half my stuff stolen, not all of it
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I'm going to live on Spain for the next 4 years and to my knowledge it's infested with Gypsies.
My father taught me that Gypsies are thieves and like roaches.
Why should I fall for your proposition, anon?

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>In a psychology class as an elective
>Professor asks for a show of hands for who believes in free will and who believes otherwise
>About 70% of class holds their hands up for the former
>"Good, hold onto that belief, it'll give you hope"
What did he mean by this?
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He's kindly explaining that free will is horseshit.
Free will isn't real but nothing is predetermined

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Gtfo normie
smash all of the equipment
if your friend tries to stop you, hit him
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Say Hitler did nothing wrong and proceed to drop redpills

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Is she the sexiest woman alive?
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looks kinda gross tbqhfam
No. In fact I want to vomit now.
>that anus

No thanks famalam

>See ad for crappy poorly translated mobile game on YouTube video.
>"Attack other schools! Steal their waifus!"
>NTR gets me horny.
>Download and play the game for months.
>Build my school up to kick ass and have tons of waifus.
>Search around the map.
>The only waifu anyone has is the one you start with, because it's nearly impossible to unlock any others without Pay2Win.
>Fucking mobile games.

NTROnline will never exist, bros. Why even live? Posted this earlier today, maybe someone will see it.
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This is bullshit, bros. Kill me.
God dammit. Can't I get any replies? ;_;

Also, NTR a shit.

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>tfw net neutrality is kill means less access to internet
>also means slower internet
>tfw I'm definitely not paying more so I will probably end up using the internet less and less
>tfw I get off the computer and go enjoy life, get fit, talk to women, get rejected many times, have sex
>tfw Trump literally saved me from a life of inceldom

Thank you, Based Trump.
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No you won't. You will just move to anime or video games or some other antisocial hobby.
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angry pepe.jpg
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>tfw internet is literally the only contact I have with single women
I don't watch anime or play video games, although I did when I was in high school. Nope, if I don't have the internet.. there's literally no reason for me to stay inside.

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thinking about starving myself.

anybody have any experience with it?
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Usually I just end up eating something because I'm getting less sad when I don't eat
Tried eating around 800 calories every day for a week straight.
Got really lethargic and only lost 1lb.

I also think it triggered occular migraines. Never had a migraine before but started to see flashing lights in my eyes for about 20 minutes and when it went away I had a really bad headache and nausea for a few hours. Happened twice in two days.
My advice is if you're going to do it you really need to not get too excited by how easy it really is.

The trap I always fall into is losing a ton of weight in two weeks then thinking to myself "wow that was easy" and then putting it all back on instead of staying on track with my goals.

Much easier than starvation is just eating like 800 calories a day or so if you're lazy.
If you have the willpower or like doing things, you could try exercising too but don't include that in your calorie tracking.

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Bad feels thread.

I'm taking another nightly walk and don't have anyone to vent to or feel with. Hop in here and share your woes with me and others.

Pic related.
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Self bump. I want some people to feel with.
Welp. Every thread I make gets no replies and dies. See you in the archives.
oh no you dont

you get back here

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What do you think of boogie?

From what I can tell he was a former robot and got bullied as a kid , but got over it got a great job and a wife.

I hope his surgery goes well. I wonder if he is still a virgin. He says he hasn't seen his penis since he was a kid.
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Boogie Eating Mayo.jpg
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Whats up! Ladies and gentlemen of Youtube, Boogie2988 comin' at ya live once again, through the power of the internet!

>slurps chemically concentrated transfat

>punches chest to restart heart


>obliterates asscrack on chair cylinder
>incessantly lisping

Hoy goys it's me Francis aand ay hav somethin I want off my chest, THOUSE REPOBLICANS ARENT PAYIN' MY HEALTHCARE 'R DEY STOPID OR SOMETHING?

>Gets 10000 likes

I don't usually make these kinda videos but today is an exception, so if you're new, maybe you just clicked the thumbnail, you've never been to my channel before, I don't usually go political or anything like that, I like talking about pokemons, or about my favorite youtubers.

>desperately tries to inhale air through football shaped nostrils

But today is different, understand my view of the issue, those DAMN REPUBLICANS ARENT PAYING MY HEALTHCARE!

>Smears mayonnaise on upperbody

>skin absorbs mayonnaise

Don't forget to subscribe. I love you guys!
he preps the bull
for real
disgusting fat pos

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