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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Share anything you want, ask any questions.
3. Be listened to and cared for.
4. Try not to mind the fights that may occur (it's therapeutic).
5. Discuss other subjects; it doesn't have to always be about issues, group therapy of our sort can deal with anything and it feels good: paintings, cinema, music, etc.
6. New people are very welcome.
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Good to see you 'hosting' again. Decent day?
Hey Facet you beat me here. Hows the Monday?
Afternoon Nick. How's everything?
I think I have some form of amnesia. I need some help.

How come white people treat their elderly like shit but nonwhites love the elderly
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because niggers still think we're in tribal societies where the elders store the wisdom and tell of past happenings as opposed to having it be written down and logged in various different media
old people are useless

That's a laugh.
>nonwhites love the elderly
seriously please go outside some time, we are worried about you

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I bet you 5000000000 rupees that my gf's tits are better than yours.
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>I bet you 5000000000 rupees that my gf's tits are better than yours.
I don't have tits I'm a boy
That's not your gf.
Yep. Those are better than my tits.

Are human beings inherently evil? Does the capacity for evil lie within us all, and could be brought out under the right circumstances?
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No, but niggers are
you have to be retarded to think that black people are the only people who can be savages.
The crusades are one shining example. Knights sure did love to rape and murder.

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>tfw you realise that possible Mozarts and Einsteins are killed each time you jerk off
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Well you do have like billions of sperm, so statistically speaking, you're correct.
If a child is unfortunate enough to be raised by a robot, I don't think there's a possibility of them becoming geniuses.
fuck them chadlings

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>tfw looking at pictures of yourself when you were younger, happy and good looking and wondering where did everything go so wrong
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This makes me wonder ... are most children normies by birth?
>see picture of my younger self
>horrified by how much I've aged
young me wasn't even good looking either
When I was younger, I looked so happy. Now I hate everyone and everything - especially myself

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>"Girl" filter
>Literally nothing changes

Maybe it's time for a haircut ;w;
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you're a cute girl OP
I'd fuck your boipucci.

be my lesbo gf

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How do you feel about yourself?

Hows your self-esteem?
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sober me- whatever

drunk me- fuck im such a useless shitfuck someone kill me i shouldnt even use oxygen like what the fuck
I feel like a void. Not as in an empty person, but like everything I invested in myself went to nothing.
I keep trying to improve, to get a kick off good habits, but it amounts to nothing but self pity.
I feel dead, I feel like nobody will ever love me, I feel like i'm not worth anything, I feel exhausted.
>How do you feel about yourself?
Nobody ever loves me. At least not for very long.
>Hows your self-esteem?
Self esteem? What's that?

Anybody other robots like to see other people in miserable circumstances to compensate for how bad your life is?

I love painal videos and enjoy reading stories in which people see their dreams getting destroyed. I also watch torture vids and watch investigation discovery crime docs as a form of entertainment/amusement.

Like, if i cant have a nice life, why should you?

Pic somewhat related.
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no it's a pretty shitty thing to do especially when you have the means to improve your life
nah I went through some awful shit, wouldn't want that to happen to anyone else.

jail dad, druggie mom, bullied school, poor ass food stamp mac and cheese bullshit everyday, I almost became a school shooter until I watched this nature documentary about how amazing the world was and how complex it was then i realized how life is awesome
No, I tried already but nothing is working out. I always end up worse than before.

At least i get some satisfaction out of seeing someone else's life get ruined too.

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Robots, what is your fetish? Have you ever spent money on your fetish?
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Can't spend money on licking a girl's stomach
I like traps. And femdom turns me on but i think thats just from trap porn + a lifetime of bullying from women

Id never spend money on either

Could alcohol greatly help for overriding my survival instinct?
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If you kill your self you will goto hell anon

how much it helps depends on the person drinking it, but alcohol impairs your judgement so obviously yes, if even just a little
Yes! Alcohol is a great way to get over your fear. I tried to shoot myself in the heart

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>Look who came out of his cave
>oh are you going to join us for dinner
>Take a seet, anon!
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das rite. who wants to ride my cock now?
Alright, which one of you is going to stand up, there's no seats left..
>haha, yeah... my piss bottle spilled so I'm looking for the rug scrubber. Any of you guys seen it?

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What do fellow anons wear?
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edgy faggot helmets are my jam
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I like the classics
Can't go wrong with basic stuff

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Repill me on "Nice Guys" robots
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Faggot...this is original damnit
what's to even redpill? most people on this earth are nice in their day to day lives yet some of them want to be rewarded for it.
Nice Guys is the bluepill you fucking idiot

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Does anyone else here get instant penis retraction and completely turned off when they find out some girl they fancy is not a virgin or has even had a boyfriend?
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>Penile Protect

>The increasing rate of obesity is affecting the circumcision results. The healing takes more time for the people who has buried penis into pubic fat. For those clients, the foreskin can cover the glans again after the circumcision procedure due to pressure of the pubic fat tissue. The Penileprotect which has developed to solve this problem also gives comfort to the clients after the operation till the epidermis development completed.

ahahah wtf is wrong with turks
No because incels are only obsessed with virginity because they know if the girl they fixate on for years from afar has any sort of experience with men she'll see all the red flags he puts up and run for the hills.

I'm sure they're also worried about not being able to compete in bed, but considering their personalities KEK at the idea that they'd be able to make it that far without terrifying or disgusting her first.
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No because I'm not insecure

this anon gets it

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