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What's /r9k/'s opinion on the word 'cuck' ? The next great swear, a word that'll stop being used in a year, or something else?
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It's literally only used by the alt-right at this point.
It was a great insult when it was used to label a man who is submissive to his woman or someone who engages in self-destructive behavior to please someone who doesn't care about them but now everyone uses it to insult anyone they simply don't like
It's shit. I still use "cuckold", though only when it's fitting.

The Sims Soundtrack: Building Mode 5

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>tfw sims was one of my first forms of escapism in 2000 after being molested a few years earlier.
Did forcing Sims to have sex with each other make you feel better?
I'd forgotten how beautiful the music from this game was. Thanks, Anon.

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The elliot rodger episode of Law And Order is on lol.

You guys worship that queer? Lol how pathetic
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I don't think anyone here legitimately worships him
speak for yourself, normalfuckingfaggot.
What's the episode called? I think I saw that one.

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How much do you weigh? Oreo
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117 lbs.

148 lbs a year ago i was 115. Getting fit hsd really helped with some of my anxiety.
about the same as this guy

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I want to die
Im not depressed or anything
I'm not fat, short or insecure
I'm just tired of life
it's boring af
I don't like people
I'm not looking forward to anything
just wanna die
Anyone else feels the same?
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originalarino pastarinao
Dude ,
I just fucking went on /r9k/ ,
And was abot to post something similar...

Let's do it , we've seen everything already
I don't want to deal with life, but I fear death too much to kill myself.
I can't imagine dying, it terrifies me, this is why I put up with all the shit life is throwing at me and everyone else.
At least I'm still existing in this pointless world.

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how do I max out my erection and keep it up?

I feel like porn and jelquing might of ruined my dick
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Try diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Gravol) about 500-700 mg will do it. Have fun!
stop jerking off and looking at porn
exercise, you computer chair-bound sack of soft flesh.

Your cardiovascualar system is too weak to provide enough blood flow to keep your dick hard.

Porn and porn culture is also bad as well.

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Weekend Edition: To someone who may or may not read it
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I wish I didn't do this every single fucking time I saw this thread.
Let me die, please.

dear daddy ,


your little
the weekend is over

Anybody here ever done it with an escort?
How was it?
I got put on antidepressants and instead of giving me limp dick they've made me unbearably horny.
I've been jerking off like 6 or 8 times a day and seriously need some female company.
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Just smoke some weed instead.

1 hour with an escort = 1 oz of indoor bud
yeah it can be pretty fun really expensive though.

last time I did it was a few years ago, decided its not worth the legal risk.
Won't that just make me wank more?

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I need help robots.

I can't stop counting surveillance cameras. I'm fucking addicted to finding all the cameras in a certain location and spend hours upon hours per day looking. This game sucks, but I can't stop.

>Captcha: Select all the Security Cameras
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Is it a compulsion or do you have a reason?
travel to london, they have a lot of cameras there!
Gouge your eyes out. Works every time

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its funny how eliza got orbiters whhile blantantly loving her bf.

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>tfw can't get dubs
Why even live?
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dubs aren't even that cool dude
Here, have mine
Check em

Whats the closest you ever got to sex with a girl?
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Sex with a girl.
never even been in the same room with a girl.
Sex with a guy.
He said it wasn't gay if I was wearing a dress.

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I'm finally starting to understand how MJ felt, we just never belonged in this demented, white dominated society. Curse the Portuguese for starting the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, at least the Arabs had the decency to sterilize their slaves
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Literally all of Michael Jackson's problems came from his insanely abusive father beating him so hard that little Michael couldn't escape the trauma and grew up into a bona fide insane, drug-addicted pedophile, despite having the resources to pay for psychiatric care that probably could have assuaged some of his more batshit behaviors (e.g. dangling his son out a window; taking huge doses of IV propofol for keks)
Well, he still had some time left in him, in which he liked making music and all the rest. Then came the accusations of child molestation since little Michey was fucked up and there goes Michael
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>white dominated society
>understand how MJ felt
Try again.

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Chad here, playing bdsm with your oneitis. Why arent you doing anything about it?
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clean your fucking room you disgusting faggot


I'm not 12 anymore.
Wooow thats the only thing you noticed in the pic? No wonder you're still a virgin

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Kann nicht schlafen wegen der scheiss Jugos draussen. Wien kotzt mich sowas von an.
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Waehl halt strache du dumme schwuchtel
Ich kann als Deutscher in Oesterreich nicht waehlen du Hohlbrot.
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Polizei ist dein freund und helfer

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