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Post something that could get you crucified on /r9k/, robots.

>I believe patriarchy, as broad as a term that is, is real
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People should have as many children as they can, and people who try to convince others not to have children, whether in person or online, are horrible people, and should be publicly executed by firing squad.
Are firing squads really necessary? What's wrong with just social stigma?
I'm unironically a male feminist who doesn't have any bad relationships with women. I'm also Jewish.

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What's the best way to hold a pillow when trying to go to sleep?
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One arm, pillow vertically parallel to yourself, one end of the pillow pushing up in arm between elbow and shoulder, and the holding the other end with your hand.
2 arms: lay on belly and have pillow diagonal. squeeze pillow from top and bottom
1 arm: lay vertical to pillow having arm under pillow infront of face.
I think I found it
>on my side
>pillow parallel to me
>top arm around pillow
>bottom arm either around pillow as well or laying flat
>head rested near the top of the pillow
>thighs clung to the bottom

Dumping /r9k/ images for those interested. Going through a somewhat large amount of panic right now about life in general and have no idea what to do.
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I love anno senpai
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pastrami rye bread
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Have the only one I have senpai.

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Will you ever marry a blonde sweety?
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no I'll die before I do
I'd ding dong diddly that kike.
Aryan women are great but they're all degenerate scum. A painful truth /pol/ refuses to accept.

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I'm about to kms , give me some decent music
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lolk u wont do it no balls
give me some music that will make me grow balls

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Ashleys current youtube is active
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>weeb obsessed with nazi aircraft
L I T E R A L L Y perfect.
That's not the good ashley. Kill yourself.
>Some edgy autistic angsty young woman who can't get Chad LARPS on youtube to get attention from guys she sees as subhuman

Really makes me think.

>have a group of 7 or 8 friends
>tfw I sperg out and ignore them on a regular basis for no reason
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>have a gf
>hate her and wish she was someone else
honestly this is king cyborg shit
>prone to depression and mood swings but never diagnosed
>gf makes me happy
>happier than I deserve
>have zero emotional stability
>any time we fight, no matter what it's about or how serious, I start crying

I fucking hate myself for this

>prefer being alone

Woe is me.

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>have the longest nicest dream ever
>wake up and realize I still exist
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What did you dream about anon?
I dreamt that I was in some sort of underground house w/ my friends and some qt3.14. Then the walls collapsed and we were all in the dark, and in the dark the qt kissed me so I started digging out the tunnel to the surface and when I was done I picked up qt in my arms and walked out
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bed crying.jpg
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I know this feel anon. One time I dreamed that I was in a post apocalyptic world, just driving around, and I managed to find a girl along the way. I picked her up and we continued on our way. The dream lasted several days, and there were many challenges along the way, some supernatural, some as simple as running into other people and interacting with them. It was so comforting to just drive with my arm around her. The dream really felt like a few weeks had passed, but then I woke up and it was only six o'clock.

>arguing with another anon
>I've basically won the argument but he keeps replying, each post getting less coherent and more petty
Fuck what am I supposed to do here? Am I supposed to just let him have the last word? I feel like I shouldn't stoop to the level of saying "no u" on an an anonymous image board
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Have you tried using a smug anime face with no argument with ad hominem?
>make a weak point and and argument that won't hold itself for long
>other anon calls me out on it
>immediately go into full damage control creating strawmen and other logical fallacies until the other anon gives up arguing with me to the point you can see he's very upset
>fully well know I didn't win the argument but argued anyway because we're all on a mongolian throat singer discord so it doesn't matter

>I feel like I shouldn't stoop to the level of saying "no u" on an an anonymous image board
Your first mistake was stooping to arguing on an anonymous image board

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FACT: You can't be a robot if you've ever gone to university or college
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Math robot here. Your premise is false.
An exception but still you did well enough in school to the point where going to university was a feasible option for you.

>tfw didn't even finish high school
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Engineering robot here. Your premise is false.

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How are you guys tonight? Pull up a chair, light a joint, pour a drink and come chat with like minded folks.
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Bones is good robot music, also im just looking for loli tail at my college. wbu?

Go fuck yourself, normie.
>dood weed
Get bent normalfag.

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Why are men putting off parenthood for so long now? Don't they want to be fathers?
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I'd be a father as soon as a decent woman finds me.
Lack of good jobs, inflation, men and women staying in school longer and putting off marriage and child rearing.

Having kids isn't a top priority for people these days either. People are finding out modern life is better suited for living selfishly rather than enjoying a large family.
I sure as hell don't want to be. I wouldn't want to be even if there were lots of decent women and jobs around, parenthood just seems like an awful way to live.

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How painful is to commit suicide by hanging? I have no access to guns so im thinking about the old rope and knot method
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Pretty painful if you asphyxiate, if you break your neck it isn't as bad.
I hear the same thing but i also read that you lose your conscious in a minute or so. And after that you'll die in a couple of minutes while unconscious.
I hear you have to add padding to make it more comfortable, and if you do it right you don't feel pain exactly. You just kinda pass out and die while you're unconscious.

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why did you block that person? will you ever consider talking to them again?
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I somehow hope they'll see this, I don't know if they still go on r9k lol.

I blocked them because I hated that they started to get everything in life that they wanted. They got a solid friends group, they got a job doing their favorite hobby, and they started to do just things they never did to me. I couldn't stand they treated me horribly for so long, and it started to work for them. I wanted to find myself in a better place and be smug about it, but things never work out how you want them.

I don't think I'll ever talk to them again. I would love to, I think they're a good friend and I have a lot of memories with them. They even said though, we bring out the worse in each other.
No, they were just side hoes. I'm happy with my current gf now.
Blocking is for binches

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