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>tfw getting bullied in college

I thought there was supposed to be adults here. What a piece of shit, one tries to become more social and try to be more open to people yet they choose to roast you at every opportunity they get. Normies, especially millenials, are the scum of society.
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Damn man. That's fucking harsh. I been severely bullied my whole life. No one at community college bullies me. But I also don't interact with anyone. I get bullied at work a lot though and its such a fucking mindfuck if you tell the supervisor and shit. Like he's just going to bully me more unless you fire him.
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Have you tried not being pathetic?
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I'm literally trying my best. I made sure to not do stupid things like revealing my powerlevel, acting like a sperg, I take extra time analizing what I am about to say when talking. I feel like I have improved, compared to my previous self. Yet, these people make it all feel like hell.

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Post your sad cats
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wuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh y iz i sad ;-;
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I guess I can get the thread rolling just to give other anons ideas
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bruh look at this dumbass cat lmao

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Thread for INTJs only

Inferior beings keep out!
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hello isfp here, would you like to be my friend?
this is now an ENFP thread

i AM the boss here

I'm an INTJ and I think you're an annoying faggot.

Stop making these threads.

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>Have the most outrageously fucked up gang rape fantasies imaginable. Often violent, almost always degrading and humiliating with an emphasis on feeling used
>"Rape is the most awful thing that can happen to a woman anon! Don't imply it can be enjoyable!"
>Most women struggle to achieve orgasms from penetrative sex
>"Having an orgasm during a rape doesn't imply anything about enjoying it anon!"

What do fembots mean by this? Explain yourselves.
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That's an awesome strawman you got there anon.
fembot here, i just like it when a man just pins me down, strips me naked and just has his way with me until he's satisfied
i'll cry and pretend im hurt but in reality im enjoying it but cant let him know incase i want to file a rape charge against him
oregeno no bloxban

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Are there any advances being a woman over a man? And i don't mean like getting guys to buy you drinks or stuff like that but advaces on the female body? Men are stronger, smarter, don't bleed once a month, don't have to give birth, i mean women are downright disabled compared to men.
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Female orgasms are way more fun.
If women get attacked people try to to protect her.
No one cares if a man gets stabbed to death or kills them selves, as evident on this board.
Women are allowed to call a guy a creep and everyone agrees.
A man calls that same women out and hes a douche or a confirmed creep.
Women get protection and resources while a man gets shit on all the time.
Women have it easier socially, men have it easier competitively. That's why men should focus on competition, and women should focus on socializing.

I can't handle this depression anymore. This never happened in my life before! Fucking guilt and dicks who I met in my life are major events of this. I don't trust Psychiatry and I am not ready to be addicted to anti-depressants
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Chill, faggot. You're not even depressed. You don't even know what depression is. I've been through shit you couldn't even imagine. You're a fucking joke, kid.
Could you fucking define depression, please? Because as far as I know all the symptoms are present in me and I'm not fucking happy about it.
Relax, kid. Maybe you should down a bottle of Flintstones vitamins, then maybe you can play with the big boys. We cool, champ? Now run along.

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>"Kiss my rose, Anon!"
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wow that really does look like a rose
Did you really have to post this? I FUCKING PUKED
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joan of arc.jpg
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>girl flirts or expresses attraction
>instantly assume something must be defective with her for seeking out autistic seed
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>girl flirts or expresses attraction
>instantly assume she's dishonest and does this only for her own benefit
>girl flirts and expresses attraction
>have no clue how to proceed
Why did god make me somewhat good looking and autistic
I do the same except I always end up being right and she was making fun of me

>planned going to comic con Bulgaria(in Sofia) this weekend.
>dad bought me a ticket.
>told me that he will talk to relatives living there,so i could stay for 2 nights.
>In the last moment he decides that i won't be going,because i would be moving to Sofia in 2 weeks anyway,so there is no point of going now.(fuck logic)
>refuses to call relatives.
>my dad is a Jerry
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You owe your father a huge gesture of gratitude....

Apparently he has decided that he wanted a son, not a sniveling little cowardly girl
Fucking hell anon you have the ticket, buy a hotel for 2 nights, it's not much
I though your dad fucked your girl while you where gone.
What you dad did was save him self some money.
Get a job, fathers provid cum and thats it every thing else is a nice thing.

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>random very bad pain in my RIGHT testicle
>go to the doctor
>"it's just hormones" she says after feeling around and asking questions
>keeps coming back

It only affects my right one or sometimes also my left but the pain in my left is like 0.2x
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go back to the doctor and cum on her face lol
prolly just a pulled muscle or something fucktard omg like who goes to the doc just to bust a nut what a faggot lmao. >>>/off/ my board now faggot.
what kind of undies do you wear

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Haha women aren't scared of being wiped out as a gender haha they're just looking out for men getting stuck in one sided relationships with sexbots.
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>tfw a woman has ruined your life
>tell a friend why i hate women so much
>anon it sounds like you need to get help
>try to play this up for free NEETBUX
>the therapist was a woman
wew lads every time i even look at a female these days its getting harder and harder to contain myself from not murdering them in broad daylight
im gonna just snap one day
Might as well snap...Just dont get arrested.
Picture related this is what women are.
The lucky ones get a job till someone can provide for them.
heehee womyn's opinions matter amirite

I fucking hate modern women.

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>Anon have you ever even had a girlfriend?
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>Popcorn.... Anon!
fuck public education
>anon, the throw the ball back
>anon, we don't want you to hang out with us.
not said to me but one of my few friends said this to some faggot kid who kept trying to talk to us

he was the biggest white knight cuck ever and was just an annoying cunt. fuck him

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>be me
>I speak no english
>wake up one day
>forget Chinese, only english thoughts in head
>panic, how the Fuck am I supposed to operate in China without knowing Chinese

What do
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dont mix your chings with your chongs
Or your Dings with your Dongs! Really bad idea!
Ching Chang and Chong

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Why not date a girl with Aspergers?
>bad facial recognition so won't care if your ugly
>thinks more like a guy than any other kind of girl
>will become attached to you while disregarding everyone else
>acts very young and looks very young
>you have something cute to protect
Seems like the perfect solution bros
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then why don't just date a blind girl?
A blind girl will still won't think like a guy, still won't become attached, and will still be a socially well roastie.
I thought aspies hated physical contact, though?

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So I'm 27 and im turning into a balding cuck. Why the fuck is this a thing? I don't want to be a balding cuck help me it's too soon
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You're already bald. shave and grow a beard
Get a finasteride prescription from your doctor/dermatologist. Get some Minoxidil Topical Aerosol from the store. Save money for a transplant, because these options don't last forever, but they will for a decent while.
You've lost too much for any kind of recovery program. Either shave it or start saving for a hair transplant.

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