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>drugs are bad you degenerates!
>*goes back to fapping to disgusting pornography while being a NEET leech*
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nobdoies perfect
>be leech that harms others and the health system
>be leech that avoids everyone in his room

Whatever helps you sleep at night junkie.
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>400 dollars a month to become a stinky addict
>fapping and porno is free with an internet connection

Why are virgins on this board making so much false-equivalence lately?

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>"How you doin' there, sport?"
>"Nice day out, isn't it, champ?"
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Reply to my fucking thread or I'll cut... I-I swear!
Good thing my language doesn't have an equivalent for that
How come stuff like this pisses you off? There's a dude at my work who calls me "lil' buddy" but I don't mind.

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Reminder that the Alt-left board of /r9k/ officially stands against Fuhrer Drumpf's Fascist anti-LGBTQ policy.
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WRONG! trump is great he makes normies mad
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both are spooked. tugging spooks.

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This is your date for tonight, say something nice to her
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you have very big BOOBS
i want to stick my face in between
how many black males have you been with?
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>dark nipples/areola

>at camp
>shit has been going on for barely over a week
>suddenly we're told to take on our best clothes and go to the cafeteria
>tfw only boys in the cafeteria
>they tell us the girls are all in the meeting room
>we have to go there, pick a girl, tell her she's beautiful and hug her
>I go up to the only girl there that looked interested in me
>at least she looked content with the compliment
>also yay, not hugless anymore
>think I might have a chance and plan to talk to her at nearest chance
>ffd to next day (today btw)
>realize my spilling of the spaghettis was worse than I thought
>realize she was most likely waiting for Chad to come up to her
>he was going to, I just got to her first
>tfw not only is she not interested anymore, I'm the reason she didn't get to hug Chad

Should I follow my plan and try to talk to her?
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>at camp
What are you like 14? Gtfo junior.
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Kurt hold up.jpg
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>>we have to go there, pick a girl, tell her she's beautiful and hug her
What the fuck? No wonder women hate threads are popular
>Should I follow my plan and try to talk to her?

Of course not. Why you went along thinking it would be a good experience is beyond me. Clearly you're not robot enough to have given up all hope yet.

do you fap less when you have a girlfriend ?
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I make a point of trying not to fap too often when dating a girl. Makes ya more romantic if you have some sexual tension built up in them nuts.
For me the answer follows:

Is she immediately available to use dozen times a day as a sex toy? I don't jerk off at all.

Does she want me to save up a gigantic load to completely drown her in it? I'll not jerk off for about two days, up to 5 if she wants to fetishize my pent up lust.

Otherwise nah, I jerk off the same amount.
When I'm on the verge of getting a girlfriend I usually find myself less horny and only jack off once a day to get it out of my system. Haven't ever actually had a girlfriend but I'd imagine it'd be about the same as that.

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every once in a while someone makes a thread for this. let's get together and play some games.
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>tfw used to be a C-framer 3-4 years ago
what the hell is that? cframe doesn't have a hyphen btw
You wanna play some phantom forces or apoc? post your username and I'll send you a request

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what's the best hip hop song of all time?
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Can't touch this
Bust a move
Just a friend
I wish - Skee-lo
Uneven Compromise

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If you are a GIRL, a NON VIRGIN, or a FAGGOT/TRANNY get the fuck off my board now!!!! This is a CHRISTIAN BOARD and I won't stand for your degeneracy any longer! GET OUT REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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I second this.
also if
>you have freinds irl
>you're rich
i 3rd this but not a christian but sick of gay feel threads and fembot bait
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You guys forgot 2 things.

If you are
>A beta orbiter
>White knight

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>dad tells me to never self-insert as the girl in porn
>ignore him and keep doing it
>literally can't get off without imagining myself being fucked by cocks any more
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>dad tells me to never self-insert as the girl in porn
How? When? Why?

Every night after he raped me.
I wish my dad told me this
>mted for this

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>Learn a trade.
>Make 100k in first year.
>r9k won't do this.
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What trade anon? Also are you in a union?
It's funny when I, a drop out at 13, started making $13/hr as a helper at 18 (2008) when the majority of my peers went to memeschool and are drowning in debt years later making less than $15/hr working shit jobs. I eventually made it up to $30/hr after 2 years but then I got schizo and became a neet again. At least I got neetbux now and no debt.
I get more NEETbux than I spent.

Sorry guys, I found out something horrible in my occultic studies this week. Asians are directly descended from the reptilian aliens. It all makes perfect sense:

>no empathy for animals or even other human beings
>extremely emotionally reserved
>obsessed with logic and reason, love the sciences
>all Asian nations claim to be descended from dragons in their cultural myths
>when reaching their lowest depths are some of the most depraved and violent beings on earth(ie. The Chinese/North Koreans, Japanese during WW2)
>obsessed with rules and regulations and an intense work ethic, a mark of the Draco Orion Empire
>their appearance looks unlike any other race on earth, unusual shaped bulging lizard eyes and facial structure gives them an alien appearance
>lack of body hair

Sorry guys, but if you get involved with Asian women you are literally gonna be having sex with/romantically involved with a negative alien species that is barbaric and cruel.

>Chinese are Eldar
>Japanese are Dark Eldar
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Look at this art of an Eldar female, she looks just like a really tall Asian woman with pointy ears.
>all asian races claim to be descended from dragons

Wrong. Izanagi creates humans, he is a god. And the emperor is directly descended from amaterasu, who is the sun. Neither are dragons.
Aliens are hot. Nearly as hot as monster girls.

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Just saw this movie and it filled me with these comfy feels.

Can anyone recommend me some comfy feel movies?
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comfy? you serious? That movie makes me few so lonely and sad and I was so depressed I couldn't sleep
does it need to be anime? I love old black and white movies, they give me a comfy feel

havent seen Your Name yet - really wortha shot to watch?
Everything turned out okay in the end, in a very sweet way.
I don't see why you would lose sleep over it.

Why are scenarios involving being nude in public so common in womens fantasies? What's the turnon in that?
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Women crave attention. You literally couldn't get more attention
Degradation. They need it.

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how do you pronounce pepe i always said pee pee but not sure im doing it right
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The first e is silent so its basically just "pe"
Original oregano Oregon etc
No it's poi-puj you moron

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