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Circumcision hate thread.
>Tfw masturbating barely feels good.
>Not a good feeling desu.
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>tfw spic
>tfw can masturbate without lube and it feels good
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>tfw my dick is on here
>I didn't know it was a complication
Why was circumcision even a thing to begin with? No other culture would even thing to cut up an infant's dick.

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Say for example she needed blood every day, she'd only take what she could without doing any damage, but she'd still drain you quite a bit.

What if she couldn't go out in sunlight or she'd burn to death? What if she couldn't eat garlic or be around crosses?

You'd never be able to take her to the beach to enjoy a warm sunny day. She'd pretty much be restricted to night-time only activities.

Or how about if she had the ability to turn you into a vampire by giving you some of her blood, would you want that? That would give you pretty much all the same weaknesses.

Not to mention, what would your Family think if they found out you were really dating a Vampire who feeds upon the blood of humans?
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> vampire
do i get to live forever if I become a vampire too?
Sounds exciting and I was always destined to be different anyway.
I'd do it, yolo.
Literally my biggest fetish. Sign me up fampai.

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How are robots living in western Europe going to deal with civil war? What's your plan? Are you going to pick a side to fight on,migrate or try to rough it out without affiliating with any group? Personally,I'll probably try the 3rd option and tend to my families small farm.
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If shit hit's the fan I'm out of here. Fuck this country and fuck it's people.
Where will you go? It's not like you can just up and leave the EU without a visa and whatnot.
Refugee status.

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PUA is bullshit, it's time that we all accept this truth. Even being average looking isn't enough anymore.
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I have no content
>posting nitpicked couples
Most couples I see the guy is way better looking than the female.
They all have at least 8 and 1/2 inch dicks.

What takes the pain away for you?
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So glad they upgraded to 42 oz... that's 2 oz of extra pain temporarily removed from my world.
Being with her.

Even though it makes not being with her worst.

It's all so bittersweet.

Fuck, I'm so gay.

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How do you think you will be spending your Saturday nights when you are 30 years old, /r9k/?

Also I'm a 30 year old and here we are on a Saturday night, AMA
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Not different from now

I can't drink because my hangovers last until monday. I just shitpost
Am 25. How do I imagine it'll be at 30?

Honestly probably the same as it is now. Jacking off, playing games from the early 2000s, eating absolute junk, complaining why I'm fat and why I'm not in the career I want.
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I'm 34 and have been NEET for 6 years. I ran out of money and moved back in with my parents a year and a half ago.

I don't even know what an ideal Saturday night would be. Maybe just having a few drinks at a friend's house.

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If looks are so important, why are couples like this so common?
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>Champion sweater

Obviously the guy has money
Women care about looks less than men.

They still care about it a lot obviously, it's just that they weigh the man as an overall package of pluses and minuses and compare it to others whereas men typically become fascinated with a girl based on looks and personality and have a specific attraction to THAT girl
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When you see a fugly man with a qt grill its because of financial security and he has his shit together. Plus these grills know that if they get caught cheating the ride is over for them. They have been with so many men and are tired. All they want is a stable life. But imo fuck them I have fallen for this same sorry sob story bullshit twice when I was younger. I think ill just go gay for a cute twink or tinder fuck my way to hell.

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Out of curiosity, I want to know if you guys agree with this theory I came up with:

The biggest roadblock for me to have a gf isn't my appearance (Though I am ugly), nor my income, nor my personality. It's because of my lifestyle.

I go to work, go home, and play video games. if I ever leave the house for reasons unrelated to work its to buy food. If this is what I do, and this is all I do, I could go decades without ever meeting a girl. I could meet one on the internet sure, but it would have to be on an MMO or 4chan or something, because I don't have the immediate good looking appeal that would make a stranger give a shit about me on a dating website. Even if I was /fit/ and handsome, it wouldn't matter because I do absolutely no activities which would put me in contact with any women ever.

Am I right or wrong?
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I feel very similar. I rarely even leave my house and mostly play video games. I feel like this does limit me.
However, I don't really want to get a gf. Even though it sometimes hurts to think about, I have decided that it's best that I don't ever worry about getting one.
I will continue this lifestyle for as long as I can because video games are the only thing I enjoy.

Also, Do you play sm4sh?
I do too. (And melee)
I invest way too much fucking time into those games.
Do you actually want a gf?

If you do, why?
I miss playing Smash 4 desu
Shulk was so much fun

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What do you think of the 2007 phenomenon, robots? It's often said on multiple boards to be the one year it all went wrong. Was 2006 the last year to feel "normal"?
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It's literally just a meme.

I think it's because people generally associate happier memories with the early-mid 2000s and more negative memories with the late 2000s and 2010s. Since 2007 was the first year of the late-2000s, this is, in their mind, the year it started going downhill.
2007 is the year the first iPhone came out. Facebook went public the year prior.

It's not hard to make the connection there.
This is just a small thing related to it, but I got my first cell phone in 2006. It was a flip phone. A year later everyone else had the newer types of phones on campus. I still have my flip phone since no one really calls it so its still pretty new looking. But what I mean is, that was when I started noticing a lot of "regular" people caring a lot about the internet and social media and stuff.

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Why are so many people afraid to post their picture on 4chan?
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People I know post here, and I've been blackmailed before.
i don't because i know no one would want to see my ugly face and also because it would always be on those archives
KEK, you sound like a drama queen

>TFW no qt gf to keep you in piked chastity, tease you hours a day every day, and let you cum only a few times a year.

Is there any hopes fellow robots?
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dont think so bro, might have to end it
These pictures are so fucking autistic
Don't hate. We all have our things.

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Fellow robots post your:

Political Beliefs/Ideology:
What you're doing this summer:
Dick Size
Favorite Anime:
Favorite Manga:
Favorite video game:
Favorite Alcoholic Beverage
How often do you drink?
Mental illness
Favorite sport
What country do you live in
Do you smoke?
What kind of relationship are you looking for?
How important is sex to you? Are you willing to wait? Why?
Mention a fundamental characteristic a woman need to have to be with you (like patience, humor)
Are you up to online dating or only face to face date?
Do you want to get married in the future? Do you want children um the future?
Did you have any past experience dating?

and women pls rate everyone in the thread and find a bf
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This thread is a pipe dream.

Nobody will find a gf like that
Stop these threads.

Its just getting sad.
When at first you don't succeed-try, try again.

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ITT: absuive family anons
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>"He is your faggot son, not mine. I'm not coming in there."
>raped by parent

I wish I would have been aborted
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I don't know why my "parents" never used a condom. I wish I was never born.

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Who else /honestly regrets voting for Trump/?
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It's been a bit of a shitshow. I'm trying to avoid openly saying I regret it because there are people I know who would rub it in my face forever, but there are a lot of moves he's made that I really can't get behind.
>not giving a chance to your president

I don't know if I regret it yet, but I'm not nearly as hopeful as I once was that he can make a meaningful impact on our shitty government

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post instant redflags for boys:

> Under 6'0
> Cock less than 7 inches
> No job
> Likes video games
> Too shy
> Can't cook
> Can't dance
> No female friends
> Too many male friends

If you landed at least one of those... sorry sweetie, we WILL NOT date you!

- Sincerely
All pretty girls. =)
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captcha: guzm close
Major Dragutin Gavrilovic speech during the defence of Belgrade:
''Soldiers, exactly at three o'clock, the enemy is to be crushed by your fierce charge, destroyed by your grenades and bayonets. The honor of Belgrade, our capital, must not be stained. Soldiers! Heroes! The supreme command has erased our regiment from its records. Our regiment has been sacrificed for the honor of Belgrade and the Fatherland. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about your lives: they no longer exist. So, forward to glory! For the King and the Fatherland! Long live the King, Long live Belgrade!''
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someone will fall for this shitty bait

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