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I might actually make out with a girl soon. Any advice on how to not be a bad kisser?
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Stick your entire tounge in. It will be weird and disgusting if it will be only half way through. Also, lick behind her teeth, that way your tounge won't just hang in there. Every second or so take your tounge out and move one centimeter from her face to take a breath. You don't want to breath in her face.
I am kidding, I never made out with anyone. I want to die
just go with the flow OP

my first was pretty chill and I just went along with it

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>laying in bed at 4 am, doing nothing as usual
>feel a weird tickle on my arm, assume its nothing
>feel it again
>get up, turn on the lights and see two bumps on my arm
>see a bed bug crawling away on my sheets
>leave for 8 seconds to get some tissues to kill it
>disappears when I come back
>I've been lying on the cold floor for the last 10 minutes contemplating sealing the room off

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Sucks to be you. Best option now is to burn down your house.
They suck man, I was not affected by them but had to get an exterminator to get rid of them (and throw away mattresses and bedframes)
OH and forgot the most important thing. FIND THEIR HARBOURAGE SITE!!! I found one hiding right under the heater and you could see a couple adults with white babies, blast that shit away and seal any holes up with wall paste. Never had them since a year later.

I know some of you out there have gotten chinlet correction surgery and say it reverses itself and comes with nerve damage.

How many of u robots are chinlets?
Does an overbite inheritly mean u have a recessed jaw?
Can u fix moderate overbite w/o nerve damaging surgery and does that help w chinlet appearance?

I find pushing my bottom jaw forward slightly (half a cm maybe?) basically transforms me from chinlet to normal person, and my fucking dad taught me mouth breathing was okay as a kid so I'm sure it's recessed some but I feel lucky that I mainly just have an overbite, and I can live with being conscious of my jaw position rather than getting surgery.

Is this chad surgery like the pic but for girls?
I'm curious if this girl has nerve damage or the operation's results reversed overtime.

Depending on head posture I can look like her in the pic on the left but by pushing my bottom teeth forward a little I can give myself the same proportions as her post surgery.
Think surgery's wroth it guys?

(Not that I can afford shit Im fucking poor)

We can also combine this into a hairline/height thread I guess kek
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>nonsurgical alternative to jaw surgery that takes a few weeks
>doesnt explain how
yeah... bullshit
So much difference, he would have been fighting off the girls after that
>he doesn't work out his jaw for that Goku jawline

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Would it be a bad idea to get a breast reduction because they're too big for your tiny body and it hurts to exist?
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Breast reductions can end up looking worse than botched A to DD implant jobs.
It would be a bad idea if you do it before I have had a chance to play with them.
do back exercises and wear a bra that conforms to your size

unless you're like hitomi tanaka tier then don't do it. it's a waste of nice tiddy :^)

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Girls are outside with skimpy clothes and ready to flirt. What are you doing here?
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It's 4:00 AM, nigger
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Why should i go outside while the best friends i ever had are here?
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Its like 120 degrees out during the day fuck that




Robots. I seemed to have hit the jackpot. Just an hour ago I was sorting threw my deceased uncles devices and stumbled upon his stash of bitcoins.

847 coins my guys. I'm set for life pretty much. You have no idea how happy I am. I feel as though I should throw it all away on hookers for the rest of my life or go on a grand fiahing trip using pre mium tier bait. But you know what? I have to do something important first.

Post your wallet addresses and a reason why I should fund your life and we'll see what happens.
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Is 847 coins a lot? How much real money is that?
it's a lot.
nice b8, you should go bait those cucks begging for money in that other thread
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Millions my friend.

Retired by 23 and I'll live a comfy NEET life.

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who that hoe
What would you say? What would you talk about?
Drunken shit.

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>"Hey guys"
>farts cum
>"How about that feel"
>sucks 5 dicks
>gets prolapsed anus
>when no qt bf? Teehee
>dies of AIDS
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Are you that dragonball avatarfag or one of the religious zealots?
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Kek you got me. Well played ningen. Well played.
>farts cum
Why is this so funny?

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wil any of u fembots pls be my gf
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I too, would like a girlfriend.

That pepe meme is so freakin adorable
Would contact fag just for that
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yes pls giv fembot gf to spend night drinking alcohol and fucking pls

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Why does pizza have so many fucking calories?
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fatbots plz respond
Cheese and carbs. To help kill the cravings I just take a bunch of veggie topings and a bit of meat to make an omelet. It helps.
>to help kill cravings, just eat several hundred calories
no wonder you lardasses can never lose weight

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desktop bread
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Hey, OP, how's it hanging?
pretty good my man, you should update your OS
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tfw had to compress the file

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dumb slut.webm
2MB, 480x600px
I hate people who party and get drunk. It makes me sick.
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I hate people

not origami
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th (26).jpg
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This is someones daughter. A father bored his blood sweat and tears for 18 years raising this young woman to become something of herself and make her family prosper.
Girls like this are the reason I hate humanity desu

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>be me right now
>staying in a hotel in some little town for 3 days for some uni thing
>living off fast food
>2 McDonald's, KFC, hungry jacks and a subway within 10 minutes of me
>have already eaten at all of them since I've been here
>have had to progressively go further from where I'm staying so I don't go to the same place twice
>anxiety about workers thinking I'm a fat autist with no friends who just eats fast food all the time
>about to do a 50+ minute round trip to get food because autism demands it
What did I do to deserve this?
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>anxiety about workers thinking I'm a fat autist with no friends who just eats fast food all the time

but you are all of these things so what's the problem? just go and get your nuggs brother
That's like saying you're anxious about workers thinking you are a guy. You are what you are so why be anxious about it? Makes no sense.
I'm not fat. I just can't stand the thought of any of them seeing me more than once in there. I am getting nugs, from a long way away

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Daily reminder elliot rodger was absolutely right about women.
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> 3 weeks with Tinder and Bumble
> NO matches.

It makes me sad
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