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What do you do when you drop out of college because you really don't know what to do/it was boring, and work at a shitty $10 an hour job that makes you want to quit and die almost every day? I hate school but the unfortunate reality we live in today makes me think I HAVE to go back... Jesus, and on top of this, I feel like I'm still not advancing in life and I'm still as lonely as I was a year ago. I just feel like shit right now.
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shoot up a public area, preferably a school.
I did that exact thing. dropped out if uni and worked at McDons for 1 and a half years and I wanted to kms every day.
but I saved my money and now I'm doing what I want to do, feels nice. still broke but I'm not depressed every morning.
my advice is just set goal. and reach that. set another, and another. one at a time though.
So you went back to school?

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Hey losers. Spread your legs, let me kick you in the nuts and then let me bully you.
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>Hey losers. Spread your legs, let me kick you in the nuts and then let me bully you.

I only let boys bully me sorry
I'm not into role playing op
I am a boy faggot

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Yesterday my parents found a bat in their room at 5am and just now the bat was flying around my room. I was awake so I know I didn't get bitten so I don't have to worry about rabies. It flew into a hole in the wall so I don't think I can capture it but should I tell my parents now at 1am or wait for the morning. I'm very stoned right now and my eyes are very bloodshot. Currently camped out on the couch upstairs
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Just seal the hole until the morning, then capture it. Most bats are passive and will let you handle them gently.
That won't work, the hole goes into the framework of the house, the only way to capture it would be to trap it when it's out which I'm too scared to do
Just wait until day when it's sleeping and then wrap it in a shirt and take it outside to release it. You could also just call city animal control if the bat is seriously problematic.

Give me some childhood-ruining material
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Hey lover boy, have a free copy of Windows 95
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dumping strange things resembling childhood
This is two things from your childhood

is a cute sounding word.
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no it sounds fucking retarded
you arent cute you fag
im sorry anon
please dont hurt me
go erp somewhere else

I like these, they make me feel connected to /r9k
>Imagine myself as alpha among my peers and play out long scenarios in my head
>cheese sandwiches
>use bobby pins to scrape earwax from my ear and collect it
>can't hold eye contact for more than 2 seconds, so my eyes dart around when talking to someone
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>talk to myself and commentate while playing vidya as if I am streaming or recording
>pee in the shower
>fap on the toilet while taking a shit
>in my head imagine myself as secretly being a girl and having it revealed to my online friends
>mostly listen to vidya soundtracks
Cheese sandwiches are good anon, put them on toast in the oven at 350 and it's great
But to contribute I tear my gums with string
>tfw spent the last week playing around in Google Maps looking at Japanese transportation routes and how long it takes to get to one place from a hotel I would be staying at

I want to travel to Japan so much.

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why am I so fat? I really don't even eat that much
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lack of exercise then
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Post belly immediately and I will rate it's snuggliness on a scale of 1-10
>I really don't even eat that much
How many calories per month? Including everything.

I need a mommy gf. I have this incredible mommy oedipal urge and I need it fullfiled !!!!
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I need a cuck gf. I have this incredible cuck urge and I need it fulfilled !!!!
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hi freud
I'd love a mommy gf that did this stuff, i wouldnt even need sex i'll take care of sexual release myself

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Erased from existence. Whats it like to not exist? What is the "self" that wont exist?
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you're just a part of everything else. I would imagine it would be like being in a deep sleep completely unconscious
That sounds very comfy. I just hope i dont pop into consciousness again like last time.
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right before you die, that will be the worst of it, not able to breathe, contemplating the fact that you wont be able to enjoy life anymore. misery, suffering, fear...its only temporary, but still, its real

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>stay home everyday playing ps4 weeb games
>jacking off 5 times a day
>mom calls me a burden
>blow off friends every time they wanna hangout
>too lazy to even take my anti-depressants

How do you guys do this every day, help me.
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I think you're a new breed of degenerate
>has friends
The only thing I've done since graduation is play videogames on my PS4, eat shit and sleep.
Really makes videogames boring tbqh
What sort of vidya you play? I'm currently playing modded skyrim on pc. Life is good.

Hellow. i had an intense masturbation session today Z79ndms
post cute girls
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i need something to fap to NOW
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What did you masturbate to, Rem-chan?
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What is a person even supposed to type in a thread like this?

I make music on my computer in my spare time for fun. Sometimes I also write lyrics and record vocals. Sometimes I like to write faster, louder music which requires louder, more aggressive vocals. I'm afraid to record them in my apartment in case my neighbors hear me yelling. I'd be embarrassed if anyone heard. Am I being paranoid or is my fear warranted?
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show me your music man i wanna hear man
It's not good, I'm no musician. I don't show it to people, it's more like a journal to me than anything else
I always shout. I'm scared at first, though. So I get drunk as fuck beforehand.

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>screwed over by vile demon woman
>lost job
>decide to never trust females again
>lose all desire to get a gf
>content with being a poor hermit
anyone else know this feel? acceptance ain't half bad.
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no acceptance isn't bad. its all the time between now and death that's boring (driving me crazy)
Why waste time listening to men cry?

After all, there's a whole world out here to suit purpose.

Life's but a short ride.
Because the best way to forget your problems is to hear others'.

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Papers, please.

Cause no trouble.
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not causing any trouble
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*hands you Cobrastani passport.*
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It says here your name is ROSA but you are boy.

Care to explain?

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>coworker talks with me
>mention something from r9k
>"where'd you hear that anon"
>"my friend told me"

you guys are all i have
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I feel you anonymous. I think we may just be alive.
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What did you even say? and nice image for ants
andrew blaze is a beautiful woman. god damn, i just want to rub my hands all over her muscular thighs and feminine penis.

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