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So about a few weeks ago I posted here and told you guys I want to fuck my sister and ask for suggestions on how to approach her. Typical shit, get close to her, get touchy, etc.
Needless to say, I got somewhere, I got really touchy, made a lot of sexual jokes, and once our parents were away we were sitting and watching tv. I started getting closer and wrapping my hands around her. She suddenly turned off the tv and said. " That's it, I want you"
>We started to undress
>Me being the virgin i'm I knew I would cum before I even got my dick out
>so I did things quickly
>once I was in her pussy I literally nutted the same second
>I stopped and pulled out
>My sister stared at me, "wtf anon"
>Standing there with my autism on an overdrive saying nothing
>"WTF ANON!" She screams
>I keep standing there half naked with my dick slowly dropping
>She gets up and runs away crying
>I completely blank thinking about how warm her pussy was. still not comprehending what has happened
>Parents get home
>Apperently my sister was crying the whole time cuz it was the first thing they heard when they came.
>"anon, why is your sister crying?"
>I shrug, saying "I dunno, it was like that all day"
>My parents go upstairs
>don't come down for a long time
>I get worried and go upstairs
>my parents are still trying to figure out what's going on
>my sister sees me and screams holding her head
>My mom looks up
> "Seriously, wtf is going on you two"
> My sister is pulling out her hair
> " I dunno mom"

>than I go and write this up
wtf do I do? my parents are still with my sister
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Hahaha you blew it you fag.
How old is your sister, how old are you?
She's 19 and i'm 22

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getting close to the age of 20 now, starting to feel like some women are so hot that it's worth risking your entire life and 50% of your wealth and 100% of your happiness on marrying/having children with them
does anyone know this feel? is this forever?
tfw no gf still
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Yeah, I know that feeling but Lana del rey ain't one of them.
i could not find a good picture of ariana grande on duckduckgo so i used this lana del rey pic instead kek
>ariana grande
Even worse.

Try Karlie Kloss or Barbara Palvin.

What's a good opening text to send a girl you just want to talk with.
I've been agonizing myself over this for days and I'm exhausted.

>long distance friend, haven't seen each other in year, talk and text from time to time
>she has a boyfriend and I'm not hoping they break up, I just want to be friends with her
>I'm terrified she actually hates me and hates having to be nice to me when I text her
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Send her two or three 150+ word paragraphs
I did this when I was drunk and I felt so embarrassed the next day that I downloaded a word count app so I'd never do that shit again
I think i've gone through exactly the same OP(long distance, has boyfriend but is chill) as time passed she didn't answer my messages to a point where we arent even talking anymore
Just accept it and save yourself from the rejection

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Of course not every instance of the friendzone is the woman's fault, but sometimes it DEFINITELY is. Take, for example, this bitch who has been sending me lewd snapchats for weeks, but every time we decide to hang out, she has another dude around and just doesn't decide to tell me. I've accepted that she's fucking around, I just want to be one of the cocks she's fucking around on.

Is it attention she craves? Does fucking around make her feel pretty? Does watching me squirm make her feel empowered? It's just petty and sadistic. Why would she put me through this?
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I know you're just trying to get your dick wet, but that should be a gigantic red flag. Stay away, only a matter of time before a retarded slut like that gets pregnant or an STD.

That being said, it does suck how women can be such sluts yet we STILL can't fuck them.
Women like attention and to feel desired. That's why they get green with envy when another girl gains the attention of the guy they're friendzoning, even though they had no plans of fucking the guy in question.

It makes them feel powerful, when in general they're some of the weakest creatures in nature.

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>using normie fiat currencies
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>try gambling/sports betting like the normies do
>lose $3k easily
>try the cryptocurrency ""meme"" that only internet losers do to buy drugs
>make $1,000 in a month
if only I had listened sooner.
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>Buy Ether for $20 each because I read some post on /biz/ telling me to buy it
>They're now $350 each
>$1650 profit

Thanks 4chan.
Ethereum Classic is the best thing to farm with a mid range 2013 gpu for 550 euro/month

Gob blezz amuriga
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Wtf am I supposed to be looking at I hope that's photoshopped
I'm not upset about fat people - it makes me look better in comparison(:
How the hell are they the worlds leading super power?

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Couch pillows? Mattress? Two sponges inside a cup?
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Pillows, e-toothbrushes, nothing too weird I figure.
shoved a teddy bear into my gooch and under my balls and fapped, didnt have a pillow small enough and didn't want to use something someone else would rest their head on. Much better to have something plush and soft cuddling your balls and thighs
If I ever become desperate enough to make or buy one it would be better for everyone if I just took my life

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>anime was the only thing i enjoyed
>getting tired of anime
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>tfw moved on to manga
Shit happens, I no longer enjoy vidya or porn. I still got programming and weed tho
Today I fapped to a little anime boy for the first time. He's only 13yo.

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everyone post what their goal is in life, if you have one, or what your aspirations are in the short term
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A romantic relationship.
I don't know. I've been looking for one for 8 years and I feel more lost everyday.
Short term right now is just to keep my depression in check enough to not kill myself before my mom pass away first is what I've decided on.
is that short term or lifelong, friend?

>Be autist
>qt co worker I have been talking to for awhile car breaks down
>out of all the people she comes and asks me for a ride home
>don't have a driver license or a car
>didn't tell anyone this because this is pathetic when you are 26yrs old man
>mom picks me and co worker up
>whole time car ride is very awkward
>mom is happy because I secretly told her that this girl is my gf
>mom asks co worker how long we've been dating
>"I am not dating your son"
>ride becomes more awkward
>next day at work everyone is looking at me like I'm retarded and calling me mamas boy
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kek that's fucking pathetic
This is one of the cringiest thing I've ever read on this board.

You should consider quitting your job and either apply somewhere far enough so that the employees have never heard of you or go NEET.
Whew, I'm an autistic wagecuck too but at least I have my own car that I could potentially give girls rides with

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Day 2 of 5 completed
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3/3 began Neetal
summer is upon us
After almost a year of living the neet life I have a job!
Aren't you happy Mr smiley toad?
nice thread enjoyed it

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What age did you lose your virginity?
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not applicable

muted lol
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Now please take the door and my kick to your ass

5/10 bait.

I'll take it anyway


I'll start
>be me
>Today last week of high school
>Stood up to stretch my legs in the middle of class.
>Table is at front of class which already increases my anxiety.
>Chad whos seated next to me, throws a light hook punch on my lower stomach
>Let out out a huge and long fart at the moment of impact
>Classmates laughing to the point of tears.
>I laugh awkwardly and tell them to stfu and sit back down and pretend like it's nothing but my red face says otherwise.
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Both you and the chad are faggots ,

>be me manlet
>Going up stairs while visiting family at apartment.
>at the top of the stairs I make a sharp right turn
>Face full of tits, I can't see but hear yelling.
>Busty blonde woman with sweater covers her chest with her head down as she hurries out of there.
>be me
>be a shut-in out of fear of embarrassment

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Am I a hebephile for fapping to this video?

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Nothing wrong with being a hebephile. In fact, it's completely normal and in most countries also legal
No, but you are a khv.
Hebephilia is the primary sexual attraction to females ages 11 to 14 years old. These girls look older. You might have a case of ephebophilia, which is the primary sexual attraction to females ages 15 to 19 years old.

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>uni out for summer
>be bored as fuck for first month
>started playing civ 2 weeks ago
>playing for hours and hours even forgetting to eat

holy shit this game is so fun, any robots play? I am pretty shit but playing solo is pretty boring.
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U used to play.

Also played Civ IV and Civ III.

I'll also get Civ VI when all the DLC are out in one pack for $15.

What's your favourite civ btw?
Civ 5 is fucking baby shit compared to modded Civ4
Civ6 is even worse.

Tell me your starting build order, faggot.

>this post made him, for a split second feel like a big man

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