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hey i got an idea
what if instead of making these normie-robot discords, we'll make a robot irc?
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please originally bump
If someone makes it I'll join
alright i made it. pls join. #/robots/ on Rizon

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Is it just by nature ugly people just date and marry other ugly people. Like pic related, he wouldn't be with her if he was white and average looking, he would be chasing after the 8/10 to 10/10 stacies that are white and maybe latina
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Some people just take what they can get, I think.
It's called having realistic standards, which is something most people here lack because they're 2/10 cynical neets who think they deserve a 10/10 virgin qt
You're pretty much right except the spic part. That guy is a failure even by nigger standards though.

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Seriously though how do we fix the beta epidemic? 70 years ago the weakest men would be considered Alpha compared to the pathetic generation of Men we have now.
Is there estrogen in the water? Something In the food? Vaccines?

>Pic related

Also, If you role play as a female in video games you're too far gone.
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Shutting down 4chan would be a start.
nothing wrong with being a virgin if you're not a beta faggot. I kek outloud when I see kids like pic related in my uni classes. So unaware at how fucking beta and ugly they are. I don't partake in fucking roastes though OP. Not everything is about satisfying popular culture.
Not all men get to reproduce

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qt (6).jpg
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>"Anon..I was thinking that if you don't have any plans tonight....you might want to come over and watch the latest Wes Anderson flick with me.....its ok if you have other plans or just want to be alone tonight...I wont like be upset or anything"
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shouldn't you be hiding in an attic from nazis
Thanks Anonette
She has a nose piercing and a tattoo on her left fore-arms on her instagram page
I dont think she is jewish as both of those things are forbidden by jewish law

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>"You post on politically incorrect on 4chan anon?"

>"I didn't know you were a Bill Maher fan!"
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Only way I'd ever settle for a negra is if she was into slave role playing. And I mean the full experience I better be able to whip her
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I just browse there when /r9k/ gets slow. I'm not a fascist or anything.
this desu. I want to own a slave gf in my basemant and torture her on a daily basis. She'll be my captive. I'll cut her tongue out so she can't scream.

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Why do men cheat /pol/? Then they have the audacity to call all women whores?

That's not okay.
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Fuck off whore
Cost-benefit analysis
Why are women sluts OP Then they have the audacity to call men cheaters

That's not okay

Let's make the most awkward thread.
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We don't need this here, Anon.
H-hi...Thank you for posting in my thread.
"Man, this is really awkward," anon thinks to himself

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Is there anything worse then an ENTP Nazi? Also ENTP Nazi reporting in, let's have a political MBTI thread
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Everything is worse than INTJ. Please motherfucking kill yourself promptly. You are nothing but a drain on society.
Everyone on this board is a drain to society.
>euphoric ledditor tier

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ITT: things normalfags say

>"my dealer"
>"I've been texting this girl"
>"add me on kik/snapchat/discord"
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>fembot here
>i'm a girl
>my friends
They say the word "normie"
>posts frogs

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Reminder that there are teenagers who started posting on r9k in 2014 that consider themselves 'real robots' and feel right at home here on /nu9k/
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You ppl need to stop talking about robots and being proud of being losers, and getting mad about people coming here, yeah yeah, new fag normos ruined everything, shut up I'm an old fag, and I don't give a shit that your dicks small and you can't fuck for shit
this guy thinks he's above it all
Hey I'm just saying anon, just my 5 cents

Hey,i'm jem and ,i;m 24 year old sex worker. That means I work in an adult industry. Specifically, I perform live on cam and do nude modelling.
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Is this bait originally?
tits w/ timestamp or gtfo, jem

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So I'm tired of playing the stupid dating dance we all have to suffer through, I want to be married and be done with searching for my soulmate

Fembots, most of you fufill my attraction towards shy girls with a bit of an attitude in the personality range. Physically, my only requirement is that you have A-cup breasts and very thin.

Here are my stats

No kids but want them
Work in film industry
Live in ATL (but may move alot)
Centrist politics
Owns a cat
Owns a car
Rents (but will buy you a house after we get married)
An ironclad monogamist
Can cook and do chores (a plus if you can too)
Make 50k+
Will listen to your problems
Willing to meet with your family
So yeah, if interested please reply to the thread so we can work out when and where to get married
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you didn't disclose the most important trait - dick size?
>Physically, my only requirement is that you have A-cup breasts
>even your own race of men don't want you
and what race would that be anonkun

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how come girls get to intimately cuddle with their best friends without being gay
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They don't get boners doing so.
Because all girls are bisexual.
girls are stupid and gay by default

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>that grown man who plays his 3DS in public
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>that grown man that plays MCPE in public
Where the fuck are your eyebrows?
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>that kid who played minecraft in study hall while Chads and Stacies were there

Death sentence

Stop! Close /r9k/ tab right now!. After 2 days you will feel great. After one week you will feel amazing. Trust me. "They" are here because they want to make you feel bad. Negativity causes you feel bad and creates bad thoughts.

You don't have to reply this thread. Just do it.Thread going to die in trap, blacked shill and shitty feel threads anyway.

I just want to help you. I am your friend not your enemy. We can get rid of this.
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This is bullshit, you just don't like men finding out about your vaginal jews tactics and as an effort to minimize the number of men waking up to the bullshit you're attempting to shield heir eyes. You deserve death.
>I am your friend not your enemy
Whatever you say, not falling for that meme.
You're right. I stopped going on 4chan for a while and felt a lot better in general. I suggested my other robot friend do it and he agreed. This place is specifically for talking about misery and brings down your mood.

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