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You'll buy her upcoming topless shoot to show her support won't you robots?
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Deep in the k-hole
>300k for a British woman

These people really are criminals
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>There are people out there that do this kind of shit for living
>They are still able to live with themselves and just blend into society
>Some people actually buy their services without loosing a wink of sleep
Dear Trump, please cause ww3 and the end of the world, humanity deserves it, i would rather watch the world burn than live on the same planet as these sick fucks

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Does /r9k/ actually think looks matter for men? I'm very good looking but as soon as I speak and women realize I'm an autist with no game they lose all interest.
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You should just talk to girls with zero expectations or to try to "game" them, after a few dozen conversations you'll be pretty comfortable
>girls call me cute
>tfw personality is severely, comically awful as if i was a bad cartoon villain

>all my friends are ugly and have shit personalities
>still get laid more than me because im just an awful human
Where should I do that? I've never gone to a bar or anything

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>still uses pepe and calls other people normies
okay retard
For your own sake: kys.
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>tfw no eceleb bf
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Yay! You're back!
Is it the same person making these threads or has it just been different people pitching in all this time?
I seen two threads in 1 day if no one replied to an earlier one. so I dunno

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Do really good stacies ever smile at low level betas just to fuck with them/tease them?

I could have swore I caught a top tier Stacy smiling at me twice in the park today.
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Women do this out of """""sympathy"""""
They think you're retarded/autistic
Yeah, this happened to me all the way through high school. Mainly because I helped a few with their math homework like a good omega male should.
They should be careful then, another man in my position with a set of functioning balls may view it as an invitation to pester them instead of nervously looking away as I do.

kathy i dont feel good
i feel tired
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Can't the mods just perma-ban this fuck?
god damn dude your probably scaring kathy with these constant really intense posts
what happened to you?
why are you in pain?

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>tfw you'll never get a third world gf
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>tfw no 2nd world cocaine gf
What the fuck happened to white men? I can understand marrying a hapa, but a full-blooded fish-eyes?
That's the face of "I'm only doing this for pussy."

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Please recommend floor mattresses that are intended for long term use for adults.

Does anyone have experience with Japanese/Thai style floor mats? How do they compare to memory foam products or folding mattresses?

I just threw my bed away.
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>I just threw my bed away.
why did he do this?
I just used some blankets when I slept on the floor, you don't have to spend extra money
I don't plan on buying a new bed frame for a few months, or longer.
Bed bugs.

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ITT: degenerate fantasies
>In the middle of a school shooting
>forced into an uncomfortable position with oneitis hiding in a cabinet in a way where my face is in her ass
she braps
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That is just about the most patrician fantasy I've ever read.
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hmm.... good... nice...
>In the middle of a school shooting
>you're the shooter

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Anyone know where I can find Mary Jane near the Jacksonville area. Can't find a steady connect and I've been craving for a while.
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Check the phone book, maybe?
did you actually go to 4chan for this info?
used to live by ya in Onslow county

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have you ever talked about cross dressing with your friends and getting railed in the ass by strangers?

my bro wants to do this with me but I am not sure if I am interested
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oh yeah all the time I mean who hasn't
>oh yeah all the time I mean who hasn't
Yeah my friend says lots of people do it but idk I feel like it might be kinda awkward, and I also feel like it might spoil our friendship you know?
the important question here is: Are you passable?

If no, then this is a terrible idea

If yes, then go for it, it'll be great fun, even better if you get some drunk straight guy to let you give him a BJ

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What kind of defects you sort of like on people? I think i like vain people.
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I like insecure people, but only when I can use it to my advantage. That may sound edgy but I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking
>That may sound edgy but I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking
You made it sound even edgier.
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I like light acne on girls. Makes them look real. Flawless girls just aren't my type. Acne can be cute.

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I watch exclusively THICC Latina porn because I'm an Asian and my fiance is Asian as well.
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nice anime op
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Yeah, the porn I watch is different from my life because sex actually happens for them.
Yes. None of the porn I watch involves a single male giving themselves a handjob

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Why haven't you made a tulpa wife who you can hallucinate holding hooves with? I mean holding hands with.
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solid bait honestly but
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mlp is even gayer than chinese cartoons
There is no such thing as a tulpa

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Why are child soldiers such manlets?
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>why is a child short
Are you fucking retarded or just trolling?
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did u kno child is short

he doesnt kno
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the african child is on average 6'2, who is the real short one here anon?

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